road id or cram alert

which is better road id or cram alert for peace of mind when your out running ?


  • Have both.. Just put the Road ID on as I'm about to head out, Have a Cram tag on one of my pairs of shoes, But never bother to swap it arouns, The Road ID lives in the same case as my watch/hrm so I never forget it
  • ok, now im going to do my bit for blondes- explain what they both are please guysimage....i get the jist they are ID , but where from and what does the tag look like?
  • Loulabell - I was thinking exactly the same as you! I thought maybe I'd logged into the wrong forum. image
  • You have. This is a parallel world in which the London Marathon has NO charity connections at all! image

    Oh, and I've never heard of these things either.
  • Road Id  Sorry Been mentioned a few times in the past (which is where I heard about them)

    May be a Stateside company, But I ordered mine one Sunday afternoon and it arrived the following Saturday Cost me £25 I think including postage

  • I have a roadID

    for the blondes - they are a means of someone getting in touch with your next of kin/emergency services if you are found lying by the roadside.



  • I really like my road ID - and it gives me some peace of mind when dearly beloved is an hour late back from a bike ride - at least I know someone will call when they find him! As long as he's wearing his of course....

    Road ID also has room for you to put details of any medical conditions.

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    I have a roadID for the blondes - they are a means of someone getting in touch with your next of kin/emergency services if you are found lying by the roadside. roadID CramAlert
    thanksimage....i gathered that much-lol....just wondered whats wrong with using a bit of paper and writing the details on rather than £25 worth of plastic tag-image i may buy a doggy tag and put it on my lacesimage a nice pink blingy sort.....
  • The Road ID is etched stainless steel

    Which laces Loulabell ? 

     Your training cycling shoes, you race cycling shoes, you trail running shoes, you sprint tri pair or your marathon shoes ?

    That was my point with the Cram alert, It's on one of my pairs of shoes, and I never bother to swap it,Come to go out training now, I reach into the box for my hrm and I stick that on one wrist and the road id on the other...

    (Makes me sound like Meldy with all these shoes)

  • Thanks for the replys they all help
  • i only have one pair of Saucony Dave..whats the wrist thingy like - can you alter the size cos my wrists are dolls size.....image
  • just measured my wrists-4 1/2 inches...
  • These things are taller than you, LLB.
  • Thanks for this, will def be ordering my cram alert.
  • Peter Collins wrote (see)
    These things are taller than you, LLB.
    they are quite pretty though- but as i have a nike+ band  i could just put details onnthe inside of that!! a goodun innit?
  • I recently got a road id, I like knowing if anything happens to me I won't just be a Jane Doe.

    Also handy for races, instead of writing my details on the back of my number each time I just write 'see right wrist'.

    Look online for discounts, I got $2 off which basically paid for my delivery. Didn't take as long as they stated it would for delivery.

    Looking on my bank statement it was only about £12-13 so they exchange rate must be somewhat favourable at the mo!
  • Ah, I get it now. Should I have a roadside accident and there's no one else around, I set off my Cramalert, and the former Olympic runner-turned BBC pundit sprints from his home in Sunderland to wherever I am and tends to my wounds? Very decent of him.
  • Check out the website Recently launched UK based Absolute ID sells marine grade stainless steel Wrist ID tags, worn on silicone bands that are available in 4 different sizes and 6 colours. Personalised with your ICE contact and medical details they are essential for all runners. They retail at £11 + £2.50 p&p. 

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