Mental illness and running



  • I did 6 miles on Tuesday and 2.5 miles on Thursday, 800m swim . = 9 miles

    Team total so far  = 31. image

  • So do we start again tomorrow? I think keeping a tally would be nice - would keep me moving if I was contributing image 

  • Definitely Solb.
  • RVP new post RVP

    The Dark and The Light

    Day 33

    Through the red mist a leader appeared
  • Bricki, I will get my knitting needles out
  • Thank you By Eck - fingers crossed it all works now
  • You haven't seen ny knitting!
  • Here's hoping Bricki 


  • Thanks SOLB
  • Can I embarrass everyone with my swimming?  I've done 16.6k this week and a total of 31.4k for the year image

    This weekend was only 5k though as I had a rest day yesterday

  • lol Caz - I was just thinking that I'll bet you've swam more miles than I've run. image Now to convert k to miles and add to the tally. Lets see if we can collectively beat it next week. I like the idea of the group thing, sort of takes some pressure off it getting individually competitive. 

    Caz - 10 miles swim 

    Total - 41. 


  • Bricki - I apologise that I've got behind with your blog. I will try and catch up later. 

  • Embarrass away, please could you mileify and add it image

    Hopefully I'll make a contribution next week. I am a bit sad, it's entirely my own fault though cos I haven't been taking the anti d's. I don't understand why I do that
  • Norty solb not takin tablits. image

    My sin is to run out just before I go away. So I end up taking one every other day to make them last till I can get an new supply and after about 4 days I'm waking up in a sweat with anxiety for no reason. I have to put in for a repeat prescription on Tuesday at the latest or I'm in trouble again. I'm meant to have a review next week to stop them but I daren't, I'm sure I'm no where near ready for that. 

  • So where are we about it?
  • 41? with more still to add. 

  • Will your doc take your feelings into account SD?
  • I'm sure he will Solb. I'm thinking about another 3 months to give me some stability in an non-stressed work place. I've always suffered anxiety though, even as a chlid I had school phobia,  and the anti ds have helped with this no end, so I'm keen to stay on a reduced dose long term. 

  • It's good that you feel confident with your plan, it made me sad to think of little Soupy having a school phobia though image (((little soupy))) 

  • I was shocking at school but didn't know any different. I went to a traditional grammar school and at every school assembly they would read out the list of people in detention that day. I was always really anxious that I might be on the list and no matter how many times I was told that I'd know if I was and that I would have done something wrong, it didn't help. And I worried that my homework wasnt good enough and would skive off for the day to avoid handing it in. Its only now that I realise how abnormal that was. 

  • Oh wow you poor little soul, life must have been so tough with so much fear around. Guess you must have strived so hard to be 'good' too. (((little soupy))) times a million ... wish we could pop back and tell little soupy that it was all gonna be OK 

  • aw thanks Solb. Actually, thats the first time I've openly admitted my school problems. 

  • How do you feel about it? hope it hasn't made you feel too vulnerable x

  • No not at all. I think its progress. image

  • Well I've fallen foul of the midnight rule, but I'm working really, really hard and even though I feel a bit rubbishy at the moment I feel confident if I can just push on with some regular exercise and more of a routine my mood will pick up .... oh yeah and actually taking all of the meds I'm prescribed image

    With that I'm off to bed, night night all xxx

  • Miss by eck is still poorly. She spent a lot of the night in with me telling me so. I am drinking posh tea and eating a banana to prepare me for the day ahead
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