Mental illness and running



  • Ooo and I am settling down to watch the nightmare before Christmas for the very first time ... I have tea in my new cup and have got scones with jam on

  • Just popped in to wish everyone a merry christmas! Time to wrap my last few presents.

    Muchos love to all.


  • Evening peeps!


    I have postponed shortbread making until tomorrow morning so please continue to queue overnight. I will provide hot drinks image

  • Hey Ben-o image

    Hi Bear *holds out mug*
  • Hot choklit?



  • oh nooooooo we need a pacman emoticon on here

  • Can't believe we have to wait for shortbread! image

  • I can't either mousey *shakes head* I think we need a compel the baking bear to get on with it plan 

  • I did make some mince pies if that helps? image

  • I've still never tried one

    I'm yawning lots *sacrifices her place in the shortbread queue and heads off to bed*

    Night all, hope everyone had a peaceful night and a less peaceful but joyous morning tomorrow image

  • Merry Christmas image

  • Just nipping in with a big Chrimble hug from me and the tall bloke, and a perkeerk from the girls x

  • Happy Christmas!! Hope everyone is ok. I'll put abundle of hugs on the hearth rug so those who need one can take at any time.

    On a slightly sad note, mr by eck got a calendar from his parents. It isn't even a particularly nice calendar.
  • Aww howdy Hash and family, huge squeezy hugs right back at you

    Morning by eck, I was wondering how early you'd been dragged awake as I went back to sleep at 6ish.

    I haven't opened any presents yet (ha that's a lie I opened most of them before Christmas) I'm waiting for the anti psychotic haze to pass, I have some from Sossidge under the tree (that was also a present) I think Mummy and Daddy solb have a present for me and solbsis has something she bought me for our birthday but it went wrong and wasn't there in time ... apparently its special. Quite like that I know I'm a spoilt brat before any wrapping paper has hit the floor.

    Glad Mr By Eck has a very loving immediate family to remind him that he's appreciated and wanted
  • Merry Christmas everyone! 

    I've opened my presents - a new dressing gown/bath robe and some lovely glam Swarovski earings. I'm wearing them both now! image

    Its just me and Mr Soup this year having a quiet Christmas together. Visiting family for New Year. A lazy morning planned before cooking dinner later on. I bought Mr Soup a half hour flight in a Tiger Moth which he wasn't expecting. I love giving real surprises.  Have a good day everyone. image

  • How do I help him? He has years and years of dreadful Christmases behind him and is currently in the kitchen swearing at burnt toast.
  • ((((((((by eck and Mr by'eck)))))) 

    Wishing you both a day that gets better. 

  • Merry christmas all.

  • Merry Christmas Soupy and richfar 

    By Eck I hope that didn't come across badly - I meant I'm glad you are there rather than Mr By Eck should be grateful you are if you see what I mean.

    I've had the nicest Christmas ever (I don't do Christmas lunch and lots of visiting and stuff - I prefer to enjoy a short amount of time and quit while I'm ahead so the rest of the day will be just a quiet normal day.) I had an absolutely blast with SOLBsis' mini1 and mini2 - I just feel really, really happy, We laughed and played and played and danced to silly songs and laughed some more. I am so, so grateful that I am well enough to really be their aunty again - I just feel so happy and alive playing with them. 

    SOLBsis and Mr SOLBsis said a few times 'you don't have to keep playing so energetically you can take a break if you want to' ... but the truth is I didn't want to I was having as much (if not more) fun than the mini's. Being back for them is the greatest thing about being well image image image  

  • So glad to hear about your day SOLB.  *raises a glass to being well*  So often people see the person as the mental health presentation without realising there is someone very different underneath it all. I think you have demonstrated that so well. I hope lurkers who might not understand or who have loved ones going through it can see that too. 

    I'm just having a rest before Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. We are living in a caravan at the moment (won't bore you with the details why) and its been a lovely day so far. Done full Christmas dinner with a turkey crown and all the trimmings, despite all the doom mongers who told us we couldn't do Christmas in a caravan. Vivaldi's Four Seasons is playing on CD and I'm so content. image

  • I think that's true - to be honest even I forgot who I was underneath. I'm really enjoying seeing people I've not seen for a few months and sparkling at them image 

    Wow kudos to pulling off Christmas in a caravan; delighted that you survived the doubters it can be done and even more so that you had a good time.

    I feel very very lucky tonight, it sounds like a sentimental Christmas post but to be honest I think I've felt like that most nights for the last month or so. 

    Lots of love to you festive friends

    (oh and on a virtual running club point of business I'm attempting a really little mile or so tomorrow before braving town with SOLBTitchysis - hang in there asthma lungs)  

  • Christmas went really well and was wonderful until I had a rubbish horrible full on attack of yuckiness at bedtime.
  • Oh bless you darling (((by eck))) 

  • Time to hit the hay zzzzzzzz night all

    (((by eck))) just in case you need them

    Oh and bear i forgot to ask how the meal with mummybear went.

    I hope you all made it through today in one piece

  • I've made a meditation for health that you might like

    Hope you enjoy it

  • Morning jforce

    I'm weird Meditation makes me sad (in the same way as churches) but I'm sure one of the others (or a lovely lurker) will have a click image

    I'm going back to bed .... I've got wine poisoning!
  • I never used to have the patience for meditation, mind was too active but I'm finding it easier these day. I'll have a click on that in a minute thanks. 

  • Morning Soupy image
  • Morning SOLBy. Plenty of room in a caravan by the way. image



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