Mental illness and running



  • oooh sounds nom by 'eck!


    New kettle all sorted image

  • Got mine in the oven too - a lentil cottage pie.  Comfort food but still fairly healthly.  Best of both worlds.

  • Wahey. I couldn't live without my kettle.

    Solb, hope you are lurking and ok

    Hi to Frodo and all our other silent partners
  • LR having a nap is OK, your body asked for a little rest and you gave it what it needed.

    My hormones have been steady for a few weeks, now I have said that, it will be my turn to be horribly hormonally menopausal.

  • Evening - I'm in lovely Devon, no snow and had a lovely meal.image  Mr Soup in a lot of pain after the time sat in the car but he thinks it worth it for being here. And a lovely 4* hotel is much more comfortable than a 4* caravan. 

    Caz - I'm shivering just at the thought of your swims. You are well 'ard. 

    Well done on the run LR. Nothing wrong with napping.

    Three cheers for kettles. image

    I'm very glad to be done with all the hormonal problems. Getting older isn't all bad. 

    My chickens hate the snow. Yesterday I had to coax them out of the hen house with meal worms. There is a cover over the bottom end of the run which was snow-free and they tried to clumsily flutter/fly  over the snowy bit. They were wimpering most of the day. image  Today they came out of the run for a but stood on one leg like flamingos. image A neighbour is looking after them for the next few days who I know spoils them rotten with treats. 

    More hugs to silent friends, Hope you are all okay. 


  • Ooo, anywhere nice soupy?
  • Just seen your opening lines soupy...
  • Must be sensible and get off to bed to try to make for a productive day tomorrow.

    Thanks for positive feedback re the ran - and the nap!

    SOLB - hope you're OK, you've been quiet today - or does this just mean you forgot your repeat prescription for the chatterbox pills. image

    Nite all. xx


  • This is a completely indulgent post. I would normally apologize but not today

    Moo's diet has not worked. He is starting to show signs of dehydration.according to our scales (which were accurate according to the hospital 10 data ago) he has lost 400g. We are waiting on a call from the oncall paediatrician because of the dehydration. It has started to snow again, and the roads are.already icy. I have packed clothes and toys, and I'm about to pack his food. If we have it ready and take it the theory is that he won't be admitted. I am scared and worried. I know some drs and nurses will say we shouldn't have changed his milk. We followed medical advice. His sister is worried sick because she remembers last year. At least if they admit and treat him today he should be home for his birthday. If they leave it 2 or 3 weeks the chances are he will have to wait until he is 4 to have a birthday at home.

    Ok, enough of the pity party.
  • Poor (((you, Moo, A and Mr by eck)))

    Will cross everything and be thinking of you today x
  • by 'eck - thats not self indulgent at all. You must all be stressed to bits so you indulge all you want. Really hope you get it sorted today. Fingers crossed for you. Please keep us updated with developments. 



  • By 'eck, be as self indulgent as you want.  You need to get these things off your chest and that is what we are here for.  Sending lots and lots of healing hugs, and comfoting hugs and stress reducing hugs.

  • Likewise what's said above.  You know we're here to support and sympathise.  Lots of hugs to you all (((by 'eck + the family))).

    Hi Frodo, hows things with you?

  • (((by 'eck + family)))

    (()) left for anyone who wants one.

  • I'll nip in quick and grab the spare one then! image

  • I could do with a few hugs right now.  I'm having a moment.

  • Didn't mean to deprive you by nicking the last one.  You've definitely earned a hug from me today.  (((SuperCaz)))

    Having a lazy one myself but am about to get myself moving to get some jobs done - sometime soon.

  • Haven't been able to come online for a while, so just been catching up. SuperCaz - that's amazing thank you! I need to get properly back into swim training and have a proper think, but I'll follow your progress! No idea how you can get in water that cold! Done a few open water races but in the summer and found that cold enough!!

    Not having a fun time atm. Been spending the past week trying to find somewhere to live in London, and it turned out to be so stressful as everything got snapped up instantly. Had a few anxiety attacks and just found it horrific. Have fortunately found something now, but its been so up and down...and I had been doing so well recently, but this just took so much out of me....

