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  • I love spotty dogs.Hope he's okay. I did wonder what a spotty hug was lol. I thought perhaps the little uns had measles or something. image

    The only thing wrong with green and blacks is that it insists on linking every time its typed. image

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    There's only 1 way to beat them, get round the back
  • ('s owned by.cadburys, that may explain it)
  • Ooh, the Madagascan vanilla sounds interested. 

    I assume the question was about the tinnitus.  I consider myself lucky as I obviously don't have it as bad as some people.  The main thing is it doesn't seem to stop me sleeping - but I think it may be part of the problem of me feeling so rubbish in the mornings.  It's worse at some times than others though so can be really difficult to cope with.

    Oh, and special hugs should also be extended your way for your dietician woes.  (((((by 'eck)))))

  • I wouldn't mind if the Green and  Blacks link took me too a real bar.  As it doesn't I'm putting an extra space in to foil their plan.

    Yah - for positive vibes from Bricki's blog.  I think it's safe for you to read it again Caz. image

    SD - you must have been getting very confused thinking SOLB seemed to so pleased the minis had measles on a regular basis!

  • Ha ha be a bit mean of me image 
    This is Spotty and I taken a couple of weeks ago - there are some really sweet ones of us from yesterday but they are on MummySolbs camera

    hurray for happier vibes
    Double hurray for singing happy songs on the way to work at last.  




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     DaddySOLB and the boy image 

  • Arrrr!  Spotty hugs are definitely as good as you said they were.

    You've just caught me up late again - not quite for the usual reasons but because I'm actually feeling quite good right now.  Haven't had much of that lately so wanted to make the most of it - but hopefully it's a good sign of more to come.

    Been thinking more about Mr F's article and it certainly provides a basis for a more positive way of thinking when I really don't feel up to something.  At the moment I push myself because if I feel if I don't do something I'm losing and my depression is winning.  The fact is that I'm not well and I do need more rest and recovery time so I just have to look at those situations like that.

  • Spotty hugs are actually nicer than the pictures show cos he snuggles right in image he's boisterous and mischievous and full of energy then sleepy and cuddly and generally soppy. He's just fabulous, I hate the though of him going in for an op but it's been worse knowing the poor boy is hurting. 

    Hopelly LR you'll wake up feeling happy tomorrow too, you deserve a sunshine day or three image 

    I'm burning myself out I think, trying to fight a bit too hard but I'm scared to ease off the pressure. 

    It's difficult isn't it, cos when you truly are too ill then you just need more rest and recovery and not doing that makes things worse. Equally though there's a period where you feel really low and tired and it's cos you aren't doing enough - and even though it's the last thing you want to do pushing yourself in just about every exhausting direction is the only thing that helps. I don't understand how you are supposed to tell the difference. 

    I wish I knew cos I know after the event that I really couldnt have done any more and should have backed off and rested instead of piling guilt and stuff on top of the illness when I was already too poorly. I just don't know which is which. I wonder if I ever will. 

    I'm starting new start number gazillion and eleven tomorrow with regards to exercise. I'm going to try another run. I'm planning on giving my months notice at the gym cos my asthma means I'm not getting good value for money at the moment - usually I get into a routine and go every day and it's not a problem but I haven't been for over a month. That said I'm using it as a positive. I'm cancelling the membership but going to use it during the months notice to build up a base level of fitness. Then I'm going to use the money I've saved on membership to go to the zumba class in the village to meet local people and to join a running club. Sounds like a plan to me image 

    Be careful staying up LR, being tired can drag your mood down and make you more sensitive to stresses I'd hate for you to jepardise your lovely good mood 

  • Good plan there SOLB.  Go for it.  The only way gyms make money is out of those who have membership but never go.  I'm hoping to be out with the running club again tomorrow night.

    Anyway, consider my told my Auntie SOLB.  I'm off to bed. image

    Nite nite xx

  • Good lad LR, night night x

  • Should have heeded my own advice. I'd better get to bed :/
  • PS mummysolb says she is bringing spotty to support at Giants Head if I run image
  • Morning. If spotty is going to Giants Head I'm going to make sure Mr SD enters so I can go and support. image  I think I'm just about to enter the York marathon in October. Not done a marathon for 2 years and said never again but its luring me in. 

    Solb you are so right about knowing when to rest and when to push. Its a hard balance to get, but I suppose if we do 3 things when we are struggling we are safe to rest in between. 

  • SOLB - I think you were being like me there.  I often give advice which is the thing I need to do most myself, but don't.  Spotty hugs at the end of Giants Head - that's the best incentive you could have to get round.

