Central London running - how far on South Bank?

I'm staying in that London soon, staying near Tower Bridge, and should be doing a 12 mile run. I was there a few weeks, staying on the Strand and went for a short run along the Embankment, basically across one bridge, along the South Bank and back across another bridge.

So.... looking for a longer run that's nice and simple to navigate, how far along the South Bank does that nice path run? Ideally I'd do 6 miles one way turn round and come back.


  • Well, much of the Thames, from Kew through to central London and beyond, has pedestrian ways, with a few cutoffs. Don't know the central part well for running, but I know Kew via Chiswick to Barnes, Hammersmith and Putney, and with a few little bits where you can't get access to the river (eg Fulham Football ground), you can run along the towpath to your heart's content. I think the centre is similar and there are always signs directing you back to the riverside.
  • I run around there nearly every working day, head down to the river beside Tower Bridge and take the steps down by City Hall on the south side, turn right past City Hall and go all the way to Battersea bridge. You'll get thrown back from the river by Tate Modern but it's easy enough to get back.
    Go across the bridge at Battersea and do the same route back, you'll get diverted off just past millennium bridge but again it's easy to get back,
    I think that's about twelve miles in total
  • Alternatively, Tower birdge to Canary wharf return is approximately 11 miles or see link below for other london running routes.


  • Thanks - my geography of London isn't that great but if I can go one way as far as Battersea and the other way as far as Canary Wharf, I'm sure I can work something out for myself on the day.
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