Mental illness and running



  • LR - I know what you mean. It's tough to judge but I'm absolutely fine with a bit of a laugh about it
  • FWIW you can be silly with me too, I'm not overly serious and am not especially easy to offend 

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  • I'm generally filth so pretty much anything goes haha
  • I've been lurking cos words weren't working out. Its been so hectic and I'm just a bit tired.

    This might seem very strange but I do understand how those trying for a family feel. I had always been told that I would never be able to successfully maintain a pregnancy but Anastasia happened. Then they said it would be too risky to have another, plus the risks of another child inheriting my blood condition was a big factor. A new doctor told us it woold be absolutely fine. I nearly died, and my baby too. I had always wanted more children but now I can't. I'm at the age where my friends are starting families and I get invited to christenings, sent pictures or invited to hold babies. At times it feels like ny heart is going to rip out of my chest, it hurts so much. I know I have two beautiful children, and I love them dearly, but that doesnt stop the pain from knowing that I will never have the option of more. It is also unlikely I will have nephews and nieces to build a relationship as my brother and his fiancee live in Canada.
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  • Nothing wrong with a nice chamomile tea.  Probably what I ought to be having instead of last night's port that I'm finishing off.

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  • I'm drinking peppermint tea. It settles my tummy
  • Ooopsie LR caught me talking about wanting some purple boobs on the Mundane thread whilst I was pretending to be drinking herbal tea and being calm and good image

  • I don't like peppermint tea though I really like mint ... to be honest I only really like normal tea and a couple of fruit ones - the others I only drink occasionally to show off and look all sophisticated and stuffs image 

  • Apple and cinnamon sounds good
  • How are you Solb?
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