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  • (Solb) and pours tea and cuts cakes
  • 'lo peeps!

  • Hi bear. How be?
  • I'm good ta image


    What happened SOLB?

  • Long time lurker popping in to say thanks to Soup Dragon for the link on the black dog. I have a long history of on and off depression and now think my OH has the black dog as part of his grieving process ( his Mum died last year). I am trying to be patient and understanding but finding it hard at times.

    Today I have done things for myself but not the housework and feeling guilty but cba to get on with the chores, they seem so repetitive and mundane each week.

    Oh and forgetting my manners, hello to everyone, hugs to any that need.

  • Hi cj.

    It is hard when your OH has depression. Does he talk about it?
  • Hi Steady. Sorry to hear you and your husband are suffering. Have you mentioned anything to him about his health? He might not realise it, my black dog lurked in the shadows for a long time growing bigger while I fed him all sorts of negative thoughts.  Its not an easy thing to broach though and don't forget to take of yourself too. Sod the housework for a day. 

    Solb - where are you and what happened?  Is there any help we can give you?

    I did my three things then rewarded myself with an afternoon snooze. I've been fighting the temptation to go back to bed all day. Bought a lovely new duvet in the January sales too, its so cosy and kept calling me.  Feel better now and might actually go out to the supermarket. Nothing in for dinner tonight. 

  • Nope, he unloads his stress from work and the worry of his dad but has lost interest in most things and finds little tasks as big things. he is stressed at work as well,  he is on his feet from 8 until 5.30 with a 20 min lunch break and works every other Saturday, so only 2 full weekends off a month.
    He says he is tired, feet ache, so sits down and lets me get on with cooking the meals etc. He phones his Dad(age 91) up most nights and ends up talking for ages, then needs to unwind after. I know he found Xmas difficult as the first year without her, he was quite close and she was a brilliant mum in law. He was ill over Xmas which is normal for when he stops, his body seems to relax and force him to rest, he is usually a non stop doing person.
    Sorry must stop wittering on.
    Oh and I have done 1 job, I stripped the bed and put the washing machine on.

  • TR, I'm with you on forgetting to eat when exercising.  I did 30 min at the gym this morning and then 15 minutes in the river.  Around 3:30 I realised I hadn't eaten since breakfast at 8am, so I headed home to get a very late lunch.

  • CJ, that sounds so familiar.  I suffered from similar symptoms when I was diagnosed with stress a long time ago.  I was lucky that I avoided depression on that occasion though.

  • Thanks SuperCaz, I am not sure he has the full blown thing or not, but he is not himself. I have been feeling down in recent months and only tend to notice when picking back up.
    I forget to eat when exercising, worst is when cycling. I now set my watch to bleep after 30 mins to remind me to drink,  otherwise I just carry on until I get cramp  or have a really good place to stop then I can get a drink without wobbling or falling off.
    I find chocolate is my comfort food, but if it doesnot work I just eat more and more of it to try to feel better. At least I like the dark stuff not milk chocolate. Today I have eaten 2 lots already.

  • SOLB - worried about you.  Hope you're OK.

    TR - if you want my answers to your questions feel free to send a personal message.  Probably easier than taking up a lot of space here with so much going on today.

    Welcome CJ - must be difficult when both you and OH have issues to deal with.  Please stay around as there's always plenty of support on here.  Chocolate does get mentioned frequently - so I'm not sure whether or not that will help you.  Talking of which - SD - there is another bar of Green and Blacks still left.  I tend not to go for it until late in the day when there's less people still around to have to share with. image

  • Oh, and CJ - anyone who provides on-line hugs is definitely welcome and can be sure they'll be offered in return.

  • Thanks LR, I will need to keep the chocolate virtual, plus Green and Blacks is the only brand I don't like.
    task 2 is half done, hoovering needs to be done downstairs. No 3 will be to get the washing out of the machine and get it dried.

  • Yay, my Green and Blacks is safe with CJ around. image

  • *steals G&B when LR's back is turned*

    SOLB is ok.  I've been talking to her.  But I'm sure she would like a bit of chocolate and some hugsimage

  • Dirty rotten trick, SuperCaz!  As you've nicked it you'd better offer some to SOLB!  You see what we have to contend with, CJ.

    Mega hugs to SOLB   ((((((((SOLB)))))))

  • Can you send Solb a hug

    Little moo is being a rotten with his eating this week. I have battled and tempted with all kinds of delicious things to no avail.
  • Sorry to hear it's been a struggle with Moo this week, by eck.

    I had a reasonable day overall at the orienteering today.  The event itself was probably the worst of it in a really grotty area that was just a struggle to get round.  When that happens I find I just want to go somewhere I can have a proper run as I was only able to run about 20% of it.  I was OK with people though - and even spotted one of our running club who was there and went and introduced myself.  I recognised her from her 'South Park' caraciture that she uses on Facebook - i.e. same as SuperCaz's on here.  Was getting to my limit later on though and could have done without a stop at a pub on the way back - but was dependant on someone else driving.

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  • Anyone joining me for a VRC run tomorrow?

  • Count me in image

  • Good stuff.

  • Morning. I've got a 6 mile run on the agenda this afternoon followed by a swim..

    Hope little Moo eats for you today by eck. What a worry, and so out of your control too. 

    Hugs to Solb. 

    Will read you blog in a bit Bricki. 

    Happy Sunday everyone.


  • My caricature was done for me by one off my swimming friends.  Its often how I look after a swim, and I'm wearing my Diabetes UK hoodie that I got for doing the 6 person Channel Relay.  My aim is to get down the pool this afternoon, even though it will be full of children

  • Having a bit of a yukky start to the day but gradually getting moving.  I think it's my turn to be like the first of the black dogs pictures you referred to yesterday, SD.

    I am committed to getting out there though.  Will try to get some jobs done first before getting out for a run before it gets dark.

  • You can do it LR. Super Human strength and effort being sent your way. 

  • Good luck with the swim Caz.  When I was swimming regularly I would only do the adult only sessions - it meant swimming after 9.00 pm though.  Perhaps we should call it the Virtual Running and Swimming Club so your swimming counts towards the overall effort.

    Thanks SD, I'm going for it now - breakfast, that is.

  • Black dog is lying on me today
  • ((((by eck)))

    He can certainly be one big heavy dog.

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