Thursday session

Afetr a glorious trot on Tuesday, and a rest day Weds, a light run, followed by a swim.
I never thought I could run that fast at this stage!


  • Thursday already ?

    What the hell : one hour tempo at halfM pace
    Why: weekly tempo run
    Last rest : Wednesday
    Last toughie : Tuesday
  • What - club run including long hill repeats - I can't wait
    why - cause that's what they have planned
    last hard - Wed - attempt at tempo run midday followed by a timed trial with the kids in the evening, and yes I know my hard run is dead slow to others.
    last rest - Tuesday.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Last run of the week of 10 miles before resting ready for triathlon on Sunday.

    I'm so nervous, like when you do your first race! Yet I've done loads, but not a triathlon you see.

  • Good luck with the Tri Hilly. From your posts I doubt you have anything to worry about.
  • Best wishes for your tri, Hilly. You'll be fine! Look forward to the report.

    I think we should start a new Thursday thread when Thursday has arrived. Barkles clearly isn't being given enough paperwork by the Department of Education.

    But I can't help being curious. How fast did you run tomorrow, Barkles? Or is running a bit like Mass, where you can get out of attending on Sunday if you go on Saturday evening?
  • Taking a well earned rest as I've got the Capital City Challenge on Sunday - however I did finally manage to cycle to work (Been planning to do it for ages: 40 minutes there and 10 minutes to get home - can't be bad!!!)
  • I don't know - the things people will do to be me, lets hope your racing is just as successful.

    Anyway last nights session turned out to be an interval session as I feel I've been proptecting my lame knee a little too much so did 8 x 600 off 2 mins recovery. Actually felt quite good but knee a little sore afterwards.

    Today promises to be another nightmare work day so I took the only option of an early run (for the second time this week), so.........

    What: One hour steady (at 6:30 this morning)- feeling a little tired as this run comes less than 12 hours after last nights interval session, also forgot to take my inhaler so struggled a bit in the breathing department (but nowhere near as bad as historically).
    Why: Another nightmare work day looming may result in another late finish so no option but to run early.
    Last rest day: Saturday
    Last hard day: Yesterday

    Running early in the morning has opened a whole new world to me (now done two this week) and I definitely find is not as unpleasent as I thought I would plus it takes a huge amount of pressure off the rest of the day.
  • I see you kept quiet about your last toughie session Dustin, I thought that was last night :)

    What: Nothing
    Why: 10K Sunday

    Last rest day: Tuesday
    Last hard day: Yesterday

  • todays inactivity has just changed - run to running shop after work to collect new shorts that are just in - 40 min round trip
  • Today Rest

    Last hard day yesterday 3.6 miles flat 28 mins (hard for me anyway)

    MartinH glad your enjoying early mornings, I find it really livens me up for the day when I can be bothered.

    Hilly- good luck this weekend
  • What: Just a run. Planning to do quarter-marathon route but might tag on an extra couple of miles.
    Why: The schedule says 9-10, but I made that up before entering a 10K for Sunday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • what: probably Gym/cross train
    why: after 6 months of running I have awakened some new muscles on tuesday that object loudly at the moment. I suspect it was the shuttle sprints at club night. I hadn't realised that i was using such a completely different set of muscles than for the endurance work. So at least in a gym I can bail out at the slightest hint of pain. Any other comments on this?

    last hard night: Tues
    last rest: Monday

    This has completely thrown my training plan!!
  • Good luck with your tri Hilly, look forward to your report as a beginner!

    What: painting my office, installing software & downloading whizzy bits from tne internet, talking on the phone and checking the forum all at the same time. Oh, and Xcountry run later, 1.5 hr approx.

