Mental illness and running



  • That's great By Eck - I hope it meets your expectations image
  • Thanks, fros t, haven't heard of that but will certainly try it.

    Bricki's next instalment is obviously keenly anticipated.

  • Well done, SD.  Hopefully that clears the air on that one and you don't need to worry about it coming up again.

  • It did. I'm also liking the paper tiger illustration
  • Hope it goes better for you next time Lincoln Runner, I am also a runner from Lincoln (we probably go to the same club?) If it is that club then there's so many of them its hard to get to know people lol. Different faces each time, hard to find your place amongst them.

  • *de-lurks* 

    Night night all

    (welcome Fresco *waves frantically*) 

  • Thanks, Fresco.  I think it is a different club though as a bit of research seems to show you're with Lakeside?  It will help with a second group being set up on a Thursday though - so I won't have my problem with my phobia of fitter runners then.

  • Night, SOLB.  Saying 'Yah boo, sucks' to the midnight rule tonight by the looks of it.  I'm impressed.

  • Used to be with Lakeside, should maybe update my profile!



  • Oh, right.  I was being extra devious and looking at results from a certain race you did about a year ago.  I was entered for the same race - but wrote it on my calendar as Sunday instead of Saturday.  Not suprisingly when I turned up there was no-one there.  My postings today are giving the impression that I'll come up with any excuse not to run - as in my 'Please sir, I can't do orienteering today.  I left my kit in the Lake District' that I mentioned earlier.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Evening you lovely people. Lots of posts to catch up on after a long shift at work. All this tall of disabling anxiety is really striking a chord with me. Over time my 'story' will no doubt all come out, bit anxiety was a massive part of my depressive illness. Anxiety about completely rediculous things that to most people would seem pretty darn stupid

    I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to write a book. It might take a while, but hopefully it will complete my journey and assist colleagues of mine on their own.
  • Wow a book sounds cathartic and scary.

    I've got to leave in a hour *groans* so I need to start moving.

    I think anxious over stupid things is a pre-requisite for anxious illness otherwise it'd just be having a scary time.

    I really hope today is happier *tightly crosses fingers*
  • Got to drag myself out there again.  Whilst I've been feeling better this week, I've had that feeling that, even a temporary setback would be quite tough to deal with.  As it is, I've got to look at it as - it's the wrong end of Friday, just got to push on with the day and look forward to the right end.

    Have taken positive action though, have sent a message to the run leader last night about what happened and asked for it to be passed onto other run leaders in the club as I think it would make things easier for me there if others are aware of my situation.  Obviously, as it proved last night - one person already is!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Morning folks. Crap day here! Overslept, missed my gp appt, got ridiculed over the phone by the arsey receptist when I tried to apologise. Now run out of medication as gp was due to up the dosage this morning so now left waiting till Monday. Happy Friday!
  • *sends Paddington stares to the receptionist*

    For once I don't have anything to say, but I'm still here handing out hugs

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Cheers caz! That's a pretty deadly stare you have there! Receptionists are not the most amicable but thankfully the doc who knows me is and he personally rang me later and squeezed me in. A top bloke who I owe a lot to. All sorted now, in a better mood just in time for a night shift tonight. Hope you've all had a positive and productive day?
  • Good you hear you got sorted Mr F.  Quiet day on here for once.  Not so for me, really hectic at work.  That suits my mood just fine, just that in current state it is very tiring so I'm ready to take it easy.  I've been sensible and have turned down an orienteering event tomorrow.  Got a really nice message back from last night's run leader who welcomed my explanation as she was concerned about me.


  • Hi all,

    Sorry I've not posted in ages, I've now got the internet after moving house. Seriously, how do people live without it? It's so useful!

    Hi Mr F, a book sounds good.

    I get anxious over small things too, sometimes I can't even tell why. I'm more anxious than usual as I've started a new job.

    Hope everyone's good.

  • Hi Ben-o, glad you've got the internet sorted.  Getting quite a good gathering on here so it's good to be able to add another former regular to that.  My laptop screen display is gradually going on the blink.  I constantly hold off getting anything done about it because I don't want to be without it. 

    Good luck with the new job.  Hope you've had chance to catch up with SOLB's impressive recent progress which we're all really pleased about.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Cheers Ben. Had thought about it for a while now, I like the idea of others possibly learning from my experiences. I guess knowing that your not alone is a big help.

    All tee'd up for a relaxing weekend LR?
  • Sounds a lovely gp you have there mr f.  Remind me never to cross Caz - I don't want one of those stares. image

    I didn't do my lunch time run and sat in the canteen with fish and chips instead.  Regret it now and might have to run round the park tomorrow morning instead. Anyone got any pom poms to hand? 

    Then I had a panic attack this afternoon and still quite on edge now. I've had an email telling me about a meeting next Thursday to feed back on my greivance at work. I didn't expect anything just yet and I went into hyperventilating and immediateldy started worrying that it isn't going to be upheld and I'm not believed and that I might have to go back etc etc. I've gone through the CBT stuff and identified that I'm jumping to conclusions and catastrophising with is a thinking error. Another way of looking at it is, I decided, that it might be in my favour or might not be so there is no point in getting contingency plans together till I know more. Does that make me feel better?  A little bit but the tiger still looks fierce and snarling rather than paper. *takes deep, calm breaths*

    Sorry for rambling on. Happy Friday everyone, hope the weekend is good for you. 

  • Missed a few posts there.  Hi Ben-o.

    Good news from the run leader LR. 

  • Thanks LR, I'm much the same with my driving licence. I need it all the time so can't send it away to update my address. Which in itself creates its own problems.

    Sorry about the panic attack SD, they're horrible. I use CBT on myself too, I can't seem to control the anxiety at the time so much, I can understand it afterwards though. I suppose whether you get anxious or not, it will not affect the outcome. I'm not sure if that makes it any less scary, but I important meeting are scary, that's normal. I think I've talked myself into a circle.

    Right, time to back track through some pages and catch up with SOLB's achievements...

  • Thanks Ben-o. Thats a good point about anxiety not influencing the outcome. Thanks. I forget its not what happens that makes me anxious and depressed but how I react to it. Easier said than done though. 

  • Hi, I wondered how others have got on with running and medication, I've just started vanlafaxine and am training for my first marathon in may. Thanks for any experiences.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Seth, I think different meds affect people in different ways. The first I was prescribed was citalopram which I didn't get on with at all. It really disagreed with me. I also now take venlaflaxine which gives me no side effects whatsoever after the initial couple of weeks of acclimatisation. Fingers crossed is has a similar effect with you.
  • Thanks, I've tried lots of different meds, and I've always had some side effects. Dry mouth usually gets me and either increased or decreased appetite. See how this goes hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the running.

  • You're welcome SD. I really like acceptance and mindfulness, though I'm not that good at it. Well, not with anxiety. Sometimes I think somethings are inherently stressful or anxiety-provoking, because they're important. I guess it's about managing/containing those anxious feelings so they don't feel out of control. I can talk the talk...

  • ((( NEW POST )))

    The Dark and The Light

    Day 31

    I see a manatee that needs a hug
  • Panic relieving hugs for SD ((((Soup Dragon))))  I have special hugs for all occasions.

    Advance orders are sounding good on the book, Mr F.  Just the small job of your writing it to be done.

    Seth - I have only recently started on medication and am on citalopram.  In that time I have managed to get out running more - but that is more due to the wonderful support and encouragement that I've had on here than the medication.


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