Mental illness and running



  • No joke By Eck - made my first mash potato tonight and it was a triumph
  • Ahhhh, ok. That makes more sense.

    Off to read your latest post
  • Well done to the VRC runners today.  I was definitely right to take a break today.  Last nights run was quite an effort.  We need to get more poms poms in ready to support Bear on Monday.

    SOLB - thanks for sharing that explanation and well done on getting out yesterday.  Hope you can keep getting out each day and keep things on track.

    Booked a day off on Monday to give me a bit more spare time.  I really do need to get to work on my 'challenging negative thoughts' exercise.  Only trouble is I've bought paperwork home for a meeting I've got first thing Tuesday.  I'm going to need a productive and not depressed and inactive weekend. 

  • *Gets his own pom poms out to cheer the others*


    So what do peeps think of this class idea?  Can anyone relate to the over-thinking thing?

  • It's certainly not something I'd ever thought of trying - but all I can say is go for it.  If it's beneficial stick with it, if it turns out it's just not for you then don't.  No harm in trying when you've got a virtual cheerleader squad behind you.

    Over thinking?  I'll have to give some more thought to that one.  Sorry, couldn't resist. image Hopefully someone slightly more sensible can help you there.

  • I can't relate to over thinking.  I sometimes think a lot but that is generally because a problem isn't resolving itself quickly.  Once I have a decision I stop thinking.  I think that is different from the type of over thinking that you do Bear, which tends to be negative and destructive to your confidence.

    I think the class will help with confidence as long as you stick at it.  There is the possibility that you feel so out of your depth at the first one that you don't feel like going back, but if you stick at it then I think it will be really good for you

  • Not me I've just got myself in a hole overthinking stuff other people have said to me. I'm quite guarded when I talk I never speak without thinking but my thought process is quick and I find it helpful to know the end of my sentence and possible consequences/likely replies before I talk. I wouldn't want to lose the filter though I suppose it must be liberating in a way.

    It sounds like the perfect course to remedy the problem you are describing though Bear
  • Just to add a bit more to that, sometimes you start over thinking things when talking to me, thats when I refuse to discuss the issue any more because I can see that it is eroding any self-confidence that you have.  I'm not going to help you get into a negative cycle, but I don't know how to break you out of it either.

    Then you get angry with me for 'not helping'

  • Overthinking is something I used to do so much that I thought it was normal. It came as quite a surprise to me that I was able to stop. CBT and counselling has helped enormously for me, but I'm sure there are other ways of working through it.  

    Another forumite sent me this link when I first had my breakdown and thats what made me start to question my thinking errors. Sorry if I've linked this before, I might have but it doesn't hurt to do it again and its free. 

    Living Life to the Full

    As I said before, I went on from that to Beating the Blues and that has taken me one step further.  Can really recommend it if any lurkers are out there struggling.  

    I remember my Counsellor telling me that my overthinking was crazy making and she wouldn't discuss it either. Its a hard habit to break. 



  • I was more thinking it would help with stuff like SOLB talked about, although I would acknowledge it's not the only king of overthinking I have an issue with image

  • I think I under think, that's why I get in so much trouble image
  • I think re linking is never a bad idea anyway. It may have just become relevant where before it wasn't and the internet is so full of pages of the same re-hashed words or unsupported theories it can be difficult to see the useful stuff. I don't Google mental health related things (unless there's a reason to) but I like seeing other people's recommendations.

    I don't know how I feel about refusing to discuss things. If you've been going round in circles for hours you need to stop it somehow but I'd be scared to do it with someone else cos I remember the damage the woman from the CMHT did when she refused to let me mention the voices cos it was validating them. All it meant was that I was too scared to talk and had to endure the torment alone.

    It's a really difficult line. Sounds like it could potentially get frustrating from both sides. It's must be difficult not to overthink when ruminating is one of your symptoms. Sadly as with most depressed type symptoms its not your fault and it isn't fair but often only you can change it. The hardest bit is working out how!
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  • Beautiful SOLB. image
  • Are you admiring me in my wellies? (I've just realised I'm naked except for the wellies)
  • I amimage Hubba Hubba x
  • SOLB you've lost your shorts!

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  • I've got your shorts SOLB
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  • Does anyone have any helpful hints on uploading an image - you know the ones that appear each time on the left.  Nearly everything I can find exceeds the memory limit - and when I did find one I ended up with the microscopic reindeer that I've still got now.

  • I adore Curly Wurlys SOLB!! You're my ideal lady haha
  • image cept we'd squabble over them!

    LR I reduce image size by percent, usually about 60 but am not massively good at it. It's frustrating that pictures are so hard to upload here though I can understand why they can't have loads of big images slowly everything up.
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