Mental illness and running



  • Bear's off to soem tube event today, hence the early morning.

    I'm currently living in Leicester, so not too far from Mr F.

    Sorry for just dropping the Channel thing in

  • Oi, I hadn't finished typing!

    It's been planned for three years and I thought everybody knew about it.  Now that training has started properly I'm thinking of very little else so it has become the norm for me.  I still see it as a challenge, but probably not in the same way as most other people see it.


  • No problem with dropping the Channel Swim into the list.  It was just that on the list it at first it looks like another day, another event - then I thought no, that's definitely the big one.

  • That and the 25 mile swim before!! 

    Don't apologise Caz, be proud. image

  • The April swim is scaring me more at the moment.  Its a 24 hour swim where you swim 1 mile every hour on the hour.  I plan to use it to see whether I have got my nutrition strategy right and to train up my support crew.  I'm not intending to complete the whole lot as I don't think I will have trained enough for it by then and don't want to push my body so far that i get injured, but I will be happy if I get to 16 miles and anything above that will be a bonus.  If I can do 16 miles then I feel confident that I can do 26 with another 3 months training

  • * hesitates before responding to make sure Caz has finished typing this time *

    It all sounds very impressive to me and as SD says, definitely something to be proud of.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I agree, for a below average swimmer that sounds phenomenal. Currently living in rugby caz, and hopefully move into my new place here within the next 4-6 weeks all.being well.

    Well managed a 10m off road run this morning in truly inspirational conditions off road. Frosty canal toe path, sun out with clear blue skys, and the scent of all the fragranced logs being burned on the canal barges. Now that's therapy. Oh, a bit of dire straits on the iPod too.

    Fingers crossed you get out for your run by 'eck
  • I'm feeling really scared of going out for a run but I am going anyway. 

    I remember being struck by what an incredible feat swimming the channel is when I saw all the little boats labelled on the map when we were tracking you doing the relay SCaz. 

    *crosses her fingers for by eck too* 

  • Just because people have been showing an interest, here's my blog.  I only started it at Christmas because people kept asking me questions and wanted to track my progress.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggest topics for the future.  It has absolutley nothing to do with mental health and is generally intended to be positive, although I will mention the lows when they happen.

  • I'm home image 

    VRC report 2 hilly miles done. Asthma a little unhappy but not too bad. 

    Coaching advice needed, in terms of getting back to running decent distances again what's the best plan? Running every day or every other? Slower for longer or faster intervals with walk breaks? (I don't like walk run but I'm prepared to do it if it'll help get me on track faster) 

  • I would suggest every other day Solb.  As you are aiming for a marathon I would go with the slow and steady distance method rather than speed.  You can start doing speed work once your mileage is up to a good distance.  Having said that, take walking breaks if you need them.  I still take walking breaks when doing 20 milers.

  • I didn't take any walking breaks during the last lot of marathon training, it always felt like 'cheating' but with all the health complications I am more than happy with whatever I can achieve running wise - so long as I don't give up image 

  • Deffo concentrate on slow runs Solb. You need to build up endurance which the lower heart rate will do. You will automatically get quicker as your aerobic fitness improves and build up the distances slowly. Intervals are just for building up speed, so I wouldnt worry about them at the moment. I think someone once said on here (might have been Moraghan) that intervals and speed work shouldn't come into play until you can run 25 slow miles each week. You are risking injury otherwise. For my ironman training I'm doing 99% aerobic pace. I think 4 days running a week is optimum to begin with, you need time for recovery.  My plan will go up to 6 days a week but I'll be alternating the muscle groups with the biking and running. 

    I'd love to live on a narrow boat on the canal. Now I've got used to caravan living I'm even more tempted to say sod the new house, lets buy a boat. image

  • Another 'couldn't get out of the car' no run for me.  Getting fed up with it.  I do have a plan for tomorrow though.  In view of the expected snow I'll walk into run and take running gear with a view to running home on what should be fresh snow which I usually enjoy.  That way I've got to keep going to get home.

  • Cunning plan LR

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University? We have forecast for snow tonight, but I bet it just crappy sleet.
  • Mr F - it is indeed that cunning and I was just about to say exactly that.  The worrying thing for you is you're obviously as sad a man as me. image 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Sorry for jumping in there LR. Just happens to be a favourite of mine, so id say that neither of us are sad!

    Soup, id live on a boat but I think over time is miss the luxuries etc. Big tv, spacious hot shower etc!
  • Yeah - I'm taking a negative view of it there.  I should say we both have very good taste.

  • Boingy boingy boingy boingy boing
  • Couldn't resist this picture. image


    You done a run 'ecky? 

    I've done my chores but not run or ridden.

  • Why s there a picture of a Swede?

    Yes, a run has been completed. About 9 moles apparently
  • It's a turnip - and at least two of us will get the Blackadder theme if others are completely lost by it.

    Well done on the run by 'eck - and for counting the moles whilst you were doing it. image

  • Well done on all the fab runs today (including Solb's asthma fighting 2 miles)
  • Teehee. I get the blackadder reference, just that my family are Scottish so it's a Swede
  • image I didn't get the reference, I've only seen one or two Blackadder episodes though. 

    *beams proudly* thanks by Eck - glad you are feeling so cheery after yours.

    I can't stop sneezing image but I have been for spotty hugs so all is well with the world 

  • Ok, here's a bit of a challenge for us.

    Add up the miles we have collectively run this weekend. Every bit helps!

    By 'eck - 9 miles
  • Thats a good idea 'ecky. I can't add to the total this week but perhaps we should have a weekly collective total of running/swimmng/running each week. That might be quite motivating?


  • Good idea - but got to do a bit of thinking converting to miles.  I think my two runs on Monday and Tuesday would have been about 3 miles and 5 miles so about 8 in total.

  • You've got to add them in LR! It's not about how much you add, but showing we work as a team

    If we're doing a weekly total (Monday - Sunday), then I also will add 5 miles.

    By eck - 14 miles
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