Mental illness and running



  • Wonder how bear is getting on celebrating
  • Bringing the house down no doubt
  • Wonder how much tea he's had image 

  • Chinas worth?
  • I did bulk buy cheese this week
  • I bulk buy chicken breasts
  • I thought there may be a shortage of cheese after bear's birthday

    In other news, there are flood warnings for some of the local villages
  • Oh no image

    We've largely got away with it where i am
  • We are in Hampshire but very high up. The problem is groundwater. Lots of the paths and trails were flooded.
  • I'm in greater Manchester and we are fairly high up so its rare we get much flooding really
  • Evening all.

    Just got back from the film.  Don't think I can really pass fair comment on it.  I'd had a reasonable day at work but at the end of it wasn't really feeling up to the cinema so it was a bit heavy going.  I'm sure it's all good but it was just a bit too long for me to cope with.

    Time to chill out and unwind now.

  • I used to live in greater Manchester

    What did you see LR?
  • Frodo's uncle!  image aka The Hobbit.

  • Ahhh, never taken my fancy
  • Sorry it was a tough one honey. I've heard a few people say it was brilliant and about the same number say it was too drawn out taking 3 hours to cover about 20 pages in the book!

    I'm still undecided about watching it, I'll probably watch when it comes out on DVD but I don't tend to go to the cinema often and don't have many local friends to ask to come with me.

    I've promised myself I'll make more effort with the making friends thing, the village I live in is tiny but there is a zumba group in the village hall - I've never thought zumba was my kind of thing and thought £5 a week was too expensive to justify on top of my gym membership but I have been debating whether or not to go since I moved here a year ago - I think I should just get on with it. It's not about the exercise it's about being part of the community and making friends. Can't be a lonely old toad forever - not now I'm better anyway image  

  • PS. BEEEEEAAR where's our birthday cake? 

  • I've got to confess - I've got Christmas pud and brandy butter.  Got a spare piece up for grabs though.

  • I've got Christmas cake. I have been distributing chunks to people.
  • I didn't get any festive food in .... though I did uncover some chocolate coins earlier *pacmans*
  • We didn't have chocolat coins, but we did buy chocolat goodies yestefdwy
  • Well I was going to be good this week by foregoing my usual Friday night wine and chocolate in view of bottle of port already consumed over the last two nights.  Then I discovered the xmas pudding.  The other piece has gone now - well nobody else claimed it.  I just can't have unhealthy food in the house.

  • Ahhh can't be good all the time image

    I'm tempted to try a short jog out tomorrow, my asthma is still a bit nasty but I'm frustrated so I think a little wheeze would do me good. Anyone else coming?
  • Ooh - ought to really.  Probably a short one for me then might have a bit more time Sunday to get out to the woods for a longer run.

  • Excellent, always nice to have some company image

    I'm going to bed I've just realised I've been waiting for midnight again. That was the first OCD rule I managed to conquer I don't want to slide backwards so I'll love you all and leave you.

    Night night

  • Yeah really must do the same.  Got too comfy on the sofa. Night all.

  • image I fecked it up, couldn't make myself fight it and just got all anxious and idioty about it instead

    None the less night night all. See you for a virtual wheeze/run tomorrow LR
  • Come on SOLB - you did promise you were going to bed.  Oh damn, so did I. image

  • I was asleep by midnight, but only just.

    I might be able to go for a little toddle later today. We've had so much wind and rain overnight I fear it may be just in town. That's not so much fun.
  • On second thoughts I think it might make more sense if I don't attempt a run today.  It's been quite a tough week and am feeling pretty run down from it this morning.  Got plenty of other things I ought to be doing and if attempt a run and it goes badly it then affects my confidence for when I try again.  Tommorow is a more sensible target for me.

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