Mental illness and running



  • Oh I see *smotes brow*


    ((( grope hug )))

  • (((grope huge)))

  • You guys image

  • Made you smile.

  • That goes back years on the forums, not done it for ages! image

  • I've never had a grope hug before now!

    I have got myself overtired ... toy shopping with daddysolb to buy presents for his 10 grandkids today. Shops are awful but the minis are worth it
  • SOLB

    Rest and bask in a job well done.

    'nite now

  • 10???? How many kids?
  • Dad has 7 children image
  • Not sure I should be getting involved with all this groping that goes back years.  It's in the news lately and is getting a lot of naughty celebs into trouble!

  • On second thoughts - shouldn't lower the tone by mentioning nasty things going on in the world.  Forget about that and sweet dreams everyone.

  • Good Morning

    So busy yesterday afternoon i didn't get any chance to bob in. The front room is now tidy and awaiting the carpet being refitted saturday afternoon.

    so exhausted last night i ended up in bed watching Peep Show (calm all the thoughts of me in bed!)

  • I may be less tired today. I managed to get everyone up, breakfasted and out of the door by 8:20. Yesterday's washing has been put away and there is a new load in the machine.

    Bricki, I am dreading all the work that we need to do on our house. Being a carer/mum means I am at home a lot and there will be no escape. Argh, valium now
  • image

    Wow impressed you are tearing through the to do list.

    I have plenty of positivity spare if anyone needs some.

    I've only just woken up :-O annoyingly that now means I'll have lost my whole morning to zombie anti-psychotic solb (cos I usually take my morning dose at 5am to give them time to burn off)

    *makes tea* cuppa anyone?
  • By eck you are a superhero!
  • Nope, just don't like conceding defeat. It gets me into trouble sometimes ( actually a lot when I am not well).

    Solb, your body obviously needed the rest. How are things after your swim?

    LR, norty? Nope. I am very sweet and innocent.

    Big D, so good to see you again sir.
  • By Eck you are an inspiration - i have it so much easier compared to most including you. if you're good i might let you hire me outimage

  • Bricki, I do a mean line in food here. I cater for all different diets. Most days, there is some delicious smelling in the oven. Last night we had low fat sausages ( not tasteless tho), carrot and potato mash, runner beans and lightly curried cauliflowerpuree.
  • To do the decorating?
  • then its a date! just let me know when you want me image

  • Solb, if he doesn't want to help decorate he can sit with moo nd watch Raa-Raa over and over again.
  • i will be at your total disposal for any tasks required even childminding...

  • Moo does sound like a lot of fun, I am blissfully ignorant of 'raa raa' though.

    I bought solbsismini a Dr Zues book yesterday image
  • Zeus auto correct
  • Seuss?

    Moo is lovely fun and gives great cuddles when he feels like it.
  • Arghhh I typed it twice and auto correct wants z's ... that's the one by eck *shakes phone*
  • what have i just agreed to?! haha

  • Afternoon peeps


    Argh I slept right through - need to get out of this or I won't be able to teach on Monday

  • Don't worry bear, it's done now and you get a new start tomorrow. Is there anything you could do today to make you feel you've achieved something?

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