Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10K



  • Markers were there but hard to see. I had a garmin beeping so knew when to look. I think a few of them were defiitely turned so I guess the idea was that they were hidden for the first lap and then appeared on the second, but I think they may have either forgotten or the wind took them.

    I guess the course is fixed but it would have been trivial to assemble on the grass and then move to the road for a road start and if they had the start right at the top then the grass run in could have been a few 10s of metres and not a few 100s of metres.

  • Hi Monika (yes, revealing times is revealing real identity!), well, we must have run alongside at some point. The only runner I can vividly remember is this older guy who had a bit of a noisy style: he spent most of the second loop behind me, would produce an effort by huffing and puffing, to en extent that I had the impression that a steam engine was coming from behind, then pass me and slow down, so I would pass him again, and then he would start to huff and puff again. He did it at least 3 or 4 times, and after a while I could not hear him anymore, so I think he's the guy over 60 who finished 1 minute behind me. Noisy, but I wish I can run like he does when I am over 60. You must have come accross him as well! So, I can see your disappointment but I also detect a determined individual who will now train this bit harder a do a cracking time in your next race.

    Hi DT2 (Darren!), well, thanks for your encouraging words, I was a bit disappointed just after the finish, but on reflection, I think I was just a tad too ambitious, and it is actually not such a bad result. I only started to train on my own early March, entered the Kingston breakfast run and was encouraged by my time, went on to do a 10 miles in Maidenhead, which was a nightmare, so decided to give a go at 10k. So, slowly building up some experience. Last time I entered races was as a student in the South of France, with no training and sometimes heavy partying the day before. And we could still get to the finish line - ha, those were the days!

    Well, anyway, thank you all for helping to set the atmosphere before the race, I do not know what will be my next challenge, but I'll certainly enter the Kingston 8.2 miles in September/October, and hope to do a few 10k between now and then. And a few parkruns in Bushy Park.

  • Fab- lol.  I can't say I remember him but I've learnt not to be mislead by huffing and puffing.  Know a couple of guys well into their 60s who sound like they're about to die when running but they still produce amazing times I can only dream of... must be some sort of a cover...

    I was one grumpy lady yesterday... I've been running seriously for just over a year and sort of got used to getting pbs every time I race... so it was a massive disappointment to not only not to get a pb but do so much worse... But I do understand that you can't pb every time you run and sometimes things just don't come together on the day.  I also must admit that after the marathon I relaxed a bit and haven't been training as hard as I should.  Will definitely keep at it.  Planning to keep on doing park runs on Wimbledon Common and have already booked a couple of 10k races in Regents Park. in July/ August.

    Good luck with your running, I'm sure 48min will be smashed in no timeimage

  • Mon77 wrote (see)

    Good luck with your running, I'm sure 48min will be smashed in no timeimage

    Hopefully - maybe I should try this huffing & puffing technique. Or maybe I've tried it already but haven't realised yet!

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