Off Road First Aid Kit

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An unashamed newcomer to this but quite sure I need to be packing some emergency kit for my off road forays, could folk please share what the might carry just in case, I'm thinking in particular the first aid kit, but any helpful tips are welcome!

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  • some races require a mandatory first aid kit with a specified contents list, but to be honest if its something that can be fixed by a first aid kit you can probably get by with out fixing it and if it needs more than first aid then the kits not much use anyway. But in saying that some vaseline and zinc oxide tape go a long way. The other thing I've used more than anything else are indegestion tablets.

    but a basic kit is a good idea, i suppose.

    a survival bag,whistle,warm top,hat,mars bar and waterproof jacket will cover you for most things.   

  • Extra plasters, etc for fixing blistered feet. (If nothing else, somebody else will thank you for it.) And if you have taken them before, anti-diarrhea pills.
  • Thanks for the responses...I'll knock something up...image!
  • Carry a safety pin for inscising blisters (if you do not already have four attaching your race number). 

    I carry a smal roll of duct tape for repairing blisters and other broken body parts.  It is waterproof and can be torn to size with bare fingers. 

    Painkillers can take the edge off minor injuries and you feel more confident knowing that you can fall back on them if you have to.  A tube of ibuleave gel is easy to carry and aply, and can be used to treat soft tissue injuries.  Biofreeze is effective but hard to get hold of. 

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     I would certainly recommend blister plasters as a starting point and the all important small pot of vasaline for those all too chaffed areas that happen to the very best of us!!  Better to use your own pot rather than delve in to a pot being held out by a first aider or race official!  Imagine how many fingers have already been in that pot!!!!  If you want any further first aid advice, have a quick look at my site and drop me a line. 

    And if all else fails, if it hurts that much - STOP!

    First Aid Training

  • I have to take back what I have said about the pain killers, since subsequent research suggests their use to be dangerous. 
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