Mental illness and running



  • I can honestly say that it's a happy meditation, It's a lot about how to learn to love yourself...imageimageimage

  • Looks like a luxury caravan there TSD.  But I'm guessing the weather outside doesn't look too great.

    Christmas family stuff done.  Things are reasonably OK there at the moment so it's not been too bad.  I've been nervous, just at spending 48 hours like that without any 'me time', but at least I feel in better shape having got back than I did on the last couple of occasions.  Will enjoy a quiet one this evening before getting back to work tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else if OK.  SOLB - great to hear about your quality time with the minis yesterday.  You're certainly making up for lost time in style there. 

  • Hi all

    Hope you're well
  • You've been quiet, Bricki.  Been busy crooning?

  • Its Bing! image 

    Rudolf - yes we know about the weather and all this rain hammers down on the roof lol. But the caravan is thankfully very warm. When the oven is on I have switch the heating off. image

    Back to work tomorrow. image Oh, well, I've had a lovely couple of quiet peaceful days. 

  • Had a few things on and needed some quiet time really
  • (((Bricki)))

    TSD fab photo, you are right it looks really comfortable image I want warm, its so cold in here my chest hurts. Going to bed soon!

    Jforce I am sure you are right, I know its an odd reaction.

    LR that's brilliant news, well done you for braving it, that's wonderful. Hope there's not too much of a pay off now.

    Gah I'm tired and rambling, not sure why, I think I'm sleeping now but I don't look, feel or act as though I am :/
  • Hope things are OK with you Bricki.

    SOLB - wish I could send a few degrees more warmth your way.  You certainly weren't rambling - but it can't be much fun being so cold.

  • Feeling much better now - have wasted extra money turning the heating up and am cuddling a hotwater bottle. Annoyingly I've forgotten to take my meds so I have to get up again in a minute but at least the bed will be nice and warm when I fall back in image  

  • The cost of heating really is a problem for more and more people.  I recommend our orienteering club's hoodies - a wonderful piece of kit.  I've got two so I can spend the whole of the cold weather in them - apart from when at work.  Very toasty! Glad you're feeling better though.  Need to drag myself off for a nights sleep really.  Trouble is if I sleep when I wake up it's time to go to work.  Am trying to make up my 'me time' deficit.

  • night lovely lot image 

  • Night all

  • Good Morning

    It wasn't the best news, Mrs B has to have ICSI which is a form of IVF but very intrusive and not very nice. The reason its that is more to do with me than her so naturally ive been feeling pretty crappy about that.

  • *waves to all*

    Hope you all had lovely Christmases, I loved the picture of TSD's caravan, that looks so warm and festive and cosy image

    Bricki, you don't know me cos I very rarely post and probably won't again for a while. Mr.S and I also had problems conceiving, and had been trying for over 4 years when I fell pregnant earlier this year. I lost twins in April and had another miscarriage in August. Ironically, we had just been referred for IVF. Doubly ironically, someone in our office announced her pregnancy earlier this year with the same due date as my first pregnancy would have been. That was tough. I felt I had to make an extra effort with her so as not to make her feel awkward. I did it but boy, it came at a price.

    I've got stage 4 endometriosis and polycystic ovaries (but not the syndrome), as well as ulcerative colitis. Mr.S is the 'normal' one.

    Honey, I don't have any huge words of wisdom for you because I still find it very very hard to talk about (in fact, we have friends coming over with their baby this lunchtime and I don't know how I'm going to cope), but I wanted you to know that there's someone else out there who understands how difficult and stressful starting a family can be. What I've found hardest is to accept its not my fault; I'm still working on that. I'm not mentally strong enough to consider IVF again yet, but I'm working on that, too.

    I can't really say anything else, but I really hope it all works out for you. I know it's hard because where there's a problem, you try and find a reason for that and blame isn't too far behind; but life deals a shit hand sometimes, and it isn't your fault x
  • Oh Bricki that's horrible news, I am sorry. I understand how easy it is to feel culpable for something that logic tells you cannot be your fault but I can't even begin to imagine the torment of the rest

    Sossidge I hope you survive the visit today. I'm having a massive duvet day, you can pop back in and hide under it with me if it all gets too much. I'll even make some tea and read you stories by torchlight

    I agree sometimes you just get a shit hand, no fault, no reason it just is. I think courage isn't an inability to feel pain it's standing up again and trying to find a way through it.

