Mental illness and running



  • *stomps feet*



  • *hides the chocolate foil behind her back* 

  • Next time I have chocolate I'm logging off and shutting down my PC to make sure no-one can nick it.

  • Just finished writing today's diary entry
  • image we were just 'sharing' 

    ooo I'm too lazy to keep a diary - I just ramble on here instead image  

  • Bear, I am very sorry
  • Sorry - I'll close down my PC so no-one can share my chocolate. 

    Now that just makes me sounds selfish.  Where chocolate is concerned - I can live with that.

  • ha ha ha it DOES sound selfish like that. Mean LR for not sharing with his friends image

  • Now, only having just caused Bear to forcibly share, you've just shamed me into sharing next time.  You're scheming to ensure a regular chocolate supply.  Good scheme!

  • Oh Bricki, darling your diary entry sounds so bleak image It will get lighter again even when it all seems endless. 

    Is there anything we can do to help? 

  • :v they don't call me pacman solby for nothing you know!!! 

  • Solb, what happened to the Percy's?
  • Oooo I forgot about them, thank you *troughs sweets too* 





    errr I mean, would anyone like one? 

  • Just one of those days SOLB
  • Bricki, I would have missed your diary bit at the end of the last page had SOLB not mentioned it.  Remember we're all here to help if we can.  I could even say - we're all in this together - but in a real sense, not the tory politician sense.

  • Thanks LR
  • If you're offering SOLB - thanks. image

  • I almost missed it too, it got caught in some X-posts. Glad I didn't though - I can't necessarily help but I can care. I know what you mean about the bleak, blank days being  more scary than the properly sad ones. It's all seems so dark and foreboding and I know it's easy for despair to creep in when it seems so eternal.
    You can rant here any time you know. Even if we are talking about utter rubbish doesn't mean you can't interject with something more serious. While we might not be able to practically help there's definitely a lot of understanding here. 

  • I like the tone of the box - it all fits in nicely
  • *looks grumpy* I was hoping you were too full of Bear's burfday chocolate *reluctantly passes round the sweets* 

  • Echo what SOLB says there, Bricki.  I've certainly not had a good day but it was good just to get it off my chest on here earlier in the knowledge that there would be some sympathy and support. 

  • Anyone else joining me on a VRC run tomorrow?

  • Urghhh I suppose I'd better really image 

  • Good to have you along SOLB - but don't feel pressured into it if you think the asthma still needs a bit more time.

  • I'd like to try. I'm not aiming to break any records but I need to get running to maintain my mental wellbeing. I'm still living on cloud nine cos I'm just so thrilled to feel like myself again after so many years but I need to make sure I use this time to set up the routines that will help me when that incredible novelty wears off. I don't think it's possible to stay quite this high forever so I want to be prepared for when I bump into reality again. 

  • OK, run's on then.  I shall probably head for the woods towards lunchtime when it's quieter.

  • Not sure if I can run. My back is playing up. It reminds me of its presence every now and again. If I can't run I will be at the end to provide hot drinks and congratulations. I might even be persuaded to clean muddy trainers

    I'm so genuinely sorry to hear people have not had such a happy time. I'm bouncing around on cloud 9 emotionally cos I've conquered a couple of really big things in the last couple of days. I know things will get harder but experience tells me that I need fo use this momentum to gete through the difficult bits.
  • Oo I haven't been to the woods for ages ... though I won't tomorrow, will stick to country lanes so I can SOS someone if my asthma is too bad (must remember to take a phone this time!!) 


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