A bike is a bike... or is it?



  • Thanks, djwolf and Ferrous image I'll have a little nosey at those brands.
    Regarding the smaller frame, FF - I have quite long legs (in proportion to my height) and I've been trying to work out if that will make life difficult (in that my back is, therefore, dis-proportionally short for reaching the handlebars)? image

    Kanga - I'd certainly be interested in a 2nd hand bike, if the opportunity arose image

    Bruce - what you doing lurking on here?! image
  • Frodo think about what you are going to use it for as well. Worth getting a bike fitting if you can will normally cost you but worth it.
  • Just a quick update - courtesy of ebay, I am the soon-to-be proud new owner of a bargainous Specialized Dolce road bike image
  • image So what tri are you going to do?
  • *backs quietly out of the thread* image
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