VLM mile 6 discrepancy

meant to post this ages ago! I was using the balloon arches to time my mile splits and they were pretty consistent  apart from around Woolwich/Greenwich, the  first 10 splits were:

 1) 7:27
 2) 7:20
 3) 7:24
 4) 6:43
 5) 7:27
 6) 8:06
 7) 7:07
 8) 7:29
 9) 7:28
10) 7:28

Mile 4 was downhill so perhaps that could explain the faster time, but I don't recall being slow for mile 6 - mile 25 was the only other split over 7:33.

Did anyone else notice a discrepancy with the mile markers around the same time?


  • a couple of the arches are quite a distance from the actual mile mark, best to time against the blue line in the road, there's a horizontal line across the blue line at the actual measured mile I think. That's what I used anyway. The downhill mile will certainly speed you up.
  • A few of the balloon arches were out by a few metres from the blue markers, but not by that much. Perhaps you pressed your lap button a bit late, as your seventh one is a bit quicker than 8 & 9, or maybe at the 10k mats?
  • Mile 6 was massively out for me too, running 7.58 pace but it took me 8.43 to get from mile 5 marker to mile 6, I think the ballons must have been especially skewed. I'm not using manual lap next time.
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    It was out for me too by pretty much the same as you simon. I clocked 8.06 for mile 6 and 7.06 for mile 7.  I knew it was out at the time as I was running pretty evenly at that point (miles 2-5 were all between 7.20 and 7.30, and I knew there was no way I'd run over 8 for the next one). So after I'd gone through mile 7 I just mentally adjusted the last two to say they were 7.30's on average.  Not worth worrying too much about to be honest.

    Mind you I could have done with some of the later miles being shorter than they were image.

  • Yep, meant to reply ages ago to this but just checked and my Garmin measured mile 6 as 1.09 miles and 45 secs slower than I was averaging. It did throw me a bit to be honest - I can understand a tiny bit of inaccuracy with where they put the markers but that's not even close!
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    Just checked and I had mile 6 as measuring 1.23 miles!! I don't think I missed the mile marker, but it looks like I must have, and then pressed it at the 10k mat instead. Shows how much attention I was paying to the Garmin on the day though, cos I hadn't even noticed! Mile 6 for me was thus a 7'43, despite running it at 6'17 pace! I think that shows I may as well have not worn it for all the notice I pad to it on the day

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