Marathons overseas?

Quite simply, I want to run a second marathon, London this year having been my first, but want to do one outside the UK, the question is ... where?

Top tips welcome - thanks!


  • Amsterdam is very good - olympic stadium finish, not too busy , and flat, with great post race leisure!
  • I've entered Amsterdam as my next mara after London. Looks like a great event and my wife has entered the half for her first ever event.
  • Arghhh, shouldn't have looked at this thread. I was planning on next years VLM being my first marathon (with my first half marathon at Stratford in November), but the Amsterdam race looks ace, and a quick google reveals I could get flights, accommodation for a five day break and race entry for less than £300.

    Must. Resist. Doing. Something. Rash.

  • My first one was Madrid this year and I've already booked Amsterdam for Octoberimage.  I would definitely recommend Madrid.  It's considered to be hot and hilly but I absolutely loved it.  Yes, it was hotter than London but to be honest it only got hot close to the end and the hills were fine... after everthing I'd heard i expected mountains.  Very well organised, small enough (about 8000 finishers) to not worry about overtaking and easy to find your support along the way.  They do have a 6 hour cut off period though.
  • I did Dublin for my first.  Great conditions and fairly flat.  Easy to enter.  What might be a plus or minus for you is that it's really easy to get to.
  • Alli BongoAlli Bongo ✭✭✭

    I chose Amsterdam for my first (I couldn't think of a flatter one image ) and it was great with the Stadium start and finish. 

    I then followed it up with the Budapest Marathon last September  - another great flat course, followed by a relaxing dip in the the Thermal Spas afterwards  for all the competitors, which really helped with the aches.

    For both races, we managed to get cheaphotels and flights over there early Satuday and back Sunday night, so were able to make a nice weekend of it.

  • Following London in 2007 i've tried to do a different one each year. Doing it on a budget is essential, so Selection is mainly down to availability of cheap flights and hotels.
    Edinburgh: Good, but organisation from finish line was a joke, so wouldn't do again, or recommend. This may have changed since 2008.
    Palma, Majorca: Well organised race, nice route and good weather.
    Budapest: Excellent course and organisation, very cheap flights and accomodation. Would recommend for race abroad
    Barcelona: Excellent! City, atmosphere and route unbelievable. This is head and shoulders my favourite race. Cant recommend it highly enough.

    Palma and Budapest are September time, whilst Barcelona March.
  • I did Rome 2 years ago. Course is great, through all the main tourist sites. It can be warm in March (26c when I did it) after a cold uk winter but a lovely race without too many hills.
  • After the success for the Sierra Leone Marathon in May, Street Child are now looking to enter a small team into the Liberia Marathon (there is also a 10k!) on 25th August 2013. 

    We have to be quick on the ball with this one as its not too far away however, if you're looking for an inspiring adventure then this is the opportunity for you! Here is a bit more info...

    Who? You! and Street Child
    What? Full 26 mile marathon or 10k
    Where? Monrovia, Liberia
    When? Sunday 25th August 2013
    Why? For the challenge! To really see the difference you can make And to become a Founding Member of Street Child Liberia

    The event is organised independent to the charity but as we are about to begin a project in Monrovia we thought it would be the perfect launch pad to help start our work in the Liberian Capital.

    The Street Child Liberia Marathon team will be the founding members of Street Child Liberia – instrumental in kick-starting our work there and the very first of Street Child's supporters to see the project first-hand.

    You will come to Monrovia for a few days before/after the race (exact dates flexible) to see the project that we are just starting, meet the kids who so desperately need our support.

    The funds raised by the Street Child Liberia Marathon Team will be used immediately to get these children off of the streets and into school by September. Funding raised from the marathon will enable us to pay their schools fees and lift them from a life of poverty and abuse to being in safe family homes and school again.

    Cost wise – Street Child will cover the teams race entrance fees and facilitate your movement around Monrovia, we ask that team members cover the cost of their flights and in-country expense (food and accommodation).

    This is an awesome opportunity – we would LOVE to have you be a part of this exciting new venture!


  • Rotterdam this year was my first, very flat, with good organisation and great support all the way round.
  • I did the Marrakech half a couple of years ago and they have a full on the same day. Return flights for less than a £100, decent accomodation for £20 a night, well organised and a flast fairly fast course. Only downside it is January so it's a shock going from winter temperatures here to 20degrees plus other there!

  • Amsterdam was my first- loved it and weather was great. did my second in Berlin last year- again great flat course, but pretty congested all way round (much like VLM I hear)

    going to try cologne this year in October...

  • I did Paris in April and would highly recommend it. There are a few cobbles to watch out for but its a flat route that takes you through the heart of Paris. It has great transport links to the UK. And as it takes place in April there are lots of training runs in the UK as people prepare for London or Brighton.

  • Khon Kaen International Marathon. I run it every year.

    I live in Thailand so it is easy for me.  A really friendly well organised race 4.15am start so perfect running conditions. Nasty hill at 36K or therabouts the rules state you can not take anything other than that supplied by management.No gels or your own sports drinks. 5 cash and Trophy awards in each age group. Great food and massage after event. Good on course medical attention. Nigerians usually take the top places. plenty of reasonable priced accommodation locally many with free buses to start. Management would love to see more Brits!!!!!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ooh - there are a few I can definitely recommend!

    • Cologne - October. Fantastic route, great support. Love this race
    • Amsterdam - October. Flat as a pancake. minimal support on the out and back but stadium start/finish. Good organisation
    • Berlin - September. Fills up really quickly but a PB course
    • Paris - This is my current "best" marathon. I love it! It's like the VLM but with a french twist (cue: wine stop at 24 miles!).

    If you'd like any info about the courses -feel free to email me.

  • I'm off to Chicago in October, I can't wait! Visited family there before and it's an amazing city. Can't wait to do the marathon there image

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