Edinburgh half marathon

hello all I am running the edinburgh half marathon on the 22nd may and quite aa few of my club are running the full marathon. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were showers at the end so I can shower and then watch the rest of my club come in from the full before going home ? if there are does anyone know where abouts in relation to the finish of the half ?


  • There are showers at Waverley station - I know cos I'm
    Doing the full there and dont fancy a long train journey home without.

    I doubt there will be showers at the race course but shout if you find any !
  • Done the marathon 4 times now and don't remember seeing showers. Since it finishes at a race course I'd be surprised if there are any.
  • Maybe teeeny wee ones for the jockeys ?
  • TeuchterTeuchter ✭✭✭
    Amanda - I'm doing the half too........ I emailed the organisers and was told that there will be showering facilities at the reunion area at Musselburgh racecourse..... I too dont fancy travelling home without..... tho it may guarantee me plenty of space to myself on the train image
  • There were a handful of showers last year in the much better organised reunion area and I have been reliably informed they were bloody cold!!! image

    Hey Teuchter, *waves like a loon"  I'm doing the half this year too, didn't fancy doing the whole thing again...

  • TeuchterTeuchter ✭✭✭
    *waves frantically back at Caz* Hiya Caz ... no me neither..... got seriously frazzled last year during the second half.... stopping at the Racecourse this time round will do me nicely !! Am doing the Loch Ness Mara in October tho...
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