Mental illness and running



  • Bricki I hope you don't mind, I've not read your blog today - you write so powerfully I thought it might be a bit too much. My thoughts are with you though 

    I'm off to bed now (still no better with the midnight rule obviously) 

    Night night xxxx 

  • Morning.

    Stay positive SOLB - its just a blip that I'm sure you will work through. Hope you manage to run your 2 miles.

    My first day back at work today and going in to my new job. I'm relieved not to be going back to a toxic environment but I'm a bit nervous.  Got a swimming lesson this evening that I'm looking forward to though. 

    Hugs all round.


  • Nervous is pretty natural, I loved the relief and happiness beaming from your post the other day when you told us how lovely the girls you'll be working with are. Will be sending you positive vibes, good luck x
  • Hugs to soupy. You will rock!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hi folks. Never posted here before but frequently lurk with great interest, many of your stories I can really relate to. Just wanted to share with you a document, if it works, that I have found extremely helpful. I was given it at a rehab hospital where I was fortunate to stay before Christmas. Really hits a lot of nails on the head for me, and is a very informative way, I think, of explaining the crippling illness that is depression to friends, families and colleagues. Hope the link works!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    That's better!
  • SOLB - good to hear from you.  Really hope you work through your blip and, of course, we'll be encouraging and supporting you all the way.  I'm hoping to head out to the nature park about midday.  Another slow start to the day though.  Glad I took the day off as getting to work would have been a major struggle.

    SD - too late to wish you good luck in the new job in advance but hope it all goes well for you.

    Don't forget everyone, we're due on cheerleading duties for Bear tonight at his improvisation course.

  • Thanks for the article, Mr F.  Looks really useful.

  • I have runned image


    Completely out of puff in spite of 10min/mile image

  • Glad you've runned, I'd be happy with 10 mm

    I really must get my computer fixed so I can see links, would someone mind summarising for me? Hi Mr f image thank you for sharing.

    We have a solution, Sally spoke to the Psychiatrist all I need to do is go onto slow release Quetiapine instead of the normal ones.

    My eating better has probably affected the rate of absorption that's all. I might feel a bit groggy in the day for a couple of days or I might be fine. It's exactly the same medication just a change in the coating to release slower. Even better if that's all it is the improvement will be pretty much instantaneous image
  • I'm guessing but you may also find that you don't get so much of a zonked out feeling for a few hours when the meds first take effect as it'll be spread out more image


    I'm only fed up with 10mm as I used to run sub 7

  • Oh might be the other way around from slow to normal - whatever image 

  • Hope so, then I wouldnt have to take the morning dose at 5 anymore image
    you'll get there Bear, get some time on your paws and the rest will come 

  • *looks at paws quizzically* image

  • I resorted to self-bribery to get me running today.  If I ran I could have lunch in the cafe afterwards, but not if I didn't.  Was out for 36 minutes.  Started and finished reasonably well but stopped and walked a while around half way.  Worth it though - tasty cauliflower bake for lunch. image

    Well done on getting out there Bear even if the pace was not would you'd like.  As with everything, we can only take it all one stage at a time. 

    SOLB -good to hear of your solution.  Let's hope that gets things back on track.

  • *wonders how bear is getting on improvising*

    (Time on your paws instead of time on your feet bear)

    I can't believe its something so simple image
  • Love the bribery, well done

    I whimped out on the run, too tired. Really hope I get back into a running routine soon - its important to me and it keeps me well its just hard initially.

    Asthma review tomorrow
  • In running gear, just lacing up my shoes. I think they have dried out after our trip in the Avon

    Bear, I was going to prepare a cheer but thought I would just see what happened
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    Satisfaction is the Death of Desire
  • Go by 'eck and Bear - in different ways!

    SOLB - let's hope you can get out running again soon.  I'm sure you need your change of medication to work as planned to make it possible - so all being well - where's the emoticon for fingers crossed?

    You asked someone to summarise Bricki's blog. I think the best I can say is Bricki needs a hug from you SOLB - big time.

    I've felt a little bit mentally sharper today than of late.  An example of this, and of how bad I've been - is that I've just worked out what SOLB stands for.  Dur.  LR of even littler brain here!

  • Evening.

    I wondered what SOLB stood for because I wouldn't dare to think that it was what I thought. Does that mean something special to you SOLB, or do we have to help you find a more positive name with your recovery going so well?

    My day has gone really well. imageimage Everyone was very helpful and friendly at work, we had a tea break together and there's another runner there, although she has lapsed recently. Then I had a great swim lesson when finally everything started to fit into place I did a really relaxed easy stroke. Feeling good now. image


    Pom poms for by 'eck. (need a pom pom symbol)

    Drums fingers waiting to hear how Bear is improvising. (need finger drumming symbol)

    Big hugs all round to those in need. I've got a bit of positive energy to share too for those who want some. 


  • I'll take that energy Soupy.  I'm feeling positive, but completely drained.  Yesterdays long swim has caught up with me.  And this evening was 30 min in the gym then a 3k swim.

    But I found some GF hot cross buns in the supermarket!  And they were nice image  I can't remember the last time I had hot cross buns it has been so many years and I do love them image

  • (m and s do nice GF food SC)

    Huge hugs bricki. I haven't read your blog yet but I'll pop off in a minute to do that.

    am back from a run. It felt good. image we are looking at applying for DLA for moo again. image
  • Mr F - I've just read that article. Its very good and I wish I could have read it a few months ago, especially about resting at the beginning and how to start increasing activity. I wouldnt give in to it at first and fought it - wrong thing to do! 

    Hot cross buns - yummy. 

  • More hugs for bricki and everyone else.
  • Bricki I should have access to a computer tomorrow - I'll have a read through in the hopes that I can add a +1 to the understanding the others have given even if I can't help. I'm so so sorry things are tough, you've had so much to get your head around lately. (((Bricki)))

    I hadn't thought of that LR but you might be right, maybe when my meds are all happily working as they should running will be a bit easier image 

     Ha ha ha by eck, were they dry? image 

    I'm impressed you figured that out LR I wouldn't have done - can't really be an LR of even Littler Brain! 

    It does stand for She of Little Brain but I'm a pretty happy little Solb now, I could remove the uppercase so it no longer stands for anything and just is if you like or we could find a new acronym.

    Oh Soupy, your day just made me grin. I am so so happy to hear everything has gone so well. It sounds like everything fell into place all day not just in the pool. I love that it's so much more positive image 

    We do need a pom pom symbol image *looks at RW Towers* 

    Glad training is going well SCaz, though perhaps rest is an idea now!!

    I like hot cross buns, they remind me of someone.  


  • Let's hope some of the spare good vibes can rub off on Brick and help turns things in the right direction again.  Great news about the work colleagues, SD, really pleased for you.

    Better day than yesterday for me.  Slow starting but managed to get a few more chores after my run and lunch.  It's not something I normally do but I did get them listed last night and maybe that helped me work through them in order rather than not knowing which way to turn and then not turning at all.  Will have to stick with that.  I do still tire easily though and had an early evening nap.  The Mr F article was thought provoking in that way.  If I felt it wouldn't be harmful to discuss my problems at work, I think the best thing for me right now would be to reduce my hours slightly for a while.  I certainly feel better when I can get things done at home but I just need so much more time in which to do them.

  • I always mess that up too Soupy. I burn myself out way too often trying to fight through everything

  • I hadn't thought of that, always get cross at myself and shout at me in my head for taking longer to do stuff - suppose allowing extra time does make more sense!! image

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