Best Medals



  • i'd imagine for ladies at least the medal they give you at the nike womens half/marathon is a prize, since its a silver tiffanies pendant. 

  • greasygringo wrote (see)
    Any pics of this beast?

    I think the design is on the facebook group for the race but don't have a link handy. Sure gold beetle will be about at some point to help.

  • I did the Great Gorilla Run in London one year and the medal was good - shaped like a bunch of bananas with a big yellow ribbon.  Plus you got to keep the gorilla suit  image

  • the Little rock marathon in AR, USA has a rediculous, medal


  • The Bacchus Half or Marathon has a good one. Wouldn't bother with Stroud as the medal there's a wooden off-cut
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I was actually quite disappointed with my wooden medal from Royal Parks Half. It wasnt heavy enough!


     My one from this weekend was special though. Black and Yellow and it spins! Definitely a great one



  • That's very cool
  • Washington/Boston/Paris/Berlin/Amsterdam/Rotterdam maras all good, Guernsey/Jersey 1/2's, dependent which ones can be great, Lake Vyrnwy usually good. Would like the Disney triple of 1/2, mara and "Goofy" just for the fun of it at ine stage even of they are branded tatimage

  • The Gulf Coast half is a bottle opener! (sponsored by a local brewery)



  • Giants Head Mararthon medal proof it will be made soon 





  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Now that looks a cool medal... Does it spin?image

  • the awesome80's runs have an awesome medal


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