Mental illness and running



  • I'm revising for Monday's teaching - so much I've forgotten image


    are you tea-partying today?

  • Well done bear.

    It's on Saturday image
  • oooh my mistake, I remember you saying now


    all these neurotransmitters!

  • image revising going well then.

    *makes bear some coffee* sorry no birthday chocolate left the huge mouse ate it!
  • It's been busy on here today.  Glad I wasn't around really - I could have got roped into the decorating or child-minding.

    Work done for another week.  I may complain about it but I'm not even working a full week at the moment.  I'm getting a few odd days of leave in at the moment to help get me through this time of year.  This works well as others will be off between Christmas and New Year.  Quiet at work, lots of people outside - that's one time I'd rather be at work.

    Hey what's the deal with letting the huge mouse get to the chocolate.  I'd be quite happy to confess it was me that ate it all.  My reputation would be harmed to give the idea that anyone could get my chocolate off me!

  • First step of the plan taken.  Have asked my friend for a chat to discuss my intention to 'come out' to some others.  Going for it!

    Would say 'night night' but I expect everyone's being far more sensible than me and going to bed when they should.  Sleep's still a bit hit and miss so I tend to go later to be more sure of getting off.

  • Good Morning All

    LR - You're taking a great step forward there, when i decided to admit to my office the issues i was dealing with it was nervy as first but the acceptance comes very quickly. it was the best thing i did to be honest and know i feel able to help others understand and also had belief to right my blog. Good Luck but im sure you wont need it.

    Need to find something to do tonight but not sure what yet - dont really want to sit around just watching tv.

  • and on a 'funny' note... i really must stop dreaming about people i know in inappropriate situations :-/

  • * runs in screaming* Arrrrrrrrrregggggggfgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    * runs out again to look for the thermometer and calpol*
  • Hi By 'eck

    Bye By 'eck

  • Oo-er Bricki, don't know if you should tell us more there or not!

    The office is another issue for me.  Possible phase 2 of the plan - but I'm sure phase 1 is the right way to go.

    Don't know what to suggest for a Friday night if it's not TV.  I shall be out on a social for most of the day.  Risking mixing alcohol with the ad's again.  I've been OK so far but this is more of a session today.  Will have to take it easy.

  • It would be like opening Pandoras Boximage

    LR - i decided to give up alcohol completely - just short of 12 months now. i'm sure you'll have a good time, just try and enjoy yourself

  • Make sure you have plenty to eat LR. Also, make sure you take your meds at the right time today and tomorrow. Mr by eck gets more screwed up by that than ths alcohol.

    Friday night is a good time to plan the weekend and week ahead. Means that Saturday morning doesn't feel wasted because yohe are trying to decide what to do.
  • Thanks for the advice.  I don't think I'd give up alcohol but I would certainly like to reduce my intake - not that it's that's bad I should point out. 

    Panic over By eck?

  • Well, one poorly child is off yo school but moo is still running a temp
  • Oh dear.  Lucky for them they've got you to look after them.

  • LR - yeah it was just a personal thing with regards to the alcohol.

  • Howdy all

    I seem to have spent most of the last few days being asleep or lazy but I suspect the tiredness stems from not doing enough (and I feel really fat) so operation running and gym recommences - I did an asthma questionaire for the docs and it indicates it is badly controlled which explains the constant fear of not being able to run and breathe simultaneously!

    Hope phase 1 of the plan goes well, it worked well for me too but I think some caution is a good idea.

    I don't drink often because I don't like to feel out of control even a little bit but when I do I don't think the meds make much difference though it's not advised to mix them.
  • Meds taken and getting ready to go.  Gonna walk into town - takes about 50 mins.  Won't risk a bus today as roads are likely to be gridlocked.  A lot of people heading this way this weekend.  I'm off in the opposite direction for today at least.

  • Oh image I was trying to attach a virtual get well soon card drawn in paint but it won't let me
  • I have all my birthday cards up, take that OCD! I think I might try to have a Christmas tree this year image
  • ^^ I need to be able to "like" that last post, SOLB image

  • Yay - we want pictures when you do SOLB image

  • SOLB thats tremendous!!!

  • Don't do it until tomorrow Solbimage

    Moo has been poorly on and off today but is at nursery. I have made a fish pie, cleaned the kitchen floor, bought a christening card and present and marzipanned the Christmas cakes.
  • I can't do it until after the mad hatter's tea party tomorrow anyway, might be a job for after my last ever therapy session with Vicky on Monday image . I am quite excited in a scaredy cat kinda way. I will post pictures when I manage to get one up though and you can all admire my festive clutter image image image 

  • (Still haven't done any exercise though and I feel like a massive fat barrage balloon ... I think I'm going to go on a diet until Christmas, don't want to start my new year feeling porky and miserable) 

  • My carpet is down and front room almost back up and running
  • You will all be pleased to hear that Bear is not longer in my bad books.  He is very kindly loaning me his floor tonight so that I can get to a swim tomorrow morning.  I would have had to get up at about 5am if I had driven from home tomorrow morning.

    As for coming out, for me it was very difficult but the more people I tell the easier it becomes.  There have been very few people that have not been supportive and to be honest these were people I had little respect for before I beame ill, because of their other characteristics.

    Having said that, my problems are minor and of short duration compared to a lot of people on here and what worked for me might not work for someone else.  You ahve to do what you thinnk is the best thing for you and at the right time in your life when you feel you are ready

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