Shef Half Sub 1:30

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Hi Guys,

Doing the Shef Half tomorrow and optimistically going for a sub 1:30. What sort of 5k, 10k PB do you think you need to make this possible?

 Obviously this varies depending on the type of runner you are - I'm more of an 800m runner so the further the distance generally the worse I do relatively image

How much faster would you go off at the start relative to your overall pace - I generally never negative split in a race. Always bolt out of the race trap image

 Some sound advice would be appreciated!


  • I'd say you want to have been running recent 5ks in close to 19 minutes, 10k close to 40 minutes.  When I last ran a race close to 1:30 (1:31 and a bit) I had ran an 18:07 3 miler (4.8k) and 66 minute 10 miler 6 and 3 weeks before.

    I would try to avoid going off too fast (I did this myself in the half mentioned above by doing first mile in 6 mins), but if you can't help it try to keep to about 6.45 miling maybe so you bank a little time and hopefully don't push yourself into bad oxygen debt too soon. 

    Good luck for tomorrow

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    Thanks Edd sound advise - I've got the Garmin 310XT to make sure I keep tabs on the early pace image
  • Time Banksy?
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