Mental illness and running



  • Share? Well that's a radical idea!

    I was gonna say no thanks I'm on a diet but I do have 820 calories to use up still (to hit minimum) *sends in pacman solb - disguised as a weeny reindeer*
  • Wacka wacka wacka
  • 820 - that's the whole bar gone and you're still short.  Just looked to see how many calories there are in a bar and wished I hadn't.image

  • Ooops to information you didn't want! I know the content of most things by heart. It wouldn't matter but the minimum is just over the actual min for grown ups 1250 so I have to try harder. Bad bad solby, I'm off to find food (have lots I went to the supermarket today)

    Be good all Xxx
  • Hello everyone. I am new to the thread and I would like to join and learn. I have to be honest I do not have any Mental Health Issues. But I am into human performance, I will not go into much detail as yet as I do not want to bore anyone as yet. 

    So why my interest, I have always been interested in health and human performance. After just turning 50 in a very well paid job, I have decided to change career profile, as a Mental health Nurse, but I am hoping down line I do a Phd in Mental Health with sports performance that if I do well at University. 

    I start my course on the 18 March 2013, I have passed everything to be given a place. I just started running I have moved just recently from the City of Bath to Manchester. I am a Northerner by Birth anyway image Just lived here for 29 years, it is good to be back home.

    I have read a few threads now just to get the feel and I have read the artical. At the end of the day this thread can get emotional and I will be mindful of that too, Please give me a knick if I am out of order with any of my comments (which hopefully I never will be). 

    But sensitivity which may not effect me could do others. So before I do any debating I just want to make sure i am welcomed and happy 2013 to you all. 



  • Hi TR.  I'm sure your contributions will be useful and welcome.  I was interested in the thread both for help with my depression but also as regards running.  I always find things in running magazines like training plans very frustrating to read as my own issues are very different.  I have very little prospect of maintaining a training plan.  I just have to do what I can when I can so I welcome as much encouragement, support and helpful hints as possible.

    Whilst I say you're welcome - in view of your timing I do need to just check - you're not just after my Green and Blacks, are you? image


  • Hello Lincoln runner I like that area actually. I know Newark very well and that place will always have a place in my heart. For many good reasons. 

    Chocolate image Who doesnt like chocolate. The trouble is when I have one I cant stop, so I do not have any. 

    I do have Physical and Coaching qualifications, all I would say is first and foremost sports and training are there to make you healthy. Anything else is a bonous thank you for the welcome 


    Kind Regards 

    John image

  • It's ok I've already eaten all of your choklit so that can't be it!

    I don't have any more say than the others but as far as I'm concerned everyone is welcome!

    Traveling Runner, don't be too concerned just chat normally no one is especially oversensitive and we know you mean well - any problems and we can just tell each other, its easier that way image

    I really am going off to eat now. Fingers crossed for 2 miles tomorrow with the VRC image
  • Ok thank you SOLB image I am off to bed now as I have my first Park Run in the Mighty Bolton. I just want to log a 5K time. Hoping for 23 Mins which rewards me a Bronze 22mins Rewards me a Silver and 21 mins will award me a Gold, I wont be eyeballs out because I do not know the route its my first one and it an hard course. But it the experience so I expect a bronze award or nothing image

    I let the gang know tomorrow have a great weekend and enjoy your training what ever you are doing. Night 

  • Good luck for tomorrow then, TR.  I shall be off to an orienteering event near Louth.

    2nd confession of the night - the special offer was for two bars of Green and Blacks so I have another. image

    Hope you are getting real calories, SOLB.  You can't live on virtual calories alone.

  • Yep I stuffed real calories in, its all good now .... well except lying awake til 6 a little screwed up ball of tension awaiting the sleep fairy
  • Hi to this thead...spotted Lincoln and Newark and as I'm in the area just thought I'd say hello!

    Am battling with the calorie demons at the mo...thinner person still sees chubby one in mirror...sigh...will it ever change...

    Anyhoots, off for a 4 mile plod....always cheers me up, no matter how much it hurts  image 

  • (((((SOLB))))) - gentle non-wakening hug in the hope that you're sleeping by now.

  • Hi Sharon.  Good luck with the run.  Good effort there.  I never feel up to getting out running this early in the day - but it suits some people.  You're welcome to join in with our Virtual Running Club - encouraging each other to get out running at certain times and helping overcome our problems.

  • Welcome to all the new peeps.  Nice to see some new faces around these parts.

