Mental illness and running



  • You've done really well by eck. Cloud 9 is a really nice place to be and you really do deserve to feel proud about what you've achieved - it's taken a lot of courage. Though I'd never have known you were nervous today image 

  • Are you sure you know what you're letting yourself in for offering to clean trainers, by eck - it's very muddy out there.  Good to hear you're on cloud 9 - and for those of us who aren't it at least gives us some positive vibes.

    Have to be careful in the woods - there's chocolate eating bears out there. image

  • That made me laugh image I'll be careful 

  • Solb saw my cleanest pair of trainers today, and they didn't look a lot different after we went splashing in mud. Last night's pair carried home half a field. Ths lther half was discarded in a stream that used to be a footpath. The cats were not impressed at the latest addition to their room.
  • LR, don't tell bears but I have some spare choklit bears in case of emergenciesw
  • I've just had a sudden unexpected emergency that can only be resolved by choklit bears. Honest.

  • Oh those are the worst! I'd better come over and help you out

  • *wails*


    I've only had one choklit bear image

  • Better pile over to LR's to help with the emergency then Little Bear 

  • Arrr.  We'll make it up to you Bear.  We'll let you have two next time. image

  • My covers about to be blown.  Better hide the cheese that I've been enjoying.

  • I don't like cheese, you're safe there 

  • Not from me mwah ha ha!

  • Now look what you've done.  I've got Bear plotting evil cheese based revenge against me.

  • Bear, I have some really nice proper cheddar.

    * quick Solb, lr and bricki, grab the choklits and run*
  • Can't run, my tummy is too full of choklit bears *groans* 

  • Yeah, likewise but full of stilton, cornish yarg and wine.

  • Cornish yarg is gorgeos
  • Never tried it but having seen the pictures from today I'd better lay off the choklit and cheese for a while image 
    *hands over Chistmas stash of sweets*  

  • Certainly was.

    Just like me.image

  • Eeek it's late, shower then bed for this little solby. Looking forward to a run tomorrow, even if it is a bit wheezy 
    Night night

  • Bed time for me - and I really am off with no hanging around.  You've really cheered me up tonight and I really needed it.  Love you all lots. xxx

  • Ooopsie, still up. Haven't taken my meds yet so now I'll take night meds so late I have to wait until late morning to take my morning meds (instead of 5am as I usually do) and I am going to waste all morning and most of the afternoon too zombied to even make a cup of tea ... my own fault fot not taking my tablets on time but I still hate anti-stinking-psychotics *sulk over* would some pleeeeeease carry me to bed?  

  • ooo time is skipping too - image

  • Every time I come on this page I'm greeted with an advert featuring Kimberley Walsh - image
  • Just had to look up the name to see who she was.  I'm not really up to speed on celebs.

    Was just about to post to say morning all and particularly to Bricki and hope you have a better day today.

  • Morning LR

    Not been awake long so see what the day brings really
  • Likewise - I've only just got moving and trying to find some enthusiasm for being productive.

  • Decided it was time to stop being festive and go for an abbreviated name.  You all know what it stands for and LR on it's own was already taken.  Just me being paranoid about nasty big boss man finding out at work.

  • I'm not having a fantastic day

    My back is hurting and my mood is a bit low because I can't do as much as I want to help Mr by eck.
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