Mental illness and running



  • Soupy, I've heard that about Les Mis (wish he wasn't so grumpy) from a couple of people. I don't think I'll be able to get a run in, but I might manage a walk tonight when Mr by eck gets home. Does anyone fancy joining me?

    Solb, I've tied a special ginger biscuit to your bed post. It's filled with best wishes and sweet dreams. Plus it tastes really really good if you get night time munchies.

    I called moo's dietitian to ask for advice. She isn't in the office today so I had to leave a message
  • A friend has just contacted me to ask if I can help Mr by eck find his music head for tonight instead of the football head that he sometimes takes to a music rehearsal. Apparently there may be others there who may not understand/could be distracted. The friend knows Mr by eck has aspergers and bipolar and I think he understands how it affects the behaviour. We have had problems with drug mixups where he has been high and found it difficult to concentrate. How on earth do I tell my OH without creating a problem? I understand exactly where our friend is coming from as there are times I wish it were as simple as swapping heads!
  • omg I am exhausted today, still - it was worth it image

  • oh by eck, as if you haven't got enough problems to deal with.  I've no idea what to suggest. image

    I trust you had a good time Bear. Are you going to tell us about it? 


  • I hope the dietitian can help by eck. 

    My gut instinct is that while the friend has good intentions and the request is understandable it's misguided. The truth is both you and Mr By Eck wish it was as simple as swapping heads but it's not. I'd feel tempted to call the friend back and gently let them know that it isn't as simple as that. Although you could tell Mr by Eck that the friend has mentioned some members have already said they would like a focused evening and don't want too many distractions. So you aren't saying you've been asked to try to get him not to be distracting but you are still warning him that they might not be happy if there's lots of digression and silliness.  I don't think there's much more you can do. 

    I don't think it was very fair of the friend to ask it of you. If I was the friend I'd endeavour to nicely ask Mr by Eck to focus during the practice if need be and to accept that the other people need to be responsible for their own concentration too!

    Sally hadn't made the referral to the Richmond Fellowship. It was a bit of a waste of time going to see her image  

  • Oh dear Solb. But did you share with sally all you have achieved?

    I think I was asked because the friend knows that sometimes he and Mr by eck.don't understand each other very well and he didn't want to say the wrong thing. The other people there do try hard to concentrate but Mr by eck can be very distracting.... You have met him Solb, and that was a very very good dayimage

    Miss by eck may be at school tomorrow image
  • Oooooo, bear, were you cutting up bodies again?
  • Not cutting up but poking around, and then impro - which is huge fun but quite exhausting as it means switching off thinking which is something I find hard to do

  • Poking around. image

    Still no exercise from me apart from a mile and half to the bike shop and back to get my gears fixed. Riding home I though how great it is to be on a bike and that I'd get some warm stuff on for a longer ride, but didn't. Haven't run or swam either. Tomorrow is a must for something. At least I'll be able to ride into work. Stopping running/biking/swimming is one of my early warning signs. 

    But I did remember to put a repeat prescription request in. Can somebody remind me to pick it up on Friday please or I'm in big trouble. 


  • *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

    I've just got my registration forms for the Channel.  I'm so excited!  I need to arrange for a medical with my GP and then send off the registration fee.  Not many more hurdles after that!

    *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

  • Tries to get SC's attention so she can take soupy along for the ride.

    Moo is refusing to drink anything milk based image

    Miss by eck is no.longer dying image
  • I'll try to remind you Soupy.  I've got to go to the GP to arrange the medical.  I could try to do it over the phone but from experience I know that it tends to confuse the receptionist.


  • image Great news Caz.

    Better day for me thanks to SOLB's words of support which made all the difference so mega-thanks.  Sorry to hear your referral didn't go through.

    By 'eck - looks like you've had wise words of support today as well.  My initial thought was the same as SOLB's in that it was rather unfair for the friend to lumber you with the problem.

    Can I also take advantage of the prescription reminder service.  Must ring up to order mine tomorrow and then collect on Friday.

  • Our receptionists get confused if you ask for a normal appt let alone anything special
  • Phew - found most of the pieces of paper I think I need for my ATOS appointment tomorrow image

  • Caz - can I bounce with you? imageimageimageimage Thats something really motivating. I'm going to for a swim tomorrow to do a few virtual lengths with you. 

    Good look with ATOS Bear. 

    Reminder buzzer set for you LR


  • Hi all,

    I'm new to this thread, though must admit, been following it slightly recently.

    I have had depression for a number of years now, as well as an eating disorder that I have (pretty much) recovered from.  I have always swam as swam at a high competitive level when younger, and ran for years, but ben properly running for a couple of years. And without doubt it has helped with the depression. I have managed to get to a stage where the black dog isn't haunting me constantly - I have my down days, and still really struggle with anxiety, and can get horrifically worked up over the tiniest thing...but I'm so much better than I ever was and well on the way to managing this image.

    Just thought I'd say hey as this seems like such a supportive thread. And it's nice to have people around who understand when it's really hard to get out the house. Also SuperCaz - recognised you from my thread on swimming - you're doing the Channel!? I am beyond jealous. Lifetime dream right there! How's the training going? I feel distance wise, with the right training, I'd be's just the cold!! Good luck with it all!! 

  • 2012 for me health wise was just about the worst year i can remember - we onlt ran a fraction of the races we normally do

    i'm now on the mend and started back training with Phil last Sunday

    over that  time, i could only think  over and over - running, running, and marathoning, all i ve done - al lwe've done and we'll do again

    all my physcological and mental strategies, it s pulled me through, i'd have gone mad without it

    Then last sunday our 90 minutes training, then a  picnic , it felt fabulas

    hurrah for running and fitness


  • Great to hear from you micknphil. New year and it can only get better. Do you have any races planned as yet?
    I know the feeling, my little 2.5 mile run/walk at the weekend felt fabulous and reminded me of how great it can feel when running or in case plodding along steadily.

  • Hi CJ

    no, not a lot planned, i'm taking things a little at a time -

    we are going to spectate and run to and fro at Gloucester 3 lap marathon on Sunday, and the were booked for Wokingham Hal Marathon Feb ?? it will be our 255 ?? HM

    are u ok

  • Mick - great to hear you're up and running again.  Hope you have some great races in 2013.

    Hi RWTW - glad you decided to say hi.  Yes, there's certainly plenty of support to be found on here so you can certainly share any problems if you wish.  And cetainly feel free to join in the weekly team mileage count.  I'm not likely to do much this week as it's very icy round here so all support is welcome on that.  The problem with just getting out of the house is one that it's hard for other people to relate to.  People often talk about difficulties with motivation but a bad spell of depression creates a much tougher barrier to running that ordinary lack of motivation.


  • Welcome runwiththewind. I really sympathise on your anxiety. Are you taking any meds?

    Mick - great to hear of you and Phil starting running again. Hope your recovery goes on to improve quickly. Phil must have missed his racing I'm sure. 

    LR - you are so, so right about the battle with depression being so much more than the battle with motivation. Its something you can;t understand till you've been there I think. 

    I'm determined to run tomorrow. I will report back.

    Night all, just finishing my hot chocolate then off to bed. 

  • Yes - although I meant in terms of depression making it much more difficult to run that just ordinary lack of motivaition.  That's how it is for me - but it looks like for you it's something that you could still do when depressed.  For me, it ranges from at worse, where there's no chance of running at all to varying degrees of how difficult it is to get out there.  As always, it's one of those things that's different for everybody.

  • Hi all *waves enthusiastically* 

    I've been feeling a bit frustrated today but I've had my sulk and I'm ready to fight on now image 

  • You've caught me staying up far too late so I must take that as a prompt to get off.  Big hugs for helping me out (((SOLB)))).  Hope you have a better one tomorrow.  It's certainly understandable that you're feeling frustrated.

  • Aww LR I'm so glad it helped. Night night x

  • LR - don't forget to order your tablets today.

    Morning all. Freezing weather here and, the pipes to my caravan have frozen so no water. Must insulate them a bit better.  image

  • Eek I've got no hot water but I have chilly running water if you want some.

    I'm still awake, spiteful OCD wouldn't let me sleep. On the plus side the house looks amazing and I've done some grouting and anti mould scrubbing. I felt sick when I saw how bad the mould was behind the spare bed ... it'll be loads better once there is a heater in there. I don't think it hit the mattress but I'm borrowing a carpet and upholstery shampooer just in case. Oh and I got bleach on my new super bright stripey PJs image

    I'm not going to sleep today I'll just stick it out and go to bed early. In a weird way it'll be helpful in resetting me sleep pattern. I do need to run this morning as soon as the electrician has left though otherwise I'll be too tired.

    Hope everyone has a positive day
  • Thanks for the reminder SD.

    Hope your respective days get better than they've started.  Car in for MOT today so that means dropping the car off and a walk across town to work.

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