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Just downloaded the TW Olympic training plan and wondered what some of the experienced people thought of it?

I have done 2 sprints so far with another in a couple of weeks.

Fitness base low but getting better each week.

The plan seemed quite good to me, but is it likely to get me to a level where I can finish an olympic in August?



  • The pirate way is to swim a bit, bike a bit and run a bit...

    Swim can be 30mins - 1 hour
    bike can be 70mins - 2 hours
    run can be 35 mins - 1 hour....

    all depending on speed - fitness etc....

    If you are fit,just turn up and do it - you will survive, (as long as you can swim)

    Otherwise, get a wetsuite, do an open water swim day somewhere.. and go swim once or twice a week.....
    ride as much as possible, (but make sure you can ride 40k)
    run - you should have run 10 k at some point
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    Pirate way it is then!
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