Mental illness and running



  • They won't give me an emergency appointment until I've registered and they might not accept me at all cos I have a bleeding problem.
    Tell your guest the rules, and work out 2 areas you can compromise on. Not sure how your ocd manifests itself, but you might allow them to take the cutlery through, or wash up.
    Only you can decide about the oven.
  • Morning!

    Thanks for the tea and toast By Eck, I need it big time. I'm not nearly done, but I have 24 hours though and it will it all get done. It will.

    I hope the dentist goes well By Eck. I visited a GP a few years ago and he introduced himself by his first name and was not very traditional. I found it very weird and kept wondering if it was an imposter!

    It sounds like you have everything to do SOLB. Hope you figure out what the appointment is for. That's good news about the cooker. If you're intending to live at your flat for some years, then a decent cooker is a sound financial investment.

    Enjoy the virtual coffee and cake!

  • *places coffee by Ben-o*

    Did you get to the dentist by 'eck?

    Anyone heard from Frodo? Hope she's OK

    I'd better get on, lots still to do and my tea break has lasted rather a long time
  • I've got to register with them first, but they are sending me the forms, then it takes a week to get on the sytem. I could have gone to the emergency dentist but that was too scary. Think the problem is also a wisdom tooth that does need removing but it means i'll likely lose the nerve to that part of my face image I'm a coward really.
    Not seen hide nor hair of frodo. Hope she's ok!
    How was your day SOLB?
  • image oh no that's rubbish; lost nerve sounds a bit extreme. Hope it doesn't come to that.

    How's Moo doing? Any better?

    I've had a pretty good day. I got quite a lot of the fiddly painting done. Had an unexpected but very welcome visitor. Laughed quite a lot and promptly lost the motivation to go and finish painting.

    I am just gonna have one more cup of tea .....
  • I decided his eyes weren't getting better on their own so cashed in the script for eye drops. The nurse said to give it 48 hours which I did. His nose is still bright green but he seems happier.
    What time is your guest arriving tomorrow?
  • So glad he's happier even if having a green nosed child is still a little disconcerting

    I'm going to pick my guest up from the airport on Saturday morning so I have tomorrow to prepare too (which is lucky cos I've turned the house upside down today looking for paintbrushes and masking tape)

    I'm really tired again. I seem to have all the stamina of an 80 year old comatose sloth *Yawn*

  • I did something naughty!!

    Mine, mine, mine, MINEEEE image
  • To be fair, if I had to buy an oven I'd possibly choose that one.
  • SOLB, it's gorgeous!
    (oven envy)
  •  i do know that running is an excellant control for mentall illness

    its not a cure, i dont beleive there is a cure for it

     my problems started after complications during my wife giving birth to our  Phillip, it left my wife ill and Phil severely starved of oxygen and it changed my whole life from that day

    if it were not for my running continueing, as ive always been a runner - i dont know were id be 

  • I have to buy cookery books now!

    Glad you're still alive Ben-o, how's it going?
  • That's very powerful Mick (made me cry), I don't think we have a cure yet but I agree there's something exceptionally powerful about running, even above other sport.
    I sometimes wish I could explain it better to people that are caught in a cycle of feeling sad and devoid of energy - I don't know how to explain why it's worth hurling yourself out of the door when it's the last thing you feel like doing. To be fair I have to ask my friends to remind me of that sometimes too.
    How are doing Mick?
  • By 'eck it is beautiful isn't it ... it was described as cooker porn on another thread when I was deliberating. I thought it was a funny joke at the time but I don't wanna admit how many times I've loaded that picture up since I ordered it image
  • SOLB, buy hairy bikers mother knows best. I would offer to lend you my copy but a) it's heavy to post
    b) I would miss it too much

    Proper food, easy to follow, lots of different things and super tasty

    Mick, running is my sanity too
  • i'll talk tomorrow, i'm tired now

    bless all of u


  • See you tomorrow Mick, sending some caring positive vibes your way x
  • By 'eck that's the best recommendation ever! I am looking it up on Amazon as we speak image
  • Like SOLB said, that's powerful Mick and very honest. I haven't got the brain power right now for a decent reply, basically what SOLB. When life gives you shit, go running.

    I've got about 8 or 9 hours to get everything done and I'm reading some of my work and thinking that I don't understand it. And I just don't know if I can think properly to fix it, I'm just too tired but that won't change.

    Time for more pepsi and a cookie, that'll make everything better.

  • Hope the Pepsi and cookie work Ben-o. If you need someone to proof read to look for typos and wobbly grammar I'll volunteer, though I can guarantee I'll have absolutely no idea what it means.

    Could you get away with an hour to cat nap then get up again or would you find it too hard to wake up again? One last push and it'll all be over; imagine how amazing it'll be when you don't have to worry about it anymore image

    I am adopting 'when life gives you shit go running' image I get my test results on either Monday or Wednesday so will have no excuses not to go outside and be happier!

  • Thanks SOLB. I've had people proof-read but I still don't think it makes sense. I need to focus on passing and not perfection.

    I think it's best I power through, I'm not a napper. When I sleep, I'm out. Well, the stress doesn't completely end till June and depending on marks it might carry on for a while longer. Joy.

    I think it's my version of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (which makes no sense!).

  • Sounds like a plan ben-o, hope you get to bed at some point.
    I tried lemonade it doesn't work!
  • DON'T PANIC! *Panics* Damn you sleep deprivation!
  • (((Ben-o))) I thought a hug might stop you flapping!
  • SOLB, that is the most gorgeous cooker I have ever seen. Ever. Proper jealous.
  • Thanks SOLB. It's done and hand-in now. What time is the virtual party? What shall I wear? Nothing too nice because you guys are going draw on me and stuff when I fall asleep.

    Are you going to bake anything for the party SOLB?

  • I'm back.image

    Haven't you all been busy?

  • You can come over to bake celebratory cakes with me mimaduck image
    *hands Ben-o a glass of champagne and mimaduck and Big D marker pens*

    (Actually pretty cooker isn't here yet - it'll be the middle of next week)

    really thrilled it's done Ben-o, how do you feel? (other than exhausted)
  • You have to wait for the cooker? That's so unfair!

    Honestly, I don't feel very much. It was so tiring and stressful and hectic getting it all done, that when I handed it in there was no fanfare or even many people around to congratulate me. I don't think it's sunk in yet, perhaps it will do over the weekend when I find myself with no work to do.

    What are people up to this weekend?

  • Hey peeps, how are we?
    Having to wait for a shiny noo toy is horrible. How will you pass the time?
    This weekend I run my first marathon.
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