Drovers Run

Cracking race this one - a really challenging 6 miler, with great views from the windfarm. Get in early - will sell out with limited numbers this year


  • Really pleased this race is still on the calendar, I feared it wasnt after it changed from a spring race to a summer race.
  • has been taken over Mark, so it looks like it will remain a summer event now to maximise fundraising opportunities. I used to love it when it was a pre xmas run back in the day!
  • Hi, Think I'll enter this one - looks like a good challenge & for a good cause.

     I'm around 45min for a road 10k - can anyone advise whether I'm best entering the open event or the elite/club race with the cut off of sub 60?? Haven't raced this before, so no idea about finishing time. Cheers

  • Hi again LTS - you'll be fine in the elite race - when it used to be a 10k [slightly different route, and a bit harder on the top of the hill], i was running 43 mins or so for 10k, and doing this in about 50, so you'll be fine.
  • Its a cracking race, nice climb to top or the hill, then a bit of off road with a great down hill finish.

    done it a few times myself and a nice mixed bag of abilities
  • how much tarmac is there?
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