Mental illness and running



  • Fair point LR, I've just got back asthma is still horrible I staggered a little further than last time but the wheezing sounds horrendous. Shame cos asthma usually likes running in the rain.

    How's the head drunk birthday bear? *sniggers*
  • Well done for trying.  Can only hope things do improve with time.

    Considering the early hours posting from Bear on the Mundane thread I reckon you might have to wait a while for Bear to wake up yet. 

    Ooh, got to do grocery shopping.  Don't feel like moving.

  • Ha ha I didn't see that but I have a couple of somewhat squiffy texts to tease him with image

    I really wanna go back to bed, moving is overrated!
  • Certainly is.  Gotta go for that shopping though.  Er...eventually.  They're open all day.

  • I'd better find the shower really, I'm going to see if I can find a By Eck in town today

  • 'lo peeps!


    Sorry for the late texts SOLB image

  • Hi guys!

    It was great to meet up with by 'eck.  Her two children are lovely, and that comes from someone who doesn't like kids.  Her husband wasn't bad either - she might have to watch out as I seem to be marrying everyone at the momentimage  I got tea and cake and great company for a few hours image

    Then met up with Bear.  I can confirm that several pints of tea were consumed and pie eaten.  The 'local' pub seems to have adopted us, athough they are convinced that we are married and when I told them that we weren't Bear was told to be more romantic towards me image

    We were convinced that one of the guys there was gay, but Bear refused to attempt to chat him up so that we could prove the theory (hence the dodgy texts to SOLB to see whether she could help us out).  One of the other guys was so drunk that his trousers spent most of the time around the mid thigh area.  They are a very special group of local people.

    I think we finally went to sleep a little after 3am.  I was awake bright and early, as I always am, but I let Bear sleep in a bit.  I'm now back home.  Its been a fantastic few days but I'm looking forward to sleeping in mmy own bed tonight.

  • Well done - but what have you done?  You mentioned going for a run earlier?

  • By Eck, Mr By Eck, Moo and Little Miss By Eck have been playing with SOLB, SOLBsis and the minis image 
    We got very muddy, and very wet and it was fun image image  

  • Who have you been marrying now SCaz? Tell bear to  be more romantic to me too! I want roses and stuffs

    I'm kind of pleased I wasn't asked to help with the trouser dropping bloke - sounds like I got off pretty lightly after all!!! 

    Glad your travels have led you safely back home to bed image 

  • Sounds fun.  I always say you never grow out of splashing in puddles - but some of us take up orienteering to let us do that.

    I've been feeling depressed today.  I guess it's been a tough week and to start with I thought I was coping OK but then realised it wasn't.  Had a quiet one today, but want to target a run tomorrow and to generally get back on track.

    I have at least managed to find the self-help book that I want to put the 'challenging negative thoughts' exercise in there into practice.

  • sounds like you are doing remarkably well, it's not easy to get motivated enough to try self help exercises at the best of times not least when you are feeling really low. 

    you have pushed yourself quite hard over Christmas its understandable that you've been feeling low. Sometimes having a quiet one is the best you can do. It's hard to know when you should rest and when you should push through as a rule of thumb I'll allow myself two quiet days (so long as staying quiet isn't making it worse) before I'll start thinking rest isn't helpful and I need to push through. I think everyone's needs are a bit different. 

    My house is freezing as usual. I've just got out of the shower and put my coat back on! I think this evening might call for the duvet image 

  • Big thanks to by 'eck for the card and choklit bears image

  • You forgot MrSolbsis.

    It really was lovely. The children had a lovely time playing together.

    Sc, it was great to meet you too. I'm glad you thought the children were fine. Anastasia thought you were very polite (!)

    Christmas is always very hard because of the extra effort involved in eing "normal, sociable and likeable"
  • Thanks SOLB.  Yes, it is a positive sign finding the self-help book.  Actually going ahead and working with it is more of a challenge.  Poor concentration always makes it difficult.  I have turned down an offer of a lift to an orienteering event tomorrow.  All too often it doesn't go well and I end up not enjoy it.  Instead I'm trying to focus on trying to use my time more constructively.

    Choklit bears - wouldn't eating those be cannibalism?  Actually no - it's the same as us human's eating jelly babies.


  • Eeeek sorry MrSOLBsis image I told him he was a superhero earlier, hopefully that'll get me out of some trouble

    Oh and it wasn't so much puddles we were sploshing in as the flooded all over the park river image 

    I love kids, 'polite' is a lovely way to describe someone - were you really polite Scaz or did you just keep your voice down with all the rudey poody words? 

  • I don't like jelly babies *reaches for the choklit bears* 

  • Evening

    I've just eaten my own body weight in Chinese food
  • No, she ate cake image and listened to little miss talking.

    Bear, I couldn't resist. Try not to munch them all at once
  • Jelly Babies cause a problem for me.  I love them but they're not veggie friendly.  I just occasionally indulge by using the excuse that they're essential pre-race fuelling and then write a letter to the Vegetarian Society asking for forgiveness.  Well, apart from the last bit.

  • *slaps SOLB's paw*

  • Jelly beans are veggie Bricki - I use them instead of jellybabies (which really are yuck anyway) 

    *howls and waves sore paw around in a bid for some sympathy* 

  • I love jelly beans!!
  • It was me not Bricki!

    Offers sympathy for sore paw.  What have you done though?

  • ha ha oops sorry, wasn't paying attention image

    Bear slapped it when I was just innocently going to look at his chocolate (look with my hands that is) 

  • Got me on your mind Solb?!image
  • Lovely stuff
  • *suddenly realises that she has munched a chocolate bear*
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