Mental illness and running



  • SOLB, why was I requiring relief? Also, busy much? Sounds like you've got lots done, though I hope you don't push yourself too hard. And enjoy yourself!

    'Hi Mick, how's it going?

    It's saturday night, time to get my drink-on!

  • yo Ben

     i'm alright you know

    got to drag my sorry arse around 26 miles tomorrow 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Nice surprise seeing you last week Mick, didn't recognise you with your clothes on.
  • London doesn't like solbs and solbs don't like London. The gathering went really well, everyone had a good time except me - and I organised it. Felt really responsible, I now have a really awful sense of deep shame that logic won't shift image

    That said did really well with having someone stay overnight. OCD didn't turn me into a screaming banshee everytime she touched anything image
  • We Have just run shakespeare HM -( our 238 th HM together )  in gale force wind and terrential rain - a bit like the good old days id say

    The FM was cancelled as we stood on the start line, as part of the course was under water some what, and there was concerns for hypothermia, as there were a lot of new and in expereinced marathoners  there who they felt were not prepared

    we ran a sad 2:38, also had Phillip's full poncho on him which didnt help

    but all in all a good run  

    Mr Puffy LOL
  • Well done on the HM mick, pity about the filthy weather and flooding!

    That's good news about your weekend SOLB, any ideas why your OCD beast didn't unleash itself? Why are you feeling ashamed? You organised something and it went well, isn't that cause for a little bit of pride? It's a pity you couldn't enjoy your own event, but I get that. It's hard to relax and enjoy something when you're worrying everyone else is having a good time time.

    As for London...I grew up near London and have no desire to go back, I can't stand the mentality of some people in that area of the country.

  • Fantastic run! Well done soggy boys image

    Any news from by 'eck?

    Oh the OCD was there but it wasn't as bad as I feared.

    I didn't meet any mean Londoners it is just so crowded. Hated being crammed into the tube breathing other peoples air and feeling so lost.

    Am planning on going back v soon, not gonna let myself believe I can't do it. I don't like it is fine but it won't beat me!

    Thanks for the support re: shame. I don't know why I feel it, SOLBsis and I call it 'the shame response' its like a really heavy blanket of unjustified shame which can't be thrown off by logic. You just have to endure it til you can't feel it anymore. Is still positive, so glad the other crazies had fun!


  • Enjoying your kick-ass attitude regarding London SOLB, I'm sure you're crush it with your mind-vice!

    The shame response? Shaming you into not having a good time or always putting others' needs before your own? I can remember that as a kid and having 3 siblings we had to share everything and when we didn't, we got shamed. Sometimes you can sit with shame too long, til it becomes more about the shame than the reason you got shamed in the first place.

  • Been to visit my eldest Son today (encouraged to go by MrsBD)

    He is sharing a house with his young lady and a old university friend that he is falling out with at the moment.

    His friend has given a large amount of cash over the last year (not all of it really his) to a bloke with a hard luck story, which was bad enough, but he has given him their address too, and the bloke has been turning up causing a fuss.

    My lads young lady has mental health problems, (she seldom leaves the house and did not leave her room while we were there [ring any bells?] ) so aggressive visitors shouting and banging are not a good thing.

    MrsBD provided a (real) cuddle which is why we went, and I helped with fitting a new fluorescent tube, so I did not feel totally useless.

    I am back to work tomorrow after a week off, and not looking forward to it. hey ho.

    Stay cool!

  • That sounds like a tough situation to deal with BD, both for your wife and you. And your son, of course. Does he have to stick out the housing contract?

    Just so you know, the legal definition of harrassment is more than two or more occasions of unwanted contact (which is scarily little in some ways!). One of my friends was stalked and the police took it very seriously and were very helpful.

    I'm back at work tomorrow after 4 weeks study leave, not looking forward to it either!

  • *kicks ass*

    Mmm I can see how consistent emotional blackmail over sharing would be tricky. It’s so weird how many rules and survival strategies learned in childhood cast their shadows over adult behaviour. You’d think you could rationalise it all away.
    I don’t know what the shame response is about, it’s always following social things. I think it’s linked to talking to people and feeling like I’ve lost control or said something bad even though I know I haven’t. No idea really. SOLBsis has it too and it’s just as irrational, we can get it even If we’ve just bumped into someone in the supermarket or gone for a coffee with people we’ve known for years. Strange twins!

    Big D it sounds like you and Mrs D have done something really important today. The practical help and emotional support must have been really lovely in their own right and a powerful reminder that she matters and that people care how things are. Sometimes just reassuring someone that it’s OK for them to be scared or that people care can be worth so much. I’m really glad you went, hope that the bloke disappears back under his rock soon.
    Oh poor back to work friends, I miss feeling like a contributing member of society, I miss routine and having colleagues but I do not miss Monday mornings! Will spare you a thought while I’m sipping my second cup of tea!