    Why:Yesterday could neither eat, sleep nor run for excitement of finally cuddling up to my new laptop, stroking it lovingly and whispering sweet nothings into its USB port.
  • Me again.
    What : 8.6miles out and back loop at halfM pace (well pleased as its the first time I've ran it in less than an hour : 58.40 )
    Looks like the pb will be threatened at Windsor...
    Why : weekly tempo
    Last Rest : Wednesaday
    Last Hard session (before today) : unfortunately still Tuesday..... :D

    Just like to add my best wishes to Hilly for her tri debut.
  • Hilly - Good luck on the TRI remember just enjoy yourself
    Laura L – Scary :o)

    What : Swim Drills
    Why : Still resting ankle

    Last Hard Run: Sunday

    I’m finding it hard resisting the temptation of going running before my ankle has completely healed – especially with the thought of the GNR getting ever closer and not having many runs over 10-miles under my belt

  • What: 9 mile run including some speed work - pyramid session of 200m, 400m, 800, 1600m then back down again. May repeat if I am feeling OK.
    Why: Speed
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    Good luck Hilly and have a good time :o)

  • what: another set of hill climbs. Whether or not I do 4 or fewer to depend on how I feel. Currently a bit weary.
    why: Mersey Tunnel 10K climb as previously mentioned

    last hard day: Sun
    last hard(ish) day : Wed
    last rest day: Sat
  • Hilly,
    best of luck and enjoy yourself :-)

    I know exactly how you feel.

    What: Was planning to do 2x5K on the track at goal 10K race pace.
    Why: Didn't really do any long intervals in the 4 weeks leading up to Robin Hood Half as was focusing on longer tempo runs.
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Got down to the track at lunchtime and did 1 mile warmup, then 5K in 18:26, 5 min rest, then started second 5K but was utterly wrecked after 1600m (5:56), so decided that I was probably still a bit fatigued from last Sunday. So rather than burying myself I decided to call it quits and did and easy 1 mile cooldown.
  • What: 30 min alternating 1/2M and easy pace
    Why: second to last run of the 100day 1/2m schedule

    Last run: Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on Hilly - best of luck.
  • Hilly, I'll be thinking of you! Nervous? Bungee jumping's nothing to it, reading the instructions for the race. Good luck. Marj
  • What: 2.5 mile warm up
    8 x 400m with 2 mins rec
    1 mile warm down

    Why: Leg speed training
    Last run: Yesterday
    Last Race: Sunday
    Last Rest: Friday

    Better go and get those reps in....
  • what: 4miles of a DIY speed session. 15 minutes warm up and then 3x5 min hardish efforts. 1 on an undulating track, 1 up a hill and 1 on flat road, then jog home.
    why: gradually introducing some harder/faster efforts into two of my runs

    last hard day: two days ago
    last rest: yesterday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Thanks everyone for your well wishes for Sunday. Marj aren't you doing one also? Good luck too!

    What: did planned 10mile at just a little faster than marathon pace. The route was very undulating with one nasty hill of about 1/2 mile. Felt tired again and debated whether to go for a shorter run, yet when I was running I felt ok and decided to stick to the 10.

    I also did a practice run when I got home of running from the shower in swim costume and putting on the things needed for the bike leg of the tri. Felt a bit daft, but friends have told me it's best to know which items you are going to put on first and lay them out in that order, so I did. It makes me feel a bit more organised in my mind.

    Anyway, sorry to babble on. It might be something to do with what I read today-women can speak about 8000 words per day compared to only 4000 for men. Now I don't believe that do you girls?
  • Managed 3 hill climbs before jogging circuitously back to the car. Definitely need a rest now.
    Did cajole a "hill climb p.b." out of myself on last ascent.
  • Managed to get out at 6.30 this morning for a steady 7 miles. Back on schedule for NY. Feels good.
  • what: 7 miles steady
    why: promised a friend I would run with him.
    last run: yesterday
    last hard day: yesterday
    last rest: Sunday, need one tomorrow. Far too much in one week for a beginner!
  • Hilly what they didn't tell you was although "women can speak about 8000 words per day compared to only 4000 for men" women can hear at 10000 words per day whilst men only hear 42 words, and they can choose which 42!

  • Hilly, love your transition training, I bet you were glad noone was watching! It's that kind of detail you don't want to encounter for the first time on the day though, I can imagine.

    As for babbling on, that honour isn't winging its way anywhere in your direction.

    Mij, some of those 42 words:
    'Dinner's ready'
    'You coming to bed yet?'
    Er, what would the other 34 be then?
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