Mental illness and running



  • Am cheerleading by 'ecks run by lying on my back here doing pom pom push ups.  It's the best I can do.

    Got a friends birthday drinks out this evening.  Was thinking of giving it a miss but think I'm going to make the effort.  I have the excuse of catching the last bus home so it's not too long or late one.

    SD - can't find any Duran Duran related song title puns so you're getting a reprieve from those this time.

    SOLB - just catching up on the news and I do appreciate how difficult it must be for you hearing so much about this stuff so big hugs - ((((SOLB)))).

  • 'eck - an 8 mile run is worth 3 things in a day in my book.

    I fell asleep again. Had an awful headache too so not going to Duran Duran. This rock n roll lifestyle obviously doesn't suit me. image Didn't clean the chickens out. image 

    Hope you manage your "thing" solb.

    Mr f your adventure run sounds fun. I love making up a run as I go along. There is a real sense of freedom to it, in fact might do that tomorrow, unless I do a bike ride. I've got to get up to 50 miles by April so I ought to get some miles in really, but running takes much less planning. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I know soupy, I'm concious that I have a hundred to run at the end of march so I really need to pull my finger out.

    I've always wanted chickens. Either chickens or alpacas. I think they'd make just lovely pets.
  • I image chickens, don't know why - that's why I've 'adopted' Chicken who lives near me. 

    Thing went ok, two more to find - I am tired and a bit sad today but it's OK.

    My big focus next week is on routine - I am really struggling to get back on my feel after the mini episode. I would like to run and pull my sleep back into order and I am going to nag Sally about the appointment with the Richmond Fellowship who might know if there is a way that i can make going back to uni financially viable. 

    100 in one go mr f or a hundred by? 

  • You are running 100 miles!!!!

    I'm biking the 50 miles in April on a sportive then a half ironman in May and June.

  • Some friends of mine have chickens - watching them forage around is just great therapy.  It's just great to see them in their natural environment doing what comes naturally to them.  They can be quite comical as well.

    Oh well, better head out into town.  Do I sound keen enough!

  • Chicken are great and make lovely pets. They are full of character and very tame. I've got 3 and I love them to bits, I could watch them for hours. I can pick them up for a cuddle and one of them always jumps onto my knee if I sit down in the garden, and they follow me around. I know they are only after treats but its still lovely. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    It's the Thames 100 by centurion events. Yep all in one go. Did it last year too and was equally uprepared! At a bit of a loose end tonight. Nothing to do, nowhere to go so I'm making a start on the book!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    My ex insisted on cats, of which we had four. Maybe now is the time to go down the chicken line. I agree they make great pets, make pretty good fajitas too!!!
  • image I'm worrying about getting up to 10 miles by mid March!!!!!
    We need a pom pom waving training schedule if we're gonna be cheerleading for that long!!  

  • I want a chicken (well actually I want to ask to buy Chicken from the owners who have lots) but I think creepy neighbour might hurt it when drunk and we share a garden so I can't. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Have you got an event booked in solv? Training this year is always so hard. The dark cold nights don't inspire me, give me a hot sunny and sweaty day anytime.
  • Two; Salisbury 10 in March and Giants Head marathon at the end of June - there's a question mark over whether my probs running are really asthma being bad or if it's a leaky valve in my heart causing probs but neither means I shouldn't train just slows progress

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Not heard o the giants head before. I do like to have an event on the horizon fo try ans keep some focus. So has anyone got anything planned for tonight? It's probably going to be a fairly early on here with some horlicks. That's rock n roll!
  • Whats up by 'eck?

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Bug hug by'eck
  • Didn't get to run. Moo was ebeing difficult and Mr by eck is not having a good day. It's not the best combination for me to be out of the house for over an hour. So I will need to run tomorrow
  • Well maybe you can get out in daylight tomorrow to make it a nicer run. Hugs to Mr by eck and Moo. 

  • I'm hoping so.

    So have people got races booked?
  • * frowns at Mr F for daring to make lovely chickens into fajitas*

    Well I did try to get into town.  Stood waiting for a bus for 20 minutes, gave up.  It then passed by 5 minutes later.  By then I didn't really want to go anymore so at least I had an excuse to send apologies.  Will probably help my prospects for getting out for a run tomorrow.

    I'll be doing Lincoln 10k in April with a possible option on Gainsborough 10k in March as I would like to get one in before then.  Seems a long time since my last one which was a bad one mentally.  I've been needing to get a good one in ever since then.  Apart from that will see how it goes.  Getting beyond 10k feels like an enormous challenge to me.

  • !!! NEW POST !!!

    Day 32

    The Dark and The Light

    Cannonball! Cannonball!
  • I booked loads or races last year and only made the start line to 2 in September and October. I entered loads again for this year with the intention of making the start and finish this time, even if I'm last. Do we need a race list for turbo charging pompoms?

    By diary looks like this far:

    Longest Day bike sportive 90k

    Pirate DIY half ironman (a training session rather than a race but still want to finish)
    Bupa London 10k

    Enduroman Half Ironman (New Forest) and supporting mad people doing the double IM

    Hampton Court 3k swim (not entered yet but keen to do it)

    Bearbrook 10k
    Cotswold Classic half ironman

    Challenge Henly Iron distance (gulp)
    Ealing half marathon (plodding, walking, limping depending on above!)

    Most of them have a social aspect included too but I think I'm going to be busy. Better get that bike out tomorrow I think. 

  • Hope all is well - not much time for reading I'm afraid right now
  • Miss by eck has woken with a raging temp
  • Soupy, I have 2 races booked. One is next Sunday, which will be a DNS, the other is in may - NDW50. At the moment, I will make it to the first checkpoint and no further image
  • You've still time for training up to May 'ecky. At least aim for the second checkpoint. Which one is next Sunday? 


  • Giants Head Marathon is in it's first year, which might be why you haven't heard about it.  It's being organised by a Formite and I plan to be marshalling.

    Soupy, did you enter Stratford Tri too?

    I've got quite a few events:

    January - Cold Water Swimming Championships
    February - ChillSwim
    March - Legends of Sherwood
    April - 24 mile swim
    May - Stratford Tri, DIY IM (swim only)
    June - Champion of Champions
    July - Channel Swim

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