Benz support club

When I was knackered, I received fantastic support from the forumites. I have no doubt at all that my recovery was all the faster for this. Benz is
having a tough time in a really tough job and maybe needs our best wishes?

Hope you are feeling a bit better today Benz!


  • Benz - I haven't seen yet what the problem is but this forum has a good record of getting behind folks when the going gets tough. Lean on us if you need to.
  • P'rpas Benz is getting some much deserved kip?
  • Benz! BENZ! Wake up! It's your favourite agency nurse here. Mr Grump's relatives want to see you urgently because they're very very concerned that you're put him on all those nasty steroids. And while you're up, that drip you put in Mrs Novein two hours ago after everyone else had failed has tissued, and we've just admitted a chap who calls himself Robokidney and won't see the SHO because he says he's an athlete and you're the only one who understands his case, and the ward has run out of coffee and we're not covered to go to the all-night supermarket so you'll have to fetch it. And I've got a medical student in tears in my office because the consultant is denying that he's the one who made her pregnant.

    You see? It could be worse!

    It could be much worse - you could be a GP.

    Keep grinning at the patients and the interview panels through those gritted teeth, doc, and dump your miseries here. You're brilliant. You've stuck with it so far. The next step is the big one, and you're more than ready for it. Think of all that private practice.

    See you in Newcastle. I shan't forget the gin!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks all
    No, aint been sleeping
    Up at 4.30, alas, not to run, but to read mybALS cousre manual for 3 hours
    Followed by a ten hour course(plus exam), then OUT to deep purple
    Was the only one headbanging!!
    So thats my exercise for the day!!
    Going to get a gin cos theres an application form to do, more course revision and an early pre course ward round
    Still , am very glad Im not a GP, Id not have survived it
    Thanks for all the support, its much appreciated xxx
  • So if I collapse during the GNR, can I rely upon you to resuscitate me?
  • Benz - Good Luck and Keep Going - Runners do it better by Miles !

    (I don't know if you have to do a dissertation or anything - but someone at work wrote in his - right in the middle of it 'and if anyone reads this I'll give them a bottle of whisky' He went into his viva - or whatever you call them interviews - and carried a bottle of whisky in with him - put it on the table and picked it up on the way out. Of course they ended up asking him what it was about - and he told them....and amazingly they still passed him!)
  • Oops - PS probably not a good idea to try to copy him - I guess he was lucky they hadn't had a sense of humour by-pass
  • I Like that as an idea
    My MD thesis is another on e of the small stresses I hve to put up with
    Im still trying to write it inbetween everything else
    Wonder what the examiners tipple is?

    Yep Vrap, Ive passed basic LIFE SUPPORT TOO!!
    Though I shant have much breath to resuscitate anyone if present form is anything to go by!!
  • Benz
    Do I detect more of a spring in yer step then?
  • I would probably have enjoyed a good headbang with you last night. How are the old boys sounding these days.

    There once was a woman, a strange kind of woman......

    Head up.
  • Ah I remember the aching neck mucsles, the throbbing head.
    Head banging? yer want yer head testing mate.
  • Benz
    Any better today?
  • Havne't totally clicked what you've got to do Benz but hope your agonies are soon over. In fact my confused associations makes me think you're about to record final 10 episodes of ER in one marathon session?
    Nice to see such support coming from different corners.
  • Like a -rubber ball Ill come bouncing back---
    Back on the ward tomorrow
    Im now oficially certified------
    (adavanced life support provider)
    Thanx for all the support, will try not to whinge in future
    Deep Purple were weird, blues stuff and 60s medley
    Smoke on the water---
    Laura, it sounde=s worse than it is, Im only one quarter of a renal unit
    I exaggerate, of course
  • respect to Benz!!!

    As an ITU cardiothoracic trained nurse - prficient in many of the ALS techniques I shied away from the course (and nightmare exams) because of the terrifying reputation of the gruelling course and exam procedures.

    Well done Benz-y! and judging from some of the hours you put in and the things you mention, anyway I think you're a far better Doc than some of the "above-it-all" people I've met (and as you'll know a compliment like that from an experienced nurse isn't something to be sniffed at :o) )
  • Thankyou!
    Back to the ward today
  • Benz,
    You on duty tonight then?
  • OOH no, a whole weekend off (yes, ocasionally it does happen)
    Tuesday and Wednesday on call next week
  • Joly good. Enjoy the rest!
  • Jolly good. Enjoy the rest!
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