    Tried to go out running today. I'm out in the sticks and the roads are terrible. Managed 2 miles and then my back jarred. But now I'm panicking as mid way through a marathon training plan, and whilst the snow is still here I'm really unlikely to get any decent running in....and this is no doubt going to ruin all the work I've put in and set me straight back to square one.... For a 'normal' person not being able to stick to a plan and run is hard enough...I find it just impossible. It gets me so worked up and anxious and I feel now that I'm not going to be able to get back into training again... I know that I have enough time, but I just don't have that confidence to say 'it'll all be fine'...arghhh.

    Sorry. Bit of a vent. Just trying to talk to anyone about this, the standard response is 'there's nothing you can do'...'just wait it out'...or 'it'll be fine'. And these really do not help!!

  • Would it help if I panicked with you?  I can't get to the pool today to do my long swim.  I'm already two days behind with training due to snow earlier in the week and I'm away for business next week so that takes two more evenings away from training.

    I feel that everything is going wrong, but I know I'm making a mountian out of a molehill really.

  • image . I hate snow. So so much

  • The snow is certainly frustrating and has certainly derailed my running attempts.  Despite me getting out yesterday, there's not much prospect for the week ahead when I'm back at work.    The 10 day forecast does show temperatures picking up gradually - let's hope so.

    I certainly find the idea of a training plan impossible and I don't even bother so I admire you for trying knowing just how difficult that must be.

  • Stupid double post


  • I need routine and like to plan...helps keep my mood good. It's a control thing really - can't stand uncertainty. So the snow is making things so hard!

  • Just had a text from By 'eck.  She has asked me to let you all know that Moo has been taken into hospital because of his low fluid levels.  I'll let you know as I hear more

  • Yes, that's why I find it so difficult when things aren't going right.  I certainly feel the best I ever feel when I've run well.  To be not getting out at all and having little prospect can feel really hopeless.

    I'm trying desparately not to say 'just wait it out' or 'it'll be fine'.  Hope these comments don't sound too negative without.


  • Thanks for the update Caz. Sorry you are having a difficult moment yourself.

    I also need a schedule or I do nothing.  But it does also have the side effect of fretting and beating myself up when I miss a session. I'm behind this weekend cos I'm looking after Mr Soup and starting up again will be hard. But I've done races before on very little training so I know my anxiety about is over the top. 

    Lets have a group long slow deep breaths.  And in for 3....................and out for 4............................ Breathe from you belly and again........................


  • By 'eck says that Moo is much better after getting some fluids inside him, but that help from doctors and nurses was required as he wouldn't drink by himself.  They are seeing the dietician tomorrow to work out a way forward.

    I'm ok Soupy.  Just having one of those days when I feel I can't carry the weight of the world by myself, and wishing I had someone here to share it with.  My friends are fab and have done a lot to cheer me up today, but there is nothing like having limitless hugs on tap.  It's all part of learning to be independent.

  • It's a shame it's had to come to that but at least Moo is hopefully getting the care he needs.

    I think I could do with some more effective relaxation.  Just seemed to have one of those nights where I slept well and slept late but felt worse when I woke up and it's taken me most of the day just to get moving.

    Caz - some days it's the real hugs that are needed.  Can promise you one in about 6 weeks time if you can hang on that long. image

  • Hi,

    I've just stumbled upon this forum and it's very interesting for me as I've been suffering from anxiety in recent years which has effected just about everything I do, including sport.

    I've been a runner since school and have taken part in track, cross-country, 5k, 10k, half marathons (many) and a full marathon (just one!) over the years and I've recently got into triathlon as I love my bike too.

    I had a massive anxiety attack in the summer and decided to take action and get some help. Amongst other things, my counsellor told me to write things down to help me get my head around what was happening to me but I've taken this a step further and started a blog so I can have a rant every now and then about triathlon and life.

    One thing's for sure, focussing on exercise and forthcoming events really helps me, but it's not always easy.

  • Welcome ctpotato!  Always good to see a new face

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