Mental illness and running



  • Been quiet today, by 'Eck, which doesn't look the best of signs to me so ((((by 'eck))))

  • Another tough day.

    Thanks for the hugs.

    Any news of Solb or bear
  • I'm fine, just been studying for my teaching Monday. All that and improv eeek! Expect a pooped bear on Tuesday

  • Its only Rock and Roll but I Like It. image  I've found a great anxiety distraction. Just got back from seeing a Stones tribute band - Rollin Stoned. We were stood right at the front of the stage and I've danced and sang along till I'm hoarse and shattered. 19th Nervous Breakdown had special significance and I sang it very loudly. 

    My running got better on Citalopram too. And when the side effects were at their worse running helped to clear that foggy head feeling. 

    Hopeing things get better 'ecky.  

    Night all - Its good to be happy. 

  • Just a taster from youtube


    edit - video didn't work but this link might

  • Just got home - 5am til almost 1am = sleepy solby 

    I'm loving the thread at the moment, it's such a warm, supportive and positive place to be. You guys are ace!

    SD I'm blown away by how incredibly well you managed re CBTing yourself image

    By eck sorry things are tough

    *sleepy hugs to everyone*

    I've been somewhere pretty germy today and tolerated it much better than I normally do. I've also been reminded how incredible my friends are. There's so much strength and goodness and love in people - I wonder how I managed not to see it for so many years. I thought the world was such a dark, scary place but I was wrong.

    Anyway I have a little faffing to do then I'm off to bed. Hopefully I'll sleep in a bit tomorrow I have managed to skive out of going up to SOLBtitchysis' house for the second weekend running which is good cos I really, really want to sort some stuff out ready to work towards a stronger routine. I feel like I'm ready for that. Time to seize control of my life again now that the crisis has passed.

    Aiming for a run tomorrow - motivation will probably be a bit wobbly so pom poms would be much appreciated.

    Night all xxx 

  • I'm up late watching darts.


    Where on earth did you have to go so early Solb?

  • Sounds a bit dull bear!  - I'm just writing an email then I'm pottering off to bed image 

  • Night xx

  • Night night image

  • *wanders in hoping for tea and a cuddle to take back to bed*
  • *provides tea and a cuddle, then gets into bed with Solb*

    Today is either going to be a good day or a bad day.  Although when I say bad it won't really be that bad.  More of a 'less bouncy than usual' day

  • I've just woke up! Late nights don't do me any good. image

    Not sure about that run this morning, a short plod before breakfast might be a good idea but I'm tired. Anyone else running this morning.?

    *tip toes out so not to wake Caz and Solb and leaves a fresh cup of tea*


  • I was in bed for 12 hours Soupy.  I didn't get much sleep the two nights before and needed to catch up.

    My body is starting to respond to the lack of gluten in my diet.  Gums are bleeding a lot less and my minor cuts and bruises are starting to heal.  I think this is the reason why I'm needing so much sleep at the moment, plus the increase in training - my body is needing lots of energy and time to repair itself

  • SD - great to hear that it's alright now, in fact it's a gas.  Sounds like that covers band really came to your emotional rescue.  No run for me today - really tired out so being sensible for a change.

    Hoping for the former option rather than the latter for your day today Caz.

    Thinking of you, by 'Eck.

  • LR - *groan* - but very good. I don't want to paint it black anymore. image

    You will have noticed that I still haven't gone out running, and in fact I'm still in my jimjams and dressing gown, but in a good snuggly way not a cant be bothered way. 


  • I'm putting off getting dressed.  Once I'm dressed I'll have to go to the gym

  • I know the feeling.  I can never resist using song titles and lyrics in that way.  I have to confess to even consulting the 'Guiness book of British hit singles' for some assistance there. 

    Gotta move now - er maybe in a bit.

  • image I'm too lazy to lace lyrics and titles in, I always have to Google it. I've passed the last decade in a bubble - I know no music or films or well anything.

    I'm hating all the news coverage of Saville though I hope it will make children believed and help them to know they have the power to tell. I think it's good its being talked about I just wish I could avoid hearing it.

    Soupy if you haven't run yet I'm heading out in an hour. I'd like to sleep more cos I haven't slept much in the last few weeks but I have boring domestic stuff I want to achie(d and sleeping all day won't help with a night routine
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Morning lovelies. Today is clearly a bit od a lazy day cos I'm resisting getting out of bed at the minute. Busy night at work last night, on the whole positive, but only a smidgin of anxiety symptoms which is good. Just considering my options now for the rest of the weekend as a rarity I've got nothing in. Considering one of those long adventure type runs tomorrow morning where you head off with a camel bac, food and iPod and see how far and where it takes you. I'll see how motivated if feel (and if its snowy!) In the morning! It's days like this I wish I still had my gym membership caz, I really fancy a bit off a work out followed by a relaxjng sauna/swim after!

    Hope everyone has a positive day whether that involves running kit, Jim jams or anything in between. Big hugs all around x
  • Lazy day indeed. I'm dressed, cooked brunch and changed the bed linnen and now flopped again. I'm tired so going to have a lazy rest day. Got to clean the chickens out before it gets dark but thats the only essential. Might go back to the tribute club tonight. There is a Duran Duran tribute on but they have sent out a plea for an audience cos nobody has booked. 

    Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand..........

    I love the Stones though, sadly I'm old enough to remember Tumbling Dice and Brown Sugar when they first came out.

  • I need to run but it is cold and miserable out there
  • No its not by 'eck.  Use some positive thinking and do it.  Think about how much worse it could be out there and how fortunate you are not to be running in that.  Not promising that it will work but it might do.

  • have planned my run for after the children's tea - an 8 mile run between a couple of villages. It will mean a headtorch and pavements but it is a run image
  • And if it is windy and rainy then I will be giving my jacket a good test
  • Ok I need help with my three things. I'm not sure what counts.

    So far we have

    Taken something to the tip (I pointed out it was on our way to point 2)

    Looked at kitchens and bathrooms and found possibilities

    Done the supermarket shop and put it away

    It just feels like things we have done together rather than my effort

    Also, moo's dietician is going on maternity leave in April for the full year. Her replacement is the woman we now refuse to see image
  • By eck no rules about the three things, no reason why you should have to achieve them all by yourself ... to be honest most days doing something with someone else counts as a thing in its own right in my book!

    I smiled at the lazy days, mine is too but not really in a good way. I'm making myself miserable not getting on with stuff. In fact with that in mind - I'm off to start a 'thing' it'll all suddenly get easier once I get on with it image 

  • What Solb said! image

  • I have tidied a cupboard to clear space for stuff from another cupboard so I canover stuff from the shelving unitimage now to get ready for
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