    SD - yes, I just heard about the York marathon on BBC Breakfast.  A bit beyond me at the moment, but should be really good.

  • Solb, will I get spotty hugs if I run giants head?

    I need help and advice people. Moo has been given a new milk and to say it requires some adjusting is an understatement. He's not liking it at all. He'll take one mouthful then refuse anymore.
  • Afternoon all!


    I woke up "bright and early" - well early for me at about 8am and felt ready to get up which makes a change image.  Having a busy day and getting loads done already image

  • Today is being challenging. TBH, I could do with a proper hug. Not one with conditions or a quick "I'd better hug you cos I'm not sure what else to do", but a hug that speaks volumes without words being exchanged
  • *delurks*

    ((((((((((((by eck)))))))))))


  • Hey Frodo. Do you want me tI throw some choklit into the shadows for you?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    By 'eck, I've never given a 'virtual hug' before, so I guess I could be classed a virtual hug virgin...? Anyhows, I do hope four mood has picked up as the afternoon has gone on. I've only really been contributing and taking an.interest in this thread over the last week or so but I can honestly say that in the last 12 months, after everything I've gone through hearing and sharing experiences with you lot has given me such hope and positive energy.

    I think rather than the offer of 'NHS telephone CBT' my gp should have made a referral to runners world forum!! That's all

    (((((((By 'eck))))))))
  • Oh, by 'eck, don't know what to suggest.  Must be so difficult for you.

    Yey - for positive vibes from Bear though.

    Hi, Frodo.  How you doing?  I've been reading your blog about Benny whilst registering a world record attempt for the number of times going 'Ahhhh!' during one blog reading.

    One bit on the blog, (going to Lake District but leaving running shoes in Manchester) reminded me of when I did something similar.  I'd been on holiday in the Lake District and was going to do an orienteering event near Settle on my way home.  Got to the event and went to the boot of my car for my kit, when I realised I'd failed to empty one drawer when packing and my stuff was still all back in the Lake District.  Just had to get past the embarrasment of driving straight back past the guys manning the car park no doubt wondering I was leaving straight after arriving.  That was a long day's driving.

  • Hi LR image

    I'd forgotten about the blog - I abandoned it after Flash died and it became clear that Bear and I couldn't do ultras together image

    I've been in quite a bit of a mess this last couple of weeks, hence the lurking, but I will be back image

    *waves at everyone, leaves hugs on the blanket and replenishes the store of G&B choc*
  • I accept all hugs, regardless of the experience of the giver. It's the intention that matters
  • SOLB you stunnerimage
  • Two hug deserving posts there ((((Frodo + By 'eck))))

    Helping myself to some hugs from the blanket as I bottled it tonight in front of everybody.  A friend said she was going to turn up but didn't and it was all disgustingly fit runners there.  I felt trapped with no way out at that point so started off but didn't last long before making my excuses and heading back to the car.  The one good thing is that this will act as a prompt to explain how things are for me and, in turn, people can be more understanding of my anxiety and how difficult it is for me.  Even so, I'm just really shaken up from the experience now.


  • Hello everybody (I said hello to the headmistress earlier on).

    re tinnitus, I have this as well and drink ginko tea, which I happen to like. I ran out and didn't bother with buying anymore for about a week until I awake one morning to raging drums in the head, every burglar alarm going off and me trying to sleep inside the washing machine. Well that's what it sounded like. So went back on the ginko tea to try and bring it all back under control. Which I think it has done. Using the pc is really bad for me but I do it anyway and pay the price. Don't know if you've tried it or used it? It works for me.
    Having said that, sleeping in the Welsh hills away from any traffic at all is the best cure. Peaceful as peaceful can be.

  • Mouse, I will try that. How are you hun? Does it sometimes make your head hurt?

    Bricki, I actually have been waiting and checking for a blog update for the last hour or so...
  • I think we need a bigger hugs blanket. image

    By eck, I can't imagine the stress and frustration you must be under. I wish I could give you a propper big real hug. Can you phone the hospital for any advice? 

    I had a little wobble today but it was for the right reasons. I was asked a couple of times today about why I had been moved to work there, leaving my old job in chaos. They had been really nice and said they hoped I would stay on the lead up to it so I took a deep breath and told them I'd had a breakdown and that I needed a change to get my confidence back. They were very good and understanding and I then had to fight back tears for a couple of hours. I didn't say anything about relationship difficulties with my old colleagues though and don't plan to. 

    Anxiety is awful. I hate that more than the depression. My initial therapist before the funding was cut was great at helping me on that. He said that I see a paper tiger and react as if its a real one. I found that a good way of explaining to people. 

    Hope tomorrow brings more joy. 

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