    I’m really tired, why aren’t I in bed?
  • Contributing to society? You mean working for The Man!
  • That'd be the one. Surely I should either be working for The Man or fighting against The Man.
  • Hello!!!
    I finished. In one piece too, tho parts of my feet will start dropping off soon. As Phil said about his race, the weather was horrendous. Ours had bits rerouted,places where we had to go off tarmac onto the verges, banks, anything because the water was so deep. It was really energy sapping but I was determined to finish cos I had people sponsoring me. I called my husband at mile 15 and told him I couldn't run it but I would either pull out or walk-run.he told me he would stay as long as I needed. There were some fabulous people I spent time running/walking with and a lady I did the final 2.2 miles with. We crossed the line together, she hugged me and I cried. I can honestly say my feet are a mess. I did everything right, but the amount of water made blisters etc inevitable. Would I do it again,yes. Tomorrow? No!
  • Woo Hoo by 'eck I am sooooo thrilled for you. Absolutely fantastic achievement.

    *hands by 'eck a mug of tea and some more toast*

    image image image image image so glad you finished darling, can't doubt you have mental strength and determination now you've pushed through the flood. Just finishing a marathon in normal weather conditions is an enormous achievement, what you did yesterday was really special image

    Is anyone putting in for the VLM ballot or GFA?
  • That's seriously impressive By Eck, I can only imagine how tough it must have been.

    I'm probably going to do Liverpool marathon again this year.

  • Certainly not gfa. Well, maybe if I were 50 years older. Mummy by 'eck sorted out my feet this morning and was surprised how good they were.
    Have you worked out why your guest touching things didn't stress you out? It would help you and your therapist work out ways for you to control your ocd
  • I suffered with depression badly after my daughter was born. I have weight issues and low self esteem and had to be medicated to cope with every day stuff. I always trained but nothing seemed to work. When j started running I felt free and stopped my medication completly and feel I made a whole recovery from it. Only downside is j now have an injury to my glute so I can't run and I feel weight going on slowly and I can't run and feeling down again but I do feeling running saved my life a bit
  • Rebecca I like the line "saved my life a bit" image

    VLM? SOLB I have just checked and it is two years now since I last did a mara. I may have to hang my head in shame.

    I have had no news update from No.1 son, so I am hoping that no news really is good news, thanks for all your good vibes folks.

  • Hello again! I've been lurking, not knowing what to say. I see my psych again on.Friday. I think I will get told off cos I haven't seen him for 6 months image he reminds me of john sergeant.
    Rebecca, how old is your little one? I ended up in a mother & baby unit when my son was 11 months old. I started going out walking, then walk-jogging, then running as a way of clearing my head of some of the negative thought processes that the depression was causing.
  • Hi hilly. My daughter is 3 now. I always had weight problems but when I was pregnant I couldn't handle my changin body. Nor could my partner at the time. I went from an 8 to a 12 and he would make little digs etc. after I caught him cheating (twice) before our daughter was even 6 months old I kicked him out and went it alone and that's when I got really bad. Then I started running. I was doing 10ks 3-4 times a week along with 2-3 weight sessions for an hour also in the week. Before you knew it a year had gone by and I hadn't taken a single anti depressant and liked who I saw in the mirror. Running gives confidence and de stresses you. I feel I can think better and clearer when running.
    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope you are better now. I can only imagine what you were going through.
  • 'Sup peeps, what are people's plans for the weekend?

  • A skittles evening tonight.image

  • Woo-hoo! My psych is really pleAsed with me and I just might be nearly better
  • Good news 'eck.

    Does the psych dance like John Sergeant?

  • Hello, I am back. I ran for the first time since my marathon 2 weeks ago.
  • How was the run By Eck? It took me longer than I thought to recover after my marathon.

    Got a 10k race this morning, whoop whoop! image

  • Run was simply putting on trainers and going. I haven'tbeen out since because I've been a bit tired. I was surprised how tired I've been after the marathon. I've learnt a lot for the next time tho.

    How did your race go?
  • Aww Congrats runners image

    Sorry I've been neglecting you. Have been stuck in a nasty bout of self loathing. Could manage a silly one liner but anything deeper took me a bit too close to my detestable self.

    Have decided I need to stop being a slob solb. I wouldn't feel so repellent if I didn't look so grotesque on the outside. Have finally got my hair cut (first time for 2 years!) and am considering buying some make up (all of mine was shoplifted when I was 13 and is never used!

    I have sort of good news following the spirometry. I have asthma, not just exercise induced but ordinary asthma. Have got steroid and reliever inhalers and am waiting for my breathing to improve. The asthma diagnosis is rubbish but at least we finally have a treatment plan and I can stop feeling like a whingey hypochondriac at the docs! Should see an improvement this week with the full effects taking up to 6 to come in. Struggling a little with inhalers and peak flow fear of contamination and an unhelpful realisation that the peak flow and stuff is a bit phallic - in my weirdy head anyway.

    I'm still exhausted all the time. Slept til 4 :O wondering whether its poor sleep generally or bloods will show a deficiency or something.

    Big D loved the link to the killed it thread, made me laugh.

    Ben-o how is life post thesis?

    How's the little 'un getting on by 'eck and WOW to nearly better that's phenomenal! image

    I've been lurking and thinking of you all just didn't know what to say.
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