Mental illness and running



  • But I take it it could have been better as well?

    I've felt a bit better today but still felt a long day with concentration and motivation still low.  Got to clear up stuff from last nights visit now.

    Hellooo Mick.


  • Had a crappy day today and had to leave the Christmas lunch early as I felt panicky and anxious
  • Sorry to hear that.  These sort of things can be very hard to bounce back from but I guess you've got to put it down to a bad day and hope for a better one tomorrow.  Got my Christmas lunch on Friday.  I am usually OK with that - but I'm thinking I shouldn't be saying that and tempting fate.

  • waves to Mick


    My days been mixed. Started off totally crap and it took me everything I'd learned in CBT to stop me crying. My therapy homework this week is to identify something I've done successfully every day, and then acknowledge my own skills in achieving it. Great theory, but I still can't think of a success that I can claim credit for. 

    But on the plus side, after months of being bullied relentlessly at work by small minded colleagues who think depression is a weakness to be ridiculed, my work is moving me to a different department. I've been complaining for months and now its happening I could cry with relief. Its full time so no more Tuesdays off but at least I'll get a bit more money and its got to be better than what I'm putting up with now. I suppose thats a success, but I don't know how I can say what I'm good at particularly that made it happen. 

    Still no word from SOLB? Does anyone have her number?

  • I would say it means that you're valued enough to be moved to another department so over the course of time you've proved your worth if not today.

    Let me at those horrible colleagues of yours for a bit of LR violence therapy.  Well it would be therapy for me anyway!

    I think we're all getting concerned about SOLB.  Hope she's OK.

  • I heard from Solb last night, and she posted somethin on Facebook so don't worry. I think she is quite busy
  • I got the impression that she is busy too

  • Glad to hear Solb is well and busy. image

    Thanks for the suggestion LR. I've decided that I have resilience and determination as my daily success point. I don't know if I'm being moved for a short time or permanent yet as they are carrying out a formal investigation into the behavior of my delightful colleagues. In my new job I'm not telling anyone. My present ones know cos I broke down at work which was very embarrassing and I've had nearly 5 months off work. I thought attitudes to mental heath were better these days, but it seems not. Its taken a tribunal claim to get my employer to act - and we are talking about NHS! My claim is on hold to give them opportunity to sort it. Suing the NHS isn't my prefered option. 

  • Good to hear SOLB's OK. 

    Frodo's been quiet as well - how's it going Frodo?

    SD - really hope things work out for you at work.  It must really feel like the world's against you when both management and colleagues attitudes are a problem.


  • Hello all, ive been lurking for a while, sort of building up to post! Been suffering for a few months, weirdly ever since completing a marathon, lost mojo for everything and back on meds and cbt, sadly have moved out from wife and children until i sort out everything!! So living in salisbury on own getting it back together, just started running and cycling again but hard work getting motivated.

    Looks like you have a good thread going
  • Hi Malc.  Well done on finding the courage to post. 

    I've found really useful for support.  I think even if you have any friends  to talk to, it's still beneficial to communicate with people with similar problems of their own as you will hopefully find they understand and, in some cases, have been there themselves.

    Sorry to hear things have gone so much downhill for you.  Motivation is very difficult.  I'm all for doing more of what we did last sunday when several of us got each other out for a run after posting on here.  In my case, I certainly wouldn't have got out otherwise.  So if you're wanting a push to get out anytime just ask.

  • Hi Malc. Well done on joining in. Took me a while too. Ditto what LR says. 

    I cant sleep so got up for a Redbush tea. 

  • Wheels ate being held on with sticky tape
  • Morning Friends

    feeling slightly blue this morning but think this is more to do with the chill in the air.

    hope all are well. xx

  • Morning

    Felt really rough about an hour ago and thought I really would struggle to get into work today.  Improving at the moment so, thanks to flexitime, a later start will be managable.  I'm sure lack of sleep is going to catch up with me though.  Just got to make it to the weekend.  Half day tomorrow.

    I can't really complain about the cold.  I've only got to make it out to the car.  To think - I used to cycle in this weather.  Haven't touched the bike in over a year now.

  • Lincoln runner wrote (see)

    Frodo's been quiet as well - how's it going Frodo?

    *waves* image

    I am here and still lurking - busy at work and had a bit of a wobble last week/weekend, so just keeping my head down and trying to get through to the Christmas break image

  • Hello, all thanks for the replies. I know the getting through the xmas break feeling!
  • Welcome Malc.  I tend to lurk because my problems are fairly minor and I sort of have them under control.  I also like to check up on my friends on here to make sure that they are alright.

    I know the Salisbury area quite well although I've moved further north recently.  Its a lovely part of the country.

  • I'm hoping my current feeling is a getting through the festive season problem.  I do normally find it's the worst time of the year for me.  I look forward to two weeks from now with a sense of I'll be in the clear then.  We'll get each other through it I'm sure.

    I am supposed to be out at another social evening tonight but I'm giving this one a miss.  I don't really mind though as I'm just not feeling up to it.

  • I'm not in the Christmas spirit at all, and I'm planning a quiet festive period anyway. I tend not to go to works events at the best of times, so it was easy for me to say no this year. I hope everyone else not only survives but enjoys. image

    Malc - sorry to hear you've moved away from your family. Do you have anyone to support you near by? 

    No more news about my new job today but a couple of positives anyway. First, the Consultant I work for asked me how I was getting on and stressed that he was really pleased to have me back and that hes more than happy with the quality of my work. I felt quite touched and a bit sorry I'll be leaving.  Then as I said goodnight to one of my "delightful colleagues" when she ignored me as is usual I managed to find the courage to say again "goodnight have a nice evening".  I think that made it more difficult for her than for me. I felt in more control anyway. 

  • Well done, SD.  The social I'm missing tonight is the orienteering group so it is company that I do normally enjoy at least.  I am supposed to be getting my 'phase 1' of sending them an e-mail if I can get my act together.  I was deliberately saving it until after this evening as I though I would find it difficult to attend on the back of sending the e-mail.  Haven't got that excuse now. 

  • Sticky tape failed
  • Sorry to hear that hilly. What happened?

  • You'd make a good contributor to Radio 2's Drivetime show where listeners are encouraged to describe their day in three words.

  • Hi all, 

    Sorry I've been so quiet, some stuffs been going on that I'm not allowed to talk about in a few different directions. All good now. 

    I loved reading back, so so lovely to feel you all here image Hi Malc, it's very nice to meet you. 

    What happened to the sticky tape by eck? I could hold it all together with this enormous hug if that'll help ((((((((((((by eck))))))))))))

    SD congrats on applying the work you've been doing, that's amazing - even if it felt a bit close to the wire it's fantastic you were able to stay cool enough to apply some techniques. I often forget to and get a bit too caught up.

  • Bear have you been offered any more work or was it a one off thing? 

  • Good to see you back SOLB and glad things are OK.

    I think hugs are good for most of lifes problems but never seen one used on sticky tape before!


  • image 

    *wraps her arms round the sticky tape, wrapped around all of her friends* see it's very effective! 

  • Good job I wasn't planning on going anywhere!

  • image hadn't thought of that bit *awaits false imprisonmnet charges* 

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