Mental illness and running



  • Is a weasel more cunning than a fox?
  • LR,my gym does day passes. I used them last winter. It dies help. I may resort to it this weekend
  • It's another Blackadder quote - SOLB - and also a cunning attempt to bring Mr F out of lurking.

    I think the one nearest to me does monthly membership and is cheaper than the major gyms with all the extras.

  • I have water and I've run. image

  • Fab news soupy!
  • *puts pom poms down* well done image
  • Solb, I'm on Singulair / Montelucast.  The only side effect I noticed was a very dry mouth but I got used to that affter a couple of weeks.  My asthma nurse says that people either think it is wonderful or a waste of time.  I'm in the wonderful category.

  • Gym membership sorted.  Three months was the minimum so cost a bit more than I was hoping for - but three months there is still less than one month at LA Fitness.  I am hoping I won't need it for as long as a month though.  Opening times are a bit more restricted as well though.

  • SWTW, nice to see you on here image  I'm a lurker really as I haven't been ill for a while, but I'm friends with a couple of people in real life and hang around to check up on them.

    If you are serious about the Channel at some point them I'm always happy to talk about it.  You need to book a couple of years in advance so have plenty of time to train, once you ahve made the decision that you want to do it.  I'm happy to introduce you to some open water swimming friends too.  I know people across most of the country.

  • Oh well better be good and get off a decent time.  I'm reluctant again as getting off to sleep means the next thing is the alarm goes off and it's time to face another day.  The alternatively is not being able to sleep though so not feeling a good prospect either way.

    Nite all. xx

  • Morning all.

    LR - I hope you have a positive day Its an awful feeling to be dreading the morning. Is there a success plan you could develop such as identifying one thing and if you do that your day has been a success?

    I've not been following my CBT programme on identifying successes which I'm meant to do for the next few weeks. Its certainly something requiring practice so I will take heed of my own advice too if I may. Thankfully I'm quite well at the moment with only the occasional dip but I daren't be too complacent. 

    Its my meeting today to feedback on my grievance investigation. My "not so delightful colleague" apparently hasn't been at work for a week and I'm trying not to read too much into that for fear of getting disappointed if it doesn't actually go my way. I'm jumping to conclusions again. Will report back later. 

  • Morning all. Feeling a bit less grumpy after a good nights sleep.  Off for an early start to try and beat the traffic that's been dreadful this week.  Have a positive day everyone.

  • Thanks SD.  Looks like we were thinking on the same lines about a positive day at the same time.  Hope your meeting goes well.

  • Ok, I'm struggling with this at the moment too. I nearly booked an appt to see my GP to talk about whether I need,meds again but I think that I can actually get thru this without them
  • Good luck Soupy 

    I'm going to follow your advice and look for something that will tell me I've had a positive outcome. I practice a retrospective form of that, it's a Mindfulness technique (I think) called Thankfulness and it's about looking at the positive things, some are easy like 'friends, family etc' some a little less obvious like feeling pleased that someone made you a cup of tea and some take a bit of practice. Instead of thinking the day was awful cos the car broke down and I was late, being thankful the car can be fixed (or exists at all) and that people valued your company enough to wait for you. It's nice cos it has an immediate cheering effect - even though you feel ridiculous doing it, especially for the first week (I had to write them down in a list for the first month or so) but it's really powerful cos it changes how you view stuff as it happens too. You don't get sucked into the negativity to start with, something happens and you automatically thinks, oh and the postive is X thing for my list tonight. I'm a massive fan even though it sounds too simple and silly to do any good. One of those things I was very sceptical about but was very, very glad I tried. 

    By eck, sorry you are struggling so much. The GP wouldn't be the end of the world but I understand your relutance, especially as a/d's take a little while to work. Shout if you would like a solb over for a cup of tea and a chat (or you could come here if you'd prefer)  

  • Solb, I might present you with a pair of rubber gloves! Miss by eck was too tired and achey to go to school. My house is starting to resemble a squat.

    I'm just too tired when the children are in bed to do much more than cook tea and flop.

    I try to encourage Mr by eck to do the positive thinking, and attempt to do it myself but it does take lots and lots of practice, especially when the dark clouds circle
  • Ha I'd be quite happy to help but T.Mouse says I'm a bit scary in ocd mode!

    The house is warmer than ever before now the broken heater is fixed but I can't get warm today. My asthma is so bad I'm having to use my inhaler knitting!

    Brrrrr wish I still had a lovely open fire!
  • How do you knit with inhalers?
  • Ha ha with difficulty I imagine!

  • Oh dear. But bet you aren't as scary as my mum in cleaning mode. That is proper ocd scary mummy (and I'm using ocd correctly!). It's Mr by eck who has an issue with tidying and throwing out
  • What are you knitting?
  • They look gorgeous!
  • I will make you some too if you'd like them - a cheer up brave by eck present (unless you'd rather have something else) image 

  • Solb, that would be lovely. I don't own any hand warmers. Or ear warmers
  • image I'll do that next - I have a bigger project on the go but I get bored if I don't have other stuff to alternate with

  • There are several eyes twinkling so I have my pattern book out. Miss by eck will be at school morrow, weather permitting. Moo woke early from his nap with a temp.
  • Oh no!

    Run aborted, my asthma was too painful even for the first gentle hill image 0.3 miles to total image  

  • Oh noooo image

  • I don't think I'm going to make Salisbury 10 in time image be a massive jump from here even if my asthma magically gets better ... I know it's not the end of the world but I really wanted to run. 

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