    Lots of love to you all today *makes a little igloo style entrance in her heap of duvets*
  • PS I have just realised Santa forgot to bring me a Kindle fire ... has anyone got the complaints address? 

  • Divine - Thank you for that, its horrible when all around you also get what you want. it seems to be everyone we know has been lucky just not us.

    we're trying even harder now.

  • that must be so hard. SOLBsis had a tough time before the minis arrived and felt like she was constantly surrounded by pregnant people and babies. She said it felt impossible to be pleased for even her closet friends. She felt guilty and tried not to wish anyone ill but it was all just so hard. 

    I'm having yet another bad asthma day, am trying not to get too whiney about it but I just want to run, How did you guys get on, any festive running? I might have 'accidentally' entered Giant's head marathon on the 29th of June. I have enough time for the new inhaler to work and to get training and I don't think I'll get through the asthma barrier without having an event looming to push me through 

  • Bricki  - I recall making light of the situation last week so I apologise if that was in poor taste.

    It must be really tough for you right now but let's hope it all goes well for you in the end. 

    SOLB - wow that's really setting yourself a challenge!  One of my New Years resolutions for 2012 was to run a half marathon but things haven't gone well so I'm passing that one over to 2013 now.  All support and encouragement from the VRC (Virtual Running Club) will get me there.  Need to target another 10k first though as my last one was a very panic stricken one and I need to get some confidence back.


  • (((((Bricki)))))

    SOLB - Mr Soup is thinking about entering that too, and if so I will be there supporting. image Hope your asthma gets under control for you. Plenty of training time so I'm sure you can do it. 

    I certainly need the VRC support. I wrote out my schedule but the forgot to look at it till tonight and it said to run today. Oops. But it doesn't really start till 7 Jan because I know life would get in the way till then. 

  • I did try to motivate some of the real life running club into joining me on a run tonight but nothing came of it.  Won't be able tomorrow because I'm off to the cinema after work.  Frodo - if you're lurking I'm off to see your Uncle Bilbo's film. image Really want to see it but the prospect of a three hour stint in a cinema is daunting. 

  • Ooo that'd be wonderful Soupy image 
    I'll need the VRC too - gonna be a tough slog from a standing start but I need challenges to keep moving forwards and so many forumites are going it looked like fun.
    Good call on the 7th Jan - should we all line up at the startline on the 7th Jan? (hopefully a few bimbles before that too, of course) Sounds like a plan to me image  


  • Lincoln Rudolph wrote (see)

    Frodo - if you're lurking I'm off to see your Uncle Bilbo's film. image Really want to see it but the prospect of a three hour stint in a cinema is daunting. 

    *waves* image
    I can't really cope with the cinema either, so will wait for it to come out on DVD.
    Hope you have a good time image 

  • LR I took DaddySOLB to see 007 and thought it'd be packed ... it had a smattering of pensioner and us - I think sometimes it's really quiet and others you feel like you are practically sitting on your neighbours lap! Truthfully if you get a few hours in you can always go and get some air blaming a headache - I don't mind the cinema normally but if it it's really hot it feels a bit much. 

    I wanted to go and see Frodo's uncle's film too but haven't got around to it - can we expect your film review tomorrow night? 

  • You were lurking Frodo-ho-ho! ((((Frodo)))) 

  • Frodo-ho-ho must have been told the story many times by Uncle Bilbo.  I'll update you tomorrow.  People are quite surprised that I've never read the book so I have no idea what happens.

  • SOLeigh Bells wrote (see)

    You were lurking Frodo-ho-ho! ((((Frodo)))) 

    I do that a lot  - my social anxiety extends to online fora, clearlyimage 

  • LR - if we can't laugh then life's not worth living, no need for apologies at all, I find humour is best way to handle situations like these anyway
  • (((Frodo))) 

  • Bricki - that's good to hear.  When I'm dealing with people that I don't know face to face it's not always that easy to be sure how people will take things.

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