valencia marathon



  • Hi Lyndyk

    Same here failed again for londonimage, maybe I'll be lucky with a club placeimage


  • hi lyndyk and other runners

    Not long now hope you are fit and ready I'll be doing my last run on Saturday, we need to arrange to meet somewhere near the start if possible it would be good to meet.


  • Hi again!

    I'm not sure where we could meet at the start but I can tell you that I'll be in the 4 hours, 30 minutes section (if one exists) and will be wearing a bright orange t-shirt that says Running Copenhagen on it and also wearing a white cap.

    If you still would like to meet up on the Sunday evening then I have found a bar which is actually used as a meeting place. It's called The Lounge Cafe Bar and is in the old city part of Valencia. See for directions.

    We could meet there at 7pm on the Sunday evening wearing our T-shirts and medals so we can find each other image
  • Hi

    I will be wearing a ashbourne running top in blue or lime green if cool or wet i also will have on a white cap, i will keep my eyes open., failing that see you at the bar sevenish image 

  • I'll be at the bar image

    Anyone else joining us?
  • it would be great to get a groupimage
  • Hi Lyndyk

    How did you do , I looked out for you but no luck, went to the bar with my wife but it was shut  did you go, any way would like to hear how you and other runners did.


  • Hi Bill,

    I went to the bar too. It was open but no one came. When I left I saw another bar with the same name! just around the corner. This one was shut!

    I got a new PB of 4 hours, 31 minutes and 55 seconds image

    I loved running Valencia marathon! I would have liked there to have been some bananas and energy drinks on the route but other than that it was fantastic!
    I loved the Spanish 'fans'

    I would definately go back and run it again image

    I'm running the Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon next in April!

    What was your time everyone and what did you think of the marathon?

  • hi Lynne

    That's a shame I was looking forward to meeting you to discuss the race, well done on your PB I also got one.

    My time was 4.06.50image I did enjoy the run my biggest preoblem was not being able to get to the toilets at the start due the crowds and also only at 20km  I had a major problem at 30kmimage, I was also surprised that there was only water, though I took gels I was relying on some form of energy on route also. I thought the finish was by far the most stunning finish area i've been to.

    Next year I have a race in Paris in March  which is 80km and finishes on the first level of the Eiffel tower, I am also looking at Verona marathon in October, I have also a marathon in Jan and a 50km London in Feb


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