Mental illness and running



  • image to all those that have taken there tablets. Oh that includes me then. OH reckons if he could pick me up and shake me I would rattle.

    By 'eck, I can knit a baby shawl.
    Start at one plain stitch and grow each row by one stitch with an extra loop of yarn until you have 200 stitches on the needle, but you have to be careful they don't fall off. Then you cast off and put ribbon woven in the end stitches up the two shorter sides. It is easy and even I can manage to do one in 9 months. I could start one then just carry on by decreasing the stitches and end up with a massive big square.

  • That sounds lovely CJ
  • Such an easy pattern I can do it. I am left handed but taught to knit right handed so my gran could help when I went wrong or dropped a stitch or two. My late MiL was a brilliant knitter doing cable patterns and coloured jumpers with ease. I don't do much as it can trigger of RSI in my hands and wrists, so I only do a bit little and often when making anything.

  • I don't knit or sew, but I can provide a load of feathers to make it into a comfy quilt to snuggle up to. 

    Evening all. I'm off to see Les Mis in a bit. Its a long film and I'm tired so I hope I don't fall asleep - it has been known before. image

  • *tucks Soupy in to her cinema seat* 

  • Downy feathers sounds lovely. Can I have some to make a nest for miss by.eck
  • Poor Miss By Eck, sounds like she feels awful image 

  • She is currently snuggling into mummy and having cuddles whilst listening to Beethoven's 5th piano concerto
  • *joins in* (((Little Miss By Eck))) (((By Eck)))  

  • Loads of room for you Solb. Do you want a hot drink?
  • Ooo yes please image 
    I dropped the pan when I was draining the veggies for tea image now I'm hungry ... got any 'spare' food lying around? 

  • Yup, got some tasty risotto (meat free), or a simple pasta in a,mushroom sauce
  • I was ravenous when I got in and demolished a packet of millionaires shortbread* while deciding that I couldn't wait for dinner to cook and having pate and bread instead.

    *Solb, not stolen from The Millionaire.  I've not managed to get his address yet

    Are we still logging exercise?  I managed 3k in the pool and 30 min in the gym tonight.

    (((((hugs))))) to poorly baby by 'eck's

    image To those who have taken their meds.  Scowls for those who haven't.

    Coffee for Bear so that the caffeine keeps him awake through his class.

  • Oh SCaz, I can't believe it's been so long - your mission to find a millionaire and his bored, pretty wife is going stale *cracks whip* 

    Oh yes to the exercise ... though the most I've done today is washing the curtains that you gave me SCaz, they survived image

    No news from the boys? Are they in hiding? *poke poke*  

  • Not of the shortbread, but I have GF bread and pate if you want it image

  • I know a couple of millionaires
  • Just catching up with today's postings.  I reckon there's some medication been taken today - chatterbox pills. image

    Black cloud day for me really.  The rest of the week is looking like a long struggle ahead.   I did manage my walk into work.  Didn't feel up to running so walked home as well.  At least that's decent exercise - about 7 miles overall.  With the weather it might be difficult to do much more exercise this week as we're likely to be frozen up for a while.


  • ????????? New Post ?????????

    The Dark and The Light

    Day 34

    Waiting For The Starters Gun
  • (((LR))) Is the week looking like a struggle cos it's busy or because you are struggling a bit or both? Hang in there honey it'll get better. I smiled at the chatter box pills - I've virtual talked loads today! 

    Good effort on the walk.

    I'm planning to run another 2 miles tomorrow. I also have a meeting with Sally. We're going to have to talk about the social paranoia and stuff but I don't really want to now I think I'm over it. I want to know if she's made the referral to the Richmond Fellowship to talk about next steps - I have no reason to doubt the poor lady but I don't think she'll have done it. Mean Solb ... I shall report back on whether I was just being a cow or not tomorrow! 

    Urgh I'm sudddenly really tired. Heading to bed before it gets too close to midnight. Night night all xxxx 

  • Thanks, SOLB.  I just seemed to take a downturn when I didn't manage a run yesterday - along with the thought that I wouldn't be able to get out this week.  Being busy isn't the problem - if anything it helps and it's been quieter today - which didn't help.  So it's the thought of another 4 days like that - but of course they might not be like that.  Trouble is - when in a negative mood - I tend to think they might be even worse.

    Likewise - must be off.  Night all.

  • Ahh even those weirdy 'normals' sometimes skip or cut short a run honey, it wasn't a massive failing. Just one of those things. You'll get out on your next one or two and it'll be like it had never happened. I think that negative filter is very draining but so is the little bully on your shoulder telling you how terrible you are and how badly you've messed things up. The truth is you're making fantastic progress and holding down a job and running regularly - if you overlook your achievements and note the failures it's just not fair.How many runs have you achieved in the last month and how many did you not manage?  

    I've messed up and the midnight rule wins again but I think it's OK cos I've battled ridiculously hard to keep the black mood at bay today and I've succeeded.

    Be kind to yourself LR, the best advice I have ever been given is before condemning myself to think about what you would say to a friend in the same situation with the same difficulties and pressures ... it never is anywhere like as harsh as the stuff I angrily spit at myself.

    Fight on LR, we're behind you every step of the way  

    Right it's past midnight, I really am going to bed now xxx 

  • Well, SOLB, you're definitely let off the midnight rule last night because you were coming up with those supportive words for me.  I'm feeling quite rough this morning but, having just read that, will keep those words in mind today to get my through today in better shape - and hopefully heading in the right direction again.

  • Anyone who wants to come and watch kids tv with my offspring iz more than welcome
  • As a one-off it does sound more appealling than a day at work - but I'm sure the appeal soon wears off.  Had a bad couple of days so haven't been joining in the words of support for you - so how are they today?

  • Erm, moo is consuming everything apart from his milk and the really "healthy" stuff

    His sister woke at 6:50 in the middle of a nosebleed. She managed to get blood everywhere, including on the walls (when looking for her lamp switch I suspect). I think the nosebleeds are caused by the pressure in her sinuses. Her bedding is in the wash, she is on the sofa and moo is playing nicely.
  • Oh dear, well I've got to dash so will leave a day long hug and hope things go OK from here   ((((by 'eck))))

  • I'm sorry I've been rubbish at supporting people on here. I sometimes find it hard to write stuff cos I know anyone could see it
  • Morning. 

    'ecky - you are not rubbish at all!  And we don't judge people on this thread anyway.Its just the nasty depression telling you lies, and I will send SCaz with one of her best stern looks at those thoughts to drive them away for you. 

    I didn't run yesterday, and haven't excercised since Thursday. I'm feeling sluggish and a bit down now which I'm sure is no coincidence so I must try and get out today. Are we doing the points thing every Sunday or a continuous weekly tally? I suppose a daily tally up to Sunday then re-set on Monday might be more motivating.

    I didn't like Les Mis. image It was well done and everything, but the film just didn't work for me. I prefer the intimacy of the live show for musicals. I hadn't realised it was a faithful take on the show, so had just music and no dialogue. Live music is just more emotional somehow but I suppose if you haven't seen the stage version it might come accross better. 


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