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Hello people, was wondering if anybody can recommend a good quality waist pack to carry energy gels and maybe a phone.i am running the edinburgh marathon and need to carry about 6 gels. i have a camelback with the reservoir removed but the straps rub after a few miles so dont want to use that. i am after a close fitting belt so it doesnt bounce cos that would just be annoying. any advice would be grand, thank ryan


  • I've been running with the Nathan Trek waistpack.  You would manage 6 gels in the pocket of it.  I usually carry 5 plus some compeed, my key and ipod.  It has good back padding and adjustable strap so you can get it nice and tight and easy to tighten/loosen on the go as need be.  You can always just take out the water bottle if you don't want to run with it.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Hi5 and SiS both do gel belts that will hold up to 6 gels and also have a small pouch for things like keys, phone, some money etc. less than a tenner.

    if you find the pouch section bouncing an easy solution is to stick that bit down the back of your shorts - the gels stay outside. I've run a couple of marathons like that and had no problems.

    bottle/bladder belts are fine for training but in races where fluid is supplied you don't need to use one - a gel belt will do the trick
  • Nathan running belt. Amazing. The elasticated waist bit means it is really stable and doesn't jog up and down on your hips. I love it. I have one that holds 2 bottles and one that holds 4.
  • I've just bought a SiS gel belt from my local Tesco for £7.99, seems ok and the the advise about sticking the pouch down the back of your shorts is spot on.
  • I have a SIS belt from Tescos as well. Lightweight, can fit my phone in the pouch, and fit shot bloks / gels in the elastic section. Job done image
  • Thanks people, ive just been and bought an SIS Gel belt from tescos, its a little tight but ive only myself to blame for that. Im going to go out and test it tonight, 5 miles with 8 energy gels strapped round my waist, il just tell people im running really far if they look at me funny. Thanks for the info guys
  • Hey I've never even seen these SIS gel belts in Tescos. I think I'm due a trip to Tesco to check it out! image
  • They are next to all the protein shakes and weights in the sports section for wannabe meatheads
  • haha wannabe meatheads....  I go to Body Pump at my gym as part of my cross training and there are a lot of them in the class!!!
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