Mental illness and running



  • Good morning all

    Many thanks for the dreams SOLBimage

    Work and then a chilled out night at home for new year
  • image

    Morning all. 

    My shower is broken this does not make for a happy solby - though it is raining pretty hard *considered taking her shampoo out for a little stroll in the garden 

  • Oh and tonight is the night of the dreaded party. I have to leave at 4.30 I have loads to do before then and so far I have achieved precisely nothing! 

  • No rivers nearby SOLB?
  • One step at a time and you'll get it sorted
  • Yep had better get moving first I suppose image See you later everyone. I'll probably be on later to wish you a happy new year. I hope you are all feeling reasonably positive whatever you're doing or not doing (and if not that you are safely tucked up in bed with some hot choklit and a good book by 10) 

    Thanks for being such a big part of an incredible year - I can't believe how much has changed. In January I was homelesspacking for a hostel, in March I spent an awful night in the police cells after being arrested trying to jump off a bridge, the Jubilee sparked the scariest dissociative episodes I'd ever had resulting in paramedics and all walking in the middle of roads, losing my licence and stuff and in September/October I had another psychotic episode and yet all of us sudden I'm standing here thinking this has still been the most amazing, happy year ever. I've had more fun in the last two months than I've ever had before, I'm surrounded by friends and love and it's the year I've finally found me!


  • SOLB, I'm so proud of you.  You're a completely different person to the one I met just over a year ago, but still just as kind and generous.

  • I'm out at friends for New Years Eve.  The plan is for dinner then a session on the Wii.  Suits me in my current mood as it means I don't have to make too much effort to keep making conversation when I really don't feel like it.  May even provide a chance to help start shifting the black cloud that's over me at the moment.  One good point is that I did manage  a canalside run after work today.  It was a bit dark but it's the best run on offer for keeping away from people.

    Thanks to all for the support I've had so far on here.  It means a lot to me.  I'm sure I can count on more of the same throughout the year ahead - and I'm relying on you guys to get me to that half marathon.

    SOLB - hope the party's going well for you.  You deserve a special celebratory end to the year. 

  • *** New Year Post ***

    The Dark and The Light

    Day 20

    A Year of Two Halves
  • Bricki, you have a way with words that means we understand where you are without feeling you are pity seeking.

    SC, I hope you are ok.

    Solb, sending positive party vibes yoyr way.

    We are likely to be fast asleep vefore midnight
  • By Eck - thank you for that. Writing is one thing I feel quite good at.

    I hope you all have fantastic New Years, such lovely people and you deserve all the luck in the world.
  • I'm ok, struggling a little with dissociation and not being able to join in drinking games cos of the ocd .... not bad but not having loads of fun either
  • You're better than drinking games anyway Solb! I suffer the same feelings, just try and think of why youre there. To enjoy yourself! You wouldn't enjoy the drinking games so don't worry about them x
  • And you're telling us about it so that is fab
  • I'm home. I tried really hard to have a good time, or at least pretend I was but I hated it. Lucky I already know 2013 is going to be a brilliant year so it doesn't matter how I welcomed it in.

    I didn't totally embarrass myself but I didn't shine either. Glad its over. I will try going 'out' again but with my friends I think - think no one had a brilliant time at the party it all felt a bit flat - I hardly drank (1/2 glass mulled wine and 1/2 cava - not mixed obviously) I usually get drunk on atmosphere and my sense of fun and don't need any alcohol but maybe I should have had more to drink tonight. Oh well its done now and I'd better get to bed. Night all Xxx
  • Happy New Year everybody and I hope it brings you happiness and all you deserve.

    Frankly I'm not feeling good today and would like the world to go away

  • *gives scaz a gentle hug* was a bug then?
  • I've no idea what it is SOLB, but after three days of not being able to keep even liquids inside me I'm getting really fed up.

    I've not had a decent nights sleep since 23rd December, my stomach won't stop cramping and my back is killing me from all the driving and laying in bed.

    I hate being on my own when I'm ill.  I just need hugs and company.  I hate this time of the year anyway and I feel more lonely than ever this year

  • ((((((((((((supercaz))))))))))))

    How are you now Solb?
  • Good morning and welcome to the new year all.

    Oh Scaz I hope you're feeling better soon and I'm sorry last night wasn't great Solb.

    I'm going for a real run this morning. X
  • We are going up on the Surrey downs so I can run part of ndw image
  • Just got back from a good 10 miles lovely and deserted out there and something satisfying about knocking out a good 10 miles before the rest of the house has woken from their drunken slumbers. Just booked a long weekend in Brighton over the marathon weekend I can't take part this year but I'm going to cheer you all on image
  • Hello Tillstar.  I don't think we have met yet? *waves*

  • See I told you there were bears in those woods.


    'Halt, hand over your chocolate' he was saying. image

    Happy New Year to all.  Gentle hugs for Super Caz (((Super Caz)))


  • image where are those?


    Hugs to all who need them

  • This is not actually where I run but it just had to be done.  It's at the entrance to a nature park right next to the Lincoln by-pass road.  Every year somebody always decorates the bears with tinsel.

  • (I did something very naughty)
  • Come on then by 'eck.  Do tell.

  • No, it is actually bad. Alice would tell me off big time.
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