Fins for swim training

Hi all

Just wondering if someone does use fins while swim training ...if so, how and when do you use them?

I keep reading articles and swim training books where they recommend fins to promote leg kick strength and mechanics and also for drills so you can take your mind of kicking while doing upper body drills... 



  • Yeah, I've used them for drills. They mean you can swim at a decent pace with little expenditure of energy while doing drills that involve something other than normal arm pull, so you can focus on your drill not your kicking.
    I don't see how they could help your kick strength, and I don't find they're very good for my ankles.
  • Seconded.  I find they're useful to help you maintain a decent pace whilst practising upper body drills, and it isn't as tiring.  They're good to help practice getting a better kicking action I think, as they enhance your kick somewhat, though i'm not sure about kicking strength.  Best just to keep your arms out in front (I find that better than using a kickboard - unnecessary, as you'll not sink) and kick to promote leg strength. 
  • ... you clearly haven't seen me swim..... I sink naturally!   It's a wonder they didn't have to fish me from that canal at Roth...oh wait..I was wearing a wetsuit... image
  • If you're planning on using them check with the pool.  Sometimes they don't like people using them in public sessions.  It's something to do with the risk of you kicking someone while wearing them, which could cause some damage.
  • Yes I use them - when the man at the side of the pool tells me to them on. Then I do whatever he tells me next. FC kick, fly kick, front, back, side and combinations there of.

    What benefit it is I don't know. What I can tell you is after 300m of it my legs are shattered. So it must use muscles more than not kicking which is my usual stroke.

    They also allow me to just about get away with fly (using a double leg kick), I just don't have the worm like wiggle.


  • i use them for basic extension drills - (ie practisong body position / rotation), torpedo drills (rotatiomn/breathing) and basic catch training..

    I don't use them for normal swimming as that feels like cheating image
  • O.rangeCannon wrote (see)
     I don't use them for normal swimming as that feels like cheating image
    My swimming is not normal!
  • There are number of benefits from using fins.

    Firstly, an increase in the flex of you ankles which in time will mean a more effective swim position, as there is more resistance placed on you ankles.

    Secondly, they are also very good to use when you practising body position, upper body and breathing drills as you will travel at a great speed than you would normal (without fins) and therefore you tend 'float' better due to increase in speed (less drag) allowing you to concentrate on what you are trying to develop rather than actually staying on 'top' of the water as you do when swimming normally.

     I'm sure there are others but off the top of my head these are the one that sprang to mind.

    There you go - clear as mud, defo worth the use they can really help in developing your swimming technique.  

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