Hoka Bondi,Bs for sale Women's size 6.5

Just done my first proper run in these fab shoes. 13 miles and I bounced along as happy as a sandboy... except I think they're a smidge too small. I was warned to go up a size and I only went up half a size (hate buying shoes online...). Am gutted (and will get some bigger ones as soon as I've sold these) but there's no point in having shoes a smidge too small.

They retail at £125 (I know...) but i'd see them off to a good home for £100.  There are very few outlets in the UK at the mo so if you have been toying with the idea of trying some but were put off by the cost, perhaps my shoes might be for you. 

I took out the insoles and used my orthotics so the insoles are pristine. As are the rest of them really.  Ran on the road this morning - no rain, mud or anything.

If you want to find out more about the shoes - the website is www.hokaoneone.com.


BTW - hope it's ok to post this on here.  I'm not a commercial business or anything.


  • Hi Artful,

    Not to plunge straight into it, but it's not the done thing to advertise on here, otherwise the forum would be like a bring and buy sale.

    I'd advise eBay, especially if the shoe is rare and hard to source. You'd probably get more exposure also.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    sftl - this thread's a year old - someone seems to have dug ut up 

  • FB, you're not wrong - I'm reasonably unreliable before 9am image

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