Mental illness and running



  • Hi peeps


    Sorry not to have been around but mummyBear had a nasty fall last night and is in hospital.  She's fine apart from a nasty bruise but they want to keep her in for a couple of days to check so if you don't see me then that's probably why image

  • Big hugs to mummy bear. Make sure you look after yourself bear. I'm sure you will be able to help her recovery.

    Solb, I have learned I need to take care of myself when I can as things can deteriorate really quickly
  • Oh Bear - it must have been a tough few hours for you. Thinking of you both image

  • How are you Frodo
  • Thanks guys image

  • I'm ok thanks, By Eck image

    I've got a low-level headache that I can't shift, but there are people in worse.situations.

    And, headline news time, I ran home from work today!! First run in weeks image
  • Wahey! And did the little darlings behave?
  • This is my latest self-prescribed therapy, BTW:


  • Awwwwwwwww, awwwwwwwww. So so so cute!

    Is it working frodo?
  • It is a definite mood enhancer image

    But it's not fixed the headache, so I'm off for an early bedtime. Night all image 

  • Sleep well. Hope you feel better in the morning
  • Hi. Just found this forum and was keen to join in.  I've been struggling with depression for a long time now.  I do find that running helps - but actually getting out and running can be very difficult.  I run with two different groups but often I will head off out to drive to the meeting point feeling OK but by the time I get there I've totally lost my nerve and end up bottling out and driving home again without a run.  I've had some successes.  This time last year I set a new years resolution target of getting my 10k time down below an hour - and succeeded by doing it on New Years Day.  Things haven't gone quite so well since and my last 10k I struggled just to finish.  My aim is to complete a half marathon or even eventually a full one - but for now I'm having to set my sights on one step at a time in just getting out running again regularly.  Any help or support welcome.

  • Hi LR

    So glad you posted. I think all of us have been there at some point. It is really frustrating because you know it is good for your mental health, but at times it makes it really difficult. I often find the hardest part is actually starting. For me, it's getting my running gear on because that is a statement of intent. Please keep posting. We love to help image

    In other news, I have a big pot of yellow and green veg soup on the hob. I thought you could take some to mummy bear, bear?
  • Hi LR, I'm generally a lurker but I think it only fair to pop my head in occassionally so that people know that I exist.

    I find getting out the door hard and get around it by keeping my mind focused.  Forget why you are doing each step of your prep and just concentrate on doing it - 'I'm just going to put these shoes on, I'll just tie the laces, I'll just look for a water bottle etc'  If I think about actually running then I think of the cold and dark and never make it out of the door

  • Solb are you ok?
  • Thanks for your responses.  It's good just to hear from people who know what it's like.  I often find that I want to read running magazines but often find them of no help - in fact the opposite when they set things out like training plans which make it look like it''s so easy for other people when I know I couldn't possibly do that myself.  There does seem to be a lack of recognition of this type of problem.

  • Yup, I have run 2 marathons on the back of some rubbish training because of family stuff getting in the way. I used to beat myself up over it but now I see running as something I enjoy
  • Hey LR

    Running is a wonderful tool for improving mental health but its an impressive way of heaping the guilt on too!

    I'm hoping to try getting out for a run tomorrow, has been a few weeks so I am nervous but I am hoping to just get out.

    Massive respect for running with groups, I always want to but I'm too chicken. I do the driving somewhere then being unable to get out of the car thing too, I rarely get into the gym without a 45 min battle hiding in the car first.

    Hi SCaz, nice to see you here.

    Frodo, awwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh and huge well done on the run home image

    How's Moo by eck, has the threat of hospital diminished?

    Is mummybear home now? Have you got back to your list or is everything a bit crazy still?

    Sorry for being quiet have had a horrible mood crash but I think I'm partly just really lonely cos I hadnt seen anyone for a week with the virus raging.

    I bumped into someone from an old job today, he was really nasty about me behind my back at the time and today he put on this massive fake 'lovely to see you routine' I feel really shaken by it but I don't know why
  • Good Morning

    ive been on a few different forums on here but just found this one. i have suffered from depression and anxiety for several years now resulting in a couple of 'breakdowns' but now im getting on the other side of it.

  • Morning bricki, welcome!
  • Hi Bricki

    *waves enthusiastically*

    I've just invited DaddySOLB to come and watch the new James Bond with me this afternoon. Am regretting it already but he gets lonely being home alone and I'm definitely lonely so in theory it's a good idea.
  • Well done Solb.

    It's good to hear from you. Little moo and I are getting cabin fever. He should be well enough for nursery on Friday tho image
  • Hi all, (welcome LR & Bricki)

    Sorry I've not popped in for a while, been lurking a little. I move house tomorrow and then start my new job on Monday and it's a bit stressful.

    Why are you regretting going to see the cinema SOLB? It's a pretty good film (I'm guessing that's not the issue).

    I keep reading about your baking By Eck, it makes me hungry! Hopefully Little moo will be better soon.

    Peace and love, image


  • The chime bars are being rehomed image
  • Are they like Dime Bars?  I can rehome those in my tummy!


    Welcome Bricki and LR image

  • Sadly not. They make a noise when hit. The music teacher at the local infant school was thrilled. They have moved house with us several times.

    I have also sorted some post into shredding, recycling and RTS
  • Return to sender. Either for precious occupants or because we don't want/need to be on the mailing list. Saves lots of time in the long run
  • image mummyBear is coming home image

  • Woohoo. I have some soup, bread and cake for her bear. Do you want it now or later? It's made with extra special get better soon ingredients.

    Little moo is getting better. Iit's a noisy, tiring process as the steroids make him rather lively.
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