improvement needed

I started running about 12 months ago, really enjoying it. I run about 10 k at the mo,

would like to take it further, but the body doesn't seem willing. 

Is this down to nutrition? do I need to train diffrently? ( I just go for a run and see how far I get at the moment)

Some constructive advice would be most welcome.


  • I would advise entering something as the training required to do something such as a half marathon will give you the focus, schedule and goal to achieve what you desire.
  • Having a goal is always a good start. Take it slowly first and build up your running every couple of weeks. With regards to diet. At first as long as you're eating heathily in general and before you run have some 'good' carbs a couple of hours before your run you should be ok. But take a look at the training area for some proper advice.
  • Squeakz's idea about entering a race works wonders for me. It's good to have a schedule to push yourself with.

    Even if you don't want to enter a race, I find just deciding how far you want to go before you start running means I can go much further than if I just go out with no set goal. So thinking "I'm going to do 11k today" instead of "I'll see how far I can go" could help. If you've set even that mini-goal, you get a bit of motivation to achieve it.

    Good Luck!
  • Slow your pace down, I've just completed my first HM and at the start of my training I had the same thing, stuck around 5 or 6 miles and not seeing any improvement. I slowed my pace down on run long run a week and it really does make a difference on getting miles under your belt. Initially it felt strange running slower than I had been but you soon see the benefits. I'm no expert but this worked for me.
  • I agree with Brian. Slow down.
  • i agree inprovement needed , not with andy clough , nigel clough derby county getting worse inprovement required.image
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