    Just in case the newbies haven't picked up on it, several of us know each other in real life although I think we all met on the forums first.  I don't think that makes us too cliquey but if we are then please say so.  We all want to be welcoming and supportive of new blood and all opinions are equally valid.

  • Hello,

    I'll be honest and say I'm not always brilliant with new people until I get to know what you are like. I might forget to say hi or comment on your posts. Doesnt mean I am ignoring you.

    Solb, do I need to send calories or should I send you a recipe to try? Jacket potatoes with cheese and mayo are a good start.
  • Welcome Sharon and TR. Please be yourself TR. One of my bug-bears of depression is that people think they have to tread on eggshells round me, which is one reason why I don't tell a lot of people. I want to live in the real world and that means coping with conflict sometimes. I just ask people to give me space if I go quiet to work something through.  

    I only know SuperCaz in real life but I feel so at home on this thread. I'm fairly well at the moment but this certainly helps to keep me that way. Advice on running would be good too - do you want to be our Virtual Running Club coach TR? image

  • Good Morning everyboyd. As you know I have written very few thread yet. But I would love to learn and understand. Maybe when I am on my Mental Health Nurse course you could even help me with my studies on your honest thoughts. 

    I am new to running, I am from a Judo and Wrestling background, so I do have an understanding of a lot of sports, which involves managing injuries and nurtition. Running I can do but never raced. 

    So I am building my running miles up now. I was never big, around 71kg but since have started running I am around 68Kg. One thing I have learned so far with running it easy not to eat. It is also a bad habbit to get into training and not eating do not go hand in hand.

    So as the saying goes if you train you must east and drink healhty image 

    I am not from the East Midlands area, but I do kow Newark and Balderton very well. I used to visit often as I knew someone who will always be special to me. 

    My biggest strength is I am none Judgemental and I am compassionate.

    My biggest weakness is I feel I also think to much and think of several different ways for an answer. I am a deep deep deep thinkerimage

    I am certainly for be very honest and I can say how it is (being a Lancashire fella by birth)

    I have lived in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Avon, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, North and South Wales, over the last 29 years so if you need to know what some places are like, I can give my views if you want them. 

    Lastly I think it is great you have made the effort to meet up and carry on chatting on here too. This shows testiment in what you are all about really. Well Done!


  • I can see where you got your name from TR!

    Solb - forgot to say, love the new pic. 

    I'm sat here still in my jim jams and dressing gown so I suppose I'd better get dressed and do something, much as I would love to sit here all day. First warning sign I think. Any Green and Blacks left?


  • Erm, we've met on a couple of occasions too, SD - mudchute and outlaw? image
  • Oh yes, sorry Frodo. image Oops! 

    Well I've found something to wear, but not got dressed yet and I've loads to do. Think I'll have to identify the magic 3 things to acheive and make sure I do them. First thing, pay my credit card bill. Second thing unpack from the holiday, third thing clean out the chickens. That will do. I'll report back later to say I've done them all.


  • TR, we set ourselves the target of 3 things each day so we know we have achieved something. On a bad day, the 3 things could be get dressed, make a cup of tea/coffee, walk to the end of the street and back. It also helps to break down more complex things like 'tidy the house'
  • Two out of the three things done. Just having a tea break before cleaning the chickens. 

    If you like the black dog drawings there are more here.........the first one is true for me today.


  • Thank you for that soupy.

    I have met SC and Solb. Now I have done that I would like to meet more, but I know I don't live near to many
  • I just had a quick look at the Blag Dog thanks for sharing that with me amongst other things.  If you want me to behonest I not sure what the issues are and how long have you had the issues from Birth, history or any other reason. 

    Does excercise really help you. Is medication used. 

    I knew someone is has severe depressions and I got her to join a running club. It took me 3 years to get her to join. She loves it and her life has really improved. It wont be long before she is 60 when she is that age she is capable of being in the England running squard that how good she could be. 

    She loved Glastonbury a lot of people visit there who struggle. I think the place gives people a sense of peace. Again she loved it. 


  • I'm lurking a little bit today, just wanted to say hi and welcome to the new faces

    I haven't met everyone in real life, I count you all as friends though image

    Run has been converted to a plan to cycle. Have tried and failed to go outside three times but I will do it.

    That's my three; meds, breakfast and outside
  • Oh happy to answer your questions but I'm on my phone and it takes ages to type. Once I've forced myself to go out I can come back and sit at the computer guilt free to answer
  • I will make tea for your return Solb
  • Can't do it image
  • It's ok Solb. How far did you get?
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