Mental illness and running



  • Good luck LR car ... I'm always terrified when mine goes in

  • Solb, do you want to borrow a heater?

    Soupy, I know when the dog is a bit close because I come up with reasons why I can't run even tho I desperately want to get out there. I set myself small steps, like deciding on a route with a fun challenge/something mice to see, getting my running underwear on under my clothes so it doesnt take much to finish getting dressed, them putting outer clothes on, vefore doing shoes and jacket.

    Sometimes even that doesnt work.

    LR, bricki and everyone else, there's a huge pile of hugs and amassive pot of tea on the table
  • Oo tea what an excellent idea! 

    I put my running kit on with no commitment to actually go out there - once it's on I might procrastinate a bit but I rarely fail to run at all. 

    I've just hung the washing out, freeeezing fingers now! 

  • Solb, will it dry in this weather, or will it freeze and turn into ready ironed?
  • It'll probably freeze but it'll smell like outside and I don't want it indoors until it's warmer tonight otherwise I'm feeding the damp unnecessarily. Theoretically cos there's less humidity when it's chilly it'll dry a bit (once it's thawed)

  • I need to tidy up. The house elves have gone on holiday
  • Phew -  four things done already image

  • Wow bear, share and inspire
    • went to atos appointment
    • went to shops
    • cashed cheque
    • put in repeat prescription request
  • You seem to be doing really well at the moment Bear. Are you feeling better than you were a few months ago? 

  • How are you Solb?
  • Bit tired but OK thanks by eck. You? 

  • Longing for miss by eck to be back at school. She is starting to get annoying, and that means she is getting better. Antibiotics and a blood test on Monday. That will be fun
  • image glad she is getting better even if it is a somewhat trying process! 

  • I think so Solb, still getting tired way too easily though image

  • Bricki, you ok mate?
  • *looks concerned* 

  • His blog has been taken down.

    Bear, you've done a lot today. I'm feeling like today may be a write-off. Mr by eck is going to the gym tonight so I can't run.
  • Oh that doesn't sound good, hope it's just a mistake or a privacy type thing rather than indicative of something being wrong. Bricky we're all here if you need anything but equally if you just wanna say hi and talk about jammy dodgers we can do that too. No one should have to feel alone though 

    I think you sound much more positive and motivated and you're certainly achieveing a lot little Bear *happy smile* 

    My asthma is really horrible still, so no 2 miles for the total image I am asking the doctor if we can bring the review forward as she didn't seem particularly confident when she said we should wait another month. If it's not asthma it'll be my heart and I really, really just want to run. 

  • I rgink I've done all I'm going to do today zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Poor Solb, poor bear
  • oops think


    Sorry I didn't mean to shock you Solb image

  • Solb, it could be the cold weather making your asthma bad, I am finding it harder in the cold.

    Leaves a pile of hugs and mugs of hot chocolate, please help yourselves.

  • It might be CJ though it's never quite settled so I wonder if a different approach would help.
    The next step would be to prescribe Singulair though and I think my GP might be delaying it cos apparently it can cause Psychiatric side effects.  

  • Cheers CJ. I will add a couple of hugs to the pile and take one while I'm there. I hope that's ok.

    Solb, will your GP talk to your other professionals? Asthma can be really debilitating, especially if it affects your coping mechanism
  • My GP is great, sure she'll help if she can image

  • Can I share your GP Solb?
  • Yes absolutely image
  • Looks like some good vibes around here today.  Trust you've left some hugs on the pile for me.

    Prescription requested.  Am intending to pick it up Friday but have got enough tablets till Monday if snow interferes with my plans. 

    Car through MOT OK. 

    I have a cunning plan (so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel).  Gonna see if I can get a month's gym membership and do some treadmill running.  Boring - but it's the only way right now.


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