Mental illness and running



  • Group hug everyone  ((((everyone)))).  Sounds like no-ones had a great start - and I'm guessing SOLB hasn't even emerged yet after a very late night.

  • LR2, thank you so much. I hate feeling useless. There is washing to hang, the dishwasher to empty and reload and toys to put away.
  • Morning, I'm not festive any more either; pretty tree comes down today!

    Can I take my duvet running with me?

    Oh poor by eck, none of that stuff is more important that you though. Leave the chores, I'm sure they'll be waiting for you tomorrow!
  • The tree stays till New Years Day for me.  Strictly speaking 12th night isn't until next Saturday.

    I'm still on the porrage myself but it's rapidy ticking round to running time.



  • Our tree is always down by twelfth night.

    I'm sure the chores will get sorted somehow. The mini's can help with the toys, I can put clothes on hangers and fold stuff if they are brought to me.

    Solb, today is a day for being easy on yourself. You need a day off from all your super hard work. I will refuse to see you again for at least a year if you don't
  • I'd leave the tree up longer but its getting harder with my Ocd now so I want to quit while I'm ahead. That said MummySOLB thought she might call in today and she hasn't seen it yet so it may have just earned a stay of execution.

    I need to go into town before I run and buy an outfit for a NYE party (cos I don't have any going out clothes - not having gone out in years) I'm nervous I think SOLBtitchiesis is trying to set me up and I feel like a troll still, don't want anyone running away screaming ..... Nevermind its cute Titchysis cares any way cos she has never been massively interested in the family before.
  • I'm absolutely fine by eck it was lovely seeing you. I'm only making such amazing progress cos I push quite hard. Will chill out and do some knitting this evening though image
  • Stay of execution!  You don't have to chop your tree down you know. image

  • I am having broccoli and Stilton soup for lunch. I made a Chinese style pork belly thing but I'm not sure there's enough for everyone. I don't really fancy being sociable at my parents either so we'll put moo down for a nap and i'll stay here
  • Afternoon guys.  I came down with some sort of D&V last night and didn't get any sleep.  I'm feeling a bit better now and keeping water down.  Might try some fruit juice soon.

    by 'eck, I have to make an effort with children.  I came into your house and said hello to the cat, then felt guilty about ignoring Anastasia and made an effort to say hello to her.  Its not socially acceptable to pay more attention to cats than children.

    My grandparents used to ignore us when we were kids.  We were expected to sit there quietly and not say a word.  If I tried to join in adult conversation then I got talked over.  I really try hard not to do that to children, and Anastasia was very polite too, although I suspect that her offering me cake was purely so that she could have some tooimage

  • You've caught me lying here trying to summon the enthusiasm to get moving.  I have an oversized belly of which there's more than enough - so time to get myself out for that run.  Enjoy your quiet afternoon - assuming Moo plays along with that plan.

  • SuperCaz wrote (see)
    Its not socially acceptable to pay more attention to cats than children.


    It is acceptable to cats though!

    I would probably be about the same and feel horribly guilty and useless about it afterward.

    Someone tell me to get changed into running gear and get out.


  • LR, if you don't get into your kit and start running soon, I'll make you do another 5 minutes
  • SC, tibbles loved you and that makes all the difference in our house. The cake was slightly devious way of getting a slice herself, but you did talk to her more than you probably realised
  • Get running LR *cracks whip*

  • OK, I'm doing it.  You don't know how many minutes I was going to do in the first place though.  No more posting from me now, focus on the run.

  • Oh well, I got out to the woods but the run didn't happen.  A few too many people about again and I lost my nerve.  Just got to put it down to a bad weekend.  Thanks for the encouragement though.  I wouldn't have even got out of the door without it.

  • You went out and tried. You get a large mug of tea and a hug (if you want)

    I've just had a natter with a friend on the phone. I'm discovering more things that I actually prefer to avoid if possible, but that I can overcome
  • Hugs always welcome.  I'm going to push on and make the best of the rest of the day.  Hope you're OK with the outcome of your phone call.

  • Yes, the contents of the call was fine. I just sometimes get a bit anxious if I know people want to call me but don't know why
  • Trying is the important thing.  Never give up because then you know that things will never get better and you lose hope.  Most of us would hide in our shells if we never made the effort to do otherwise

  • On these bad days, hiding in my shell just sounds such a good idea.  Got to give myself a break sometimes but I know it's not the answer and not a habit to get into. 

    I guess one thing that's been bothering me was that I have backed out of one part of my plan which was to have a chat with my colleague at work who I have lunch with once a week about the fact that I don't always feel up to it.  I've found this the most difficult one so far but I do need to face up it.

  • The second pearl of wisdon from me is that you don't have to attack everything at the same time, and not necessarily today.  Do it when you feel ready, but don't put it off too long.

  • Thanks Caz.  Sound advice there.

  • Yup, listen to your body, and then make sure you are listening properly
  • Did you get your planned restful afternoon, by eck?  I've been a little more productive by getting my 2013 calendar orgainsed.  Something I could do that didn't involve moving.

  • A little bit restful until Moo woke from his nap. Mr by eck isn't having a brilliant day so it's been a bit stressful trying to juggle the two (plus miss by eck)
  • Solb, you ok babe?
  • Eves peeps!


    Sorry to hear about the d and v SC

  • Hey bear. Didn't mean to snsffle your chocolates
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