New shoes for marathon or stick with old failing ones?

I am running the edinburgh marathon which is only just week and a half away.  I had been thinking for a while that my old trainers which I've done all my training in were starting to need replaced.  However, always read never run marathon in new trainers - so decided to hold out and get new ones after the race.  However, on my last 2 runs I have had pain in the 3 middle toes on my left foot - like pressure underneath.  When I look at the sole of the shoe this area is very worn - no tread left.  So now I am in a dilemma, do I stick with them for the race - better the devil you know.  Or should I buy a new pair - but won't really have enough time to break them in and only 20-25 miles planned left to run before the day.

 Opinions, help and advice appreciated image


  • If your old shoes are actually causing you problems now, then the chances are they will cause you problems in the marathon. Isn't it possible to buy exactly the same model shoe as a replacement and then run in them leading up to the race. They shouldn't take that long to break in.

    Cheers, ant

  • Don't delay, get a new pair today! I ran the VLM last month and unbeknown to me the cushioning had collapsed on both shoes (it must have happened while i was tapering as I didn't notice). Anyway I had tremendous foot pain in both feet from mile 3 onwards that detracted from the overall experience.

    Get new ones, do your 20-25 miles in them and where them in, otherwise your marathon will be painful and unenjoyable.

  • Just done the Stratford Marathon in a new pair of shoes...with no probs at all.

    Bought the exact same make and model and ran 4 times for a total of 25 miles before the big day.

    Go for it!


  • Thanks guys.  I bought new shoes, they feel a bit hard but I have definitely convinced myself they are better than the old ones. I ran 5 miles in the new ones and then changed into the old ones and at first they felt better cause they were like slippers but had to stop after half a mile cause they were making my legs hurt.  Thanks for